Is your soul screaming through your body?

Is your soul screaming through your body?

By Maria Mar ©


If you are in this page, chances are that you were searching for an answer to some physical condition that is aching or disturbing you. You may have a strong intuition that this condition has a strong relation with emotions or stress you have been experiencing.

We are used to seeing the body as something other than the Self. Perhaps as a rental car that drives us back and forth or a cabin we inhabit. But the body is the Self. As my creative partner, Corazon Tierra, teaches, the BodySoul is the Self. The connection between body and soul runs deeper than our conscious mind can understand. Sometimes it bypasses our logical mind altogether.

While you may be exasperated by a physical manifestation that is painful or cumbersome, and you desperately want it to go away, it may actually be your ally. Here I share what I know about the wisdom and healing that may come from the experience of somatization.

As I am a shaman or soul healer, I am not talking from a medical perspective. I am sharing what I know from personal and professional experience in working with energy and emotions.

Somatization, as I define it, is the physical manifestation of emotional, spiritual and mental stress and imbalance that expresses itself in the body as disease or as a physical condition, including accidents, allergies and other conditions.

Here are a few conditions that I’ve seen or suffered. I connect each condition to the emotional, energy or spiritual source of the condition, and the lessons you may learn from it.

Though most conditions are expressions of energy and emotional patterns, once they are manifested physically, you need to treat them at a medical level. The table below is not a diagnosis tool. Seek expert medical diagnosis and follow your doctor’s advice. The information below may help you address the deeper causes to speed up recovery.

Condition Sources Lesson
Spasm Fear of moving beyond deeply rooted unconscious limits. Brings limiting beliefs embedded in the cells into the surface, to be melted away.
Twisted ankles Ambivalence, moving towards a direction that betrays your true needs and desires Makes you stay still and consider the direction your Soul wants you to take.
Fibroids, excessive bleeding Caretaking, stagnation of passion, pouring your energy into empty vessels Teaches you to save your energy and use it wisely and moves you to dance your passion for your own joy
Lumps in the throat Not speaking your truth, fear of assuming your authority, betrayal of your creative expression, refusal to sing your song. Shows you how you are betraying your personal truth, power or creativity and pushes you to express yourself, so that your beauty can shine into the world. May be guiding you to assume your power as a singer or a healer using sound.
Loss of voice, laryngitis Self-alienation, self-neglect, not knowing or telling your own story, using your voice as a mask or overworking your voice to silence your truth Teaches you to save your voice, go within, touch your truth and speak on your own behalf. May be guiding you into assuming your power as a storyteller.
Stomach aches Anxiety, ambivalence, resistance to change your lifestyle, something you can’t stomach in your life, refusal to feel and transform your emotions, fear connected to deep mental beliefs learned in childhood Moves you to deal with the emotional issues you are avoiding, to go within and get to know the stranger you call “I.” Makes you face the relationships or situations that you can’t stomach. Brings unconscious limiting beliefs to the surface to dissolve the limits that are keeping you away from your dream.
Migraines Anxiety, closing the heart chakra for fear of your heart breaking, self-abandonment that leaves no time for your soul in your life, refusal to take action on behalf of your heart or soul. Absorbing toxic emotions or refusing to release them. Teaches you to release toxic emotions and people, to achieve balance between self-love and love of others, to practice self-love, peace and relaxation every day for your own self-healing, and to take action in order to honor your soul and your feelings.

I hope that some of this helps you to understand the deeper issues involve in the conditions you are facing. For more information, I recommend Louis Hay’s books, as she is a master teacher of somatization and I have found many of her findings to be true. You will find a link to her website below.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


Here’s Louise Hay’s video on her Movie: You can heal your life:

Official website of You can heal your life:

4 Responses

  1. It is incredible how we often don’t make the connection between what is happening in our bodies and our minds and souls. I also believe understanding this is important. Louise Hay definitely knows what she is talking about! Thanks for this! T

  2. This post is very well written. As a retired massage therapist and healer myself, I work with color and that has been an interesting way of dealing with the non physical.

    In my training, many years ago, I learned that there are 4 hooks: Physical and Mental are closely connected; the Emotional and Mental are closely yoked. Those 4 make up the Whole.

    In The Healing Codes they teach that the Image Maker (heart) feeds pictures to the brain. There are so many different modalities and expressions of healing. Yet, they-AND WE-are all ONE.

    Thank you so much.

    Connie Baum
    follow me on

  3. Hi, Tanya,

    I am so glad you read the post.

    Yes, I agree. Once you integrate body consciousness with logical understanding, it is amazing how we have disconnected the two.

    But most of us were taught as children to disconnect from our bodies and as adults we pay a heavy price.

    The BodySoul will keep on screaming until we listen. When a crying body arrives at the shaman’s door, s/he sees the disease as a representation or embodiment of another condition. You can see it as a metaphor.

    In fact, metaphor is the language of the body and the soul. For example, an irritation may be the physical eruption of contained anger or frustration that is now overflowing and needs to be released. It can also be the result of absorbing too many toxic energies around you, sort of a sponge that is soaked in toxicity from the environment.

    There are fascinating links that require us to look at the meridians, chakras and other dimensions of the body, beyond the solid physical form. For example, the fingers are terminals for our meridians. Each meridian deals with certain types of energy or currents.

    This leads to illuminating insights about seemingly ordinary accidents. The index has often been associated with issues of control, because it is an ending of the meridian that deals with those currents.

    Constantly burning or cutting the index may indicate a need to burn or cut away issues of control.

    A shaman needs to be a healer and an artist, a poet of the BodySoul, to understand these metaphors.

    But we can all learn that language. A constant dialogue and receptivity with our bodies will make us more happy and less prone to serious illnesses.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your beautiful self with us.

    Maria Mar
    The Dream Alchemist

  4. Hi, Connie,

    It’s a pleasure to have you here. By what you say, I believe that you would love another post that has to do with the energy bodies and emotions. Here’s the link:

    I’ll be sure to follow you on Twitter. Are you on Facebook? If you are, let’s be friends.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom, and I’m on my way to your blog to hear more. Stay tuned!

    Light and love,
    Maria Mar
    The Dream Alchemist

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