The Novel


Angelina and the
Law of Attraction

Maria Mar

Inspirational Novel

If you like magic, inspiration and
female protagonists who face  and conquer their own challenging
adventures, then you will love Angelina & the Law of Attraction.

The United States is the land of dreams. Many people from all over the world
come here to make their dreams come true. Why do some people make it,
against all odds, why others, ~perhaps with more resources~ struggle in vain?
Angelina, the protagonist of this novel, faces this question as she takes
the N train to her new job in Long Island City, New York.

Look inside this book.


No pre-payment or obligation to purchase.

Angelina, reach out. Your Dream is at the reach of your fingertips.

Angelina has traveled from Arizona to New York in search of the American
Dream. She has left a lot behind: her self-sacrificing mother, her starving
artist boyfriend, and her best friends. She wants a fresh start. But what
Angelina does not know is that she is dragging an old carcass with her, a
bundle of beliefs and attitudes that weighs her down, whether she is in
Arizona or in New York.

Angelina has been poor most of her life, the oldest child of a woman whose husband deserted her. Mercedes raised her children working in noisy factories that stole her hearing. Angelina is trying to proof herself to her mother by betraying her true dream in order to seek the success Mercedes approves. Like the speeding train where she travels, Angelina is forging full force ahead, but she is traveling in the wrong direction!

Climb into the Dream Express and ride into your dream.

Dragonfly Diva, a fairy godmother, a wizar, or a nightmare?

In her desperation to “be somebody” Angelina is about to make a terrible mistake. Like so many people in this country of opportunity, she is about to follow someone else’s formula for
success. At this point, however, her soul works magic. It sends an ally to her rescue. Angelina meets Dragonfly Diva in a dingy New York train. Dragonfly Diva is a batty old lady who turns out to be… what? Angelina’s Fairy

Doubtfully! Dragonfly Diva throws Angelina into the maws of an angry gigantic face, in front of a fire-spitting dragon and under the blade of a guillotine. The wizard conveniently disappears just when the danger strikes, only to show up once Angelina has conquered the enemies thrown in her path. Can one fire one’s Fairy Godmother? Angelina seriously considers it. But she
eventually realizes that these enemies are of her own creation.

The novel will provide you with eight alchemical keys that help you open the flow of the Law of Attraction.

At this point, Angelina’s saga takes a fascinating turn as she becomes the protagonist of her own life adventure, earning the Alchemical Keys that free her DreamSelf and take her express into her dream.

Author and shaman Maria Mar has written the magical story Angelina and the Law
of Attraction
based on her own journey to become her dream.

Though the story is a fantasy, Maria has embedded a wealth of  Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction into the story, so that you can use it as a map to manifest your dreams.

“The DreamSelf is the aspect of yourself that is already your dream. You can see her as a ‘future’ self. In reality, she is your Essence, who already IS the woman you want to become. This story is a magical quest to find your DreamSelf. In it, I have poured powerful Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction. They impact your unconscious deeply and open insights that quicken your manifestation.”Maria Mar

Maria Mar

Dream Alchemist

In her Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction teachings, Maria Mar shows women to follow their soul to find their DreamSelf.

“Your DreamSelf, like all your potential, lives inside you. You can access her. You can connect to her and allow her to guide you. In this way, you create a bridge from the ‘future’ into the present to quicken your journey into the future,” explains Maria Mar.

This novel is that bridge.

In this magical story, you travel with Angelina, the protagonist, in a quest to reclaim the DreamSelf, who is sequestered in the Mask of Self, an old fortress that represents your Ego identity. You have been socialized to identify this mask with your true self. But this mask is limited. It sees you and your life with the eyes of others. Angelina’s journey is in reality a journey to Personal Freedom, as she takes off the mask and breaks the dams that are blocking the flow of the Law of Attraction in her life.

“This novel is a magical, delightful story. In addition, it helped me see how we conjure the obstacles that we face in our lives and how all it takes is an inner shift in our consciousness to dissolve obstacles that seem as gigantic as the Grand Canyon.”

Corazon Tierra

Corazón Tierra

BodySoul Queen

You will cry and laugh as you recognize yourself in this female protagonist who faces her Inner Enemies, walks through her fears and releases her resistance in a courageous journey to reclaim her organic nature and her Soul’s purpose.

“While Angelina is me before I began my shamanic training, Dragonfly Diva is me as a Woman of Power, after 14 years of training and having already become my dream,” reveals Maria Mar. “In a sense, it is my future self guiding my old self. You get to watch this journey because it is exactly the journeyyou need to undertake. By offering my own journey as a map, I quicken

“Our deepest calling is to grow and become our own authentic self
and to break from the conditioned images of who we ought to be.
Angelina and the Law of Attraction helps you to awaken the seed of true self that was planted when you were born. This is an exquisite salute to the Inner Child and to Life!”

Julia Andino

Emotional Landscaping

Join Angelina in a magical journey to release the blockages and flow the Law of Attraction in your life.  Fun, wise, exciting and deeply transformational, this is a story you don’t want to miss.

Pages: App. 350

Size: Small paperback

Publishing date: App. November 2009

No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.

NOTE: Publishing date and other elements are subject to change.

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