How can I overcome low self-esteem?

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How can I overcome low self-esteem


How can I overcome low self-esteem?

Asked by: Sherley


Understand that the universe does not create anything unnecessary. The lowly worm helps break down the humus. The soil is loosened and mixed as the earthworm burrows through the ground. Thus, the worm is the great harvester of the tall trees and all that grows from the soil! Why would you be the only being without purpose or value on this universe?

Seen from this perspective, NOT to hold yourself in high esteem is an act of arrogance. You are judging that Earth Mother, that God or the Universal Consciousness, created something that is of no value just because you do not see the value in it.

Low self-esteem is learned. You were born being in touched with the stars, and knowing your place among them. Low self-esteem is a raggedy dress that others dumped over your radiance with their comments and put down. You have the power to release it.

“Yes, but how?” You are asking.

Use the power of your emotional Lighthouse.

Just as a lighthouse illuminates the ocean waters to bring ships to safe harbor, your emotions can illuminate your basic goodness to bring you to center and out of the Domestication Trance that stole your radiance consciousness.

Here’s how.

  1. Instead of attaching your emotions to your learned habit of berating your own worth, shift into this reflection any time you feel a low self-esteem attack coming.

“Sacred Universe (or God, Goddess, Earth Mother), every being you create has a purpose in the evolution of this universe. I am listening and seeing to discover the purpose you intend with my creation and existence. I open my heart that you may ignite my love for the unique being you created in me.”

2. Instead of judging yourself, look at both, your strength and weaknesses, your successes and failures, as part of the training that the Universe is giving you to prepare you for that purpose.

3. Instead of giving in to the illusion of worthlessness or insufficiency, shift into seeing yourself as the Universal Mother sees you: her radiant child, born of her to bring a gift to the world. Concentrate on this gift and release the illusion.

For more information, see the resources below.


Digital Self-love Ceremony

This ceremony in a package contains an ebook, audio meditation and two posters for visual meditation that together comprise a ceremony to enhance self-love. If you want a gentle, but quick experience that can nourish self-love without being hard work, this is it.

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