Book Review: Love your Body, Love your Life


by Maria Mar

the Dream Alchemist

Love your Body, Love your Life, by Sarah Maria


BOOK: Love your Body, Love your Life:

5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happily and Confidentially

AUTHOR: Sarah Maria



Why is the Dream Alchemist reviewing this book? Why should I read it?

There is a lot of talk about “having a Dream” and manifesting it. The Law of Attraction has become almost an obsession in our popular psyche. But as a manifestation expert and shaman, I can assure you that “having a dream” is the easiest way to miss it. There is only one way to manifest your dream, and that is to BE your Dream. To embody it.

How can you embody your dream, however, if you are out of your body?

When you reject your body because it is not the perfect “ideal” body that you’ve come to believe you must have, then you are evicted from the first territory of your physical existence. Your body anchors you in the physical world. Negative Body Image throws away that anchor and evicts you from your body into the shadowlands of self-loathing.

Your body is intimately connected to your Soul, the holder of your Dream. Without your BodySoul, you have no compass to manifest your dream. You may try hard, do a lot, recite affirmations and try to change your thoughts. But nothing will work. Your actions are empty shells without power. Why?

Because the power that animates your intent is not there. Your Intent is the bow that sends the arrow of your Dream into the world. Your Intent comes from your BodySoul.

Reclaiming your love for your self is the first step to reclaim the power of your intent. Reclaiming your love for your body is the basic step to love yourself.

What is so hot about this book? Will I like it?

Sarah Maria’s “Love Love your Body, Love your Life: 5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happily and Confidentially” is a soul-awakening journey to reclaim the love for your body and for yourself.

What I like about Sarah Maria’s book is that it addresses and integrates all the essential aspects in reclaiming your body: mind, emotions, body and spirit. The book inspires and motivates you. This enables you to activate the deep reserve of wisdom and courage in your spirit. It ignites the intuitive and instinctual power of your body. Then Sarah Maria guides your mind through simple, down to earth explanations and exercises. She addresses the transformational power of your emotions through stories and attitude shifting exercises.

We are all shapeshifters. We have the power to shift our reality. But in this society, we are using this power against ourselves: trying to shapeshift into something or someone else in order to deserve happiness or to fulfill our dreams.

Sarah Maria’s book allows you to use your shapeshifting power to liberate yourself, to BE you. This allows you to live from that real, unique and joyful place called YOU. Once you are there, you don’t need to have the dream because you ARE the dream!

Here’s another reason to get this book now:

I love this book so much that I contributed a gift ebook to Sarah Maria’s special “Rapid Success Gift Package” — a package of bonuses from experts who will help you to manifest the life you want. Sarah Maria added about 165 expert products that you can obtain free when you purchase THIS WEEK. (Week starting November 2, 2009)


**** 4 stars= Excellent read and excellent transformational tool

Read more about the book or purchase it at:


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2 Responses

  1. Can I generate results right away or will it take some time to show up?

  2. Isa, you need to read the post again, S-L-O-W-L-Y. When you run after results as if they were outside of yourself, you are giving your power away. Reflect on the two things you are after:

    1. Can I generate results right away?

    What do you think will change your body? Words from a book, or how you absorb the wisdom in those words and apply them to change your life? It is in your hands.

    However, what are the “results” you are after? The message in Sarah Maria’s book is that your body is a reflection of your life and an expression of who you are. If you do not like it, you need to look at who you are. Do you like yourself? What in you don’t you like? What in the way you live don’t you like?

    When you look at yourself and want a different picture, are you judging yourself, or recognizing that the way you live is not in harmony with your True Self, your Essence?

    If you are judging yourself, that is part of the problem. You need to release judgment and love yourself unconditionally. Look at yourself in the mirror with love. It’s going to be tough. Stick with it. Practice this until the woman who looks back at you in the mirror is a lovely woman whom you love.

    If you don’t like what you see because it doesn’t reflect how you feel inside, then you need to take an inventory of the thoughts, emotions and actions that you do daily and see how they are creating a BodyMind that is not in harmony with who you are.

    If you feel light, graceful and active in the inside, but in the outside feel heavy, clumsy and inactive, then your focus needs to be in the process or reclaiming the light of your inner being, not on outward results. External appearances are the result of internal processes and daily choices.

    2. Will it take some time to “show up”?
    It seems to me that you are more focused on how others see your body than on how YOU experience your body. Changing this focus can be the liberating key for you.

    Focus on how you feel in your body. Focus on how happy you are in your body. Change from the inside. Seek to think the thoughts that will make your skin glow and your body want to dance. Seek to do the actions that will make your body graceful, limber and healthy.

    All these are actions that come from self-love and show up immediately. They show up in a more healthy, happy and fulfilled you. And others will see that and enjoy being with you.

    Isn’t that what love, happiness and relationship is all about? Seek that. When we seek thinness as the solution to our unhappiness, we actually starve our body and feed our unhappiness. This is reflected in a heavy, depressed body or in a thin, dried-up body. Neither is the answer you are looking for.

    Light and love,
    Maria Mar
    The Dream Alchemist

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