How to remember dreams

I received a recent question about remembering dreams. Here is a quick primer for your Dreamtime.

1. Intent.Establish a clear intent before going to sleep. If you want answers, healing or a particular experience or guidance, communicate this clearly with your Spiritual Guides.

2. Circle of Light. As the above statement suggests, you need to get acquainted with your Circle of Light. This energy body may include any of the following: Protectors or Guardian Angels, Angels, Spiritual Guides and Teachers, your Ancestors, Power Animals and other spiritual entities that are like your Spirit Family. They speak in dreams. They can even help you effect significant transformation during dreams. How about beginning your dream quest by establishing your intent to get to know these entities?

3. Practical tools. To help on the practical side, have a large glass of water by the bed. Drink plenty before going to bed. This will wake you up to go to the bathroom. When you come back to bed, drink some more water. That will help you move from Dreamtime into Beta state, back and forth. This helps you catch the dream before it goes.

4. Catching the thread. When you wake up, stay silent and still in bed. Keep your eyes closed. Don’t go into your mind to think about what you have to do. In this empty mind, you will get some images, sensations or “threads” of your last dream. Breathe deeply and slowly and follow that thread with undivided attention, until you can reconstruct the dream.

5. Dream Journal. Keep a dream journal. Write your dreams. When you re-read these dreams, you will get great insight into your subconscious. You will get to know the many dimensions of your True Self.

I hope this helps.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Resources: for help with your dreams, you may want to visit a specialist on dreams. While I work with dreams, I am more focused on dreaming your life, in wakeful dreaming. But one of our recommended Dream Team experts, Diane Brandon, works with dreams. Here is her website:


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Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.

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