Express your Gratitude- Thanksgiving Gifts and Board

Happy Thanksgiving!

Express your Gratitude

Click to see egreeting and enjoy the audio meditation and the gifts.

We are grateful for your presence in our lives.

To express our gratitude, today we offer you

a space in which to express your gratitude

to those people you love.

Name them in the comment area

and then send a link

so that they can see what you said.


Express your Gratitude

Leave a testimony of

the things,

the people and

the life blessings

for which you are grateful.

Then invite your loved ones

to witness your gratitude.

(Leave your comment below.)

Also, please receive this beautiful art that

Maria Mar has created to celebrate you.


When you click the graphic,

you will enjoy this art in a large dimension.

Download it as a digital poster or screensaver.


The large Egreeting in our web page includes a

6-minutes self-love audio meditation

that will flood you with the light of love.

But that’s not all.

We are so grateful for your presence

that we wanted to send you a BIG Thanksgiving gift.

So you can download the Awakening the Rose ebook that includes the script for the self-love meditation and journey AND also includes the full, 15-minute audio!!

Hear it in your Ipod and

experience it at your leisure.

Send the Web Egreeting to your friends

as a Thanksgiving gift.

They’ll have access to the gifts, but only during this week.

Pass the love around!

We hope that this conveys our deep and joyful gratitude for your being in the world!

You are a gift to the world!

Maria Mar and Corazon Tierra

ShamansDance Publishing & Production

Click here

to see the large Egreeting,
enjoy the meditation and pick up your gifts.

Publishing and Productions, Inc.


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Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational speaker, ceremonialist poet, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express!


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7 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I am Maria Mar. I’l start the Express your Gratitude Thanksgiving Board myself by giving thanks to God, Goddess and all the Universe for these blessings:

    My business and creative partner and spiritual apprentice Corazon Tierra, a great human being and exquisite artist and a true Spiritual Warrior that blesses my life everyday and keeps me young at heart. I am beaming with pride for your growth and integrity.

    My courageous and creative spiritual daughter Gabrielle Le Roux, in South Africa/London. A big hug. I am so proud of you!

    My creative and honorable spiritual grandson, Benjamin Le Roux. Check him at Facebook, to see a truly fine young poet and performer with a worthy message.

    My friend Tanya Torres, a beautiful human being that has come into my life in the last years and with whom I can share art and soul. Arriba tu!

    My nieces and nephews whom I love, though we are at a distance. I keep following you guys in Facebook, looking at your albums and sharing in your life. You make me so happy and proud. LOS QUIERO MUCHO. Un beso: Tzaili, Thaili, Thaimi and Billito. Dios los bendiga todos los dias.

    My Titi Fanny, though she won’t read this blog, but whom I love and appreciate for having being a model for me of a courageous, daring, free woman. Bendicion.

    My Circle of Light- All my Ancestors, protector spirits and spiritual teachers who have guided me in my evolution and have taken me on exciting, mysterious journeys of wisdom. AchE.

    My friend Myrna Nieves, for being a true sample of Buddhist living in compassion and love. Namaste.

    My friend Migdalia Santiago for her joyful presence, creativity and courageous healing in seeking the Path of Freedom. And for her love. Arriba tu!

    All my clients, readers and subscribers who read my writings, appreciate my words and have the courage of embarking in evolution and love journeys through my creative trails. You are my Orbit of Service and it is an honor being of service to you!

    To the trees, my brothers, for healing and supporting me.

    For Hawk, my neighbor, for flying with me, showing me strength and showing off its beautiful flight to Corazon yesterday, just because I asked.

    For the song of birds every morning.

    For the waters, for the blessings and healing and cleansing of my mother, Yemaya.

    For the sky, for the clarity and peace that my father, Obatala, brings me every day.

    For this beautiful life that touches me with love and magic every day.

    For all the talents, creativity, wisdom and blessings that have been poured on my soul and gifted on my life by Divine Power and by my Ancestors. Gracias.

    And to each person reading this board. Thanks for participating.

    Light and love,
    Maria Mar

  2. And I am grateful for YOU, beautiful soul and inspiration to always look deeper and laugh more. Thank you María Mar for your PRESENCE, always. Tanya

  3. Oh my god loved reading your article. I submitted your feed to my reader.

  4. Dear Maria

    Thank you for your precious gift today. I have downloaded the meditation/ebook and listened to the meditation. I will be sending them off to friends later today.

    On March 28, 1947 my father, mother, twin brother and I boarded the SS AMERICA at Southhampton, England and set sail for the United States. It was Thanksgiving Day that year and a brand new experience for us.

    I’ve since spent many Thanksgivings alone but today a miracle happened! A neighbor, who helped me at the hight of my Shingles attack, rang my doorbell and invited me to her house for Thanksgiving! Isn’t that precious? She even said I could bring my little Shih-Tzu, Krissy, with me!

    I am so blessed to have 2 precious gifts at the start of this wonderful day!


    Shirley M. Carolan
    Speaker Writer Artist
    Phone/Fax: 760-732-0663

  5. Hi, Shirley,

    That was an awesome journey you took, Shirley, to get where you are…. and I don’t mean only the journey in SS America, but the journey of your life. Thank you for staying in touch and sharing your stories, and for your beautiful angels and writings. I want to say that, knowing how many elders stay behind, refusing to deal with computers, I find the fact that you blog and have websites a clear evidence of your fearlessness and your capacity to grow, learn and accept change. You are AWESOME! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

    Maria Mar

  6. Hi, Tanya,

    I am so happy to hear from you. I’ve missed you these days. We are neighbors, and yet, have such a hard time getting together. That says it all about the lifestyles in New York. Why don’t we imagine that we live in Granada and go for a “tapear”– a nigh of conversation, wine, poetry and tapas? What do you say?

    Maria Mar

  7. Dear Maria,

    Your magnificent presence, cretive rivers and love are among the biggest blessings in my life. Thank you for all the magical moments we have shared, for your teachings which make me stronger each day, and for your laughter and joy.
    My life is richer because of you! You’re a genius and I am honored to hvae youas my best friend, my spiritual teacher amd mentor, my artistic collaborator and business partner. May the Goddess bless you with more love and prosperity!

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