Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction-Gestate your Dream

Female Secrets

in the
Law of Attraction

No. 1: Gestate your

By Maria Mar©

The Law of Attraction remains a mystery to many, just as women remain a mystery to men. The truth is that women and the Law of Attraction have a lot in common. Knowing the Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction gives you as
a woman a Female Advantage in manifesting your dream.

If you don’t know your Female Advantage in the laws of manifestation, however, you may be struggling unnecessarily to create your Dreamlife. Don’t splatter about like an ugly duckling when you can glide like a majestic

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You as a woman have powerful advantages that can quicken the flow of the Law of Attraction in your life.

Just as electricity, the Law of Attraction has two polar forces that need to work in balance. The same happens to your Energy Body. You have yin (receptive) and yang (aggressive) energy forces. These are the Shakti (Female) and Shiva (Male) Powers in you. As a woman, you have an organic ease in using your Shakti Power. This can actually quicken the magic of

Most people that try to apply the Law of Attraction fall into two categories:

They do nothing, waiting passively for
their dreams to manifest. These people confuse the receptive or Shakti Power
with passivity.

· They work and struggle incessantly,
trying to make it happen. These people confuse action with aggression and
power with control.

The Universe works through a balance of Shakti and Shiva forces. This means that your manifestation alchemy must marry these two elements. There must be receptive action and intentional release. Because most of us are trained to acknowledge only our Shiva Power, we fail to create the alchemy that manifests our dreams. We are either too pushy or too passive.

If you are too pushy, you plunge aggressively forward, often running against the grain of the flow of events, trying to make it happen and obstructing the flow of the universe.

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At the other extreme, there are those who believe that, since the Law of
Attraction is a universal law, all they have to do is desire, and their
dreams will manifest without them lifting a finger or searching within to
find the hidden obstacles.

You as woman have an easier access to the secret balance that quickens
manifestation. How? Simply think about bringing a baby into the world.

Do you wait passively until it drops out of you? No. You take care of it. You eat right. You go to the doctor. You sing and dance to it. You prepare its clothing and room. You avoid any substances or emotions that may harm
the precious life inside you.

Do you struggle, trying to control how the baby will come to term? No. You welcome the baby. You make a space in your heart and your life for that beautiful creature that is gestating inside you. You visualize yourself caring and loving it. You give it love every day with every thought and

There you are! You already have one Female Secret to the Law of Attraction. Gestate your dream as you would a baby.

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Receive it. Love it. Nourish it. Protect it. Sing to it. Make a space for it. All of these are Shakti actions. If you are confused between action and aggression, you may believe that you are not DOING anything when you engage in these receptive actions.

You are using your WombPower to gestate a new life. This power works in harmony and collaboration with the universe. You are not alone. The universe is working with you. The baby itself is doing its part because it wants to be born.

Even if that new life is not visible yet, even if you can’t hear, touch, or see it running around, you know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s already a reality inside you. You lovingly and joyfully nurture that reality into being.

This is your WombPower, one of the Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction.

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Are you an Active Dreamer or a Daydreamer: A Self-assessment Tool

Are you an

Active Dreamer or a Daydreamer?

Self-assessment Tool

By Maria Mar©

“Fantasies are more than substitutes for
unpleasant reality; they are also dress rehearsals, plans. All acts
performed in the world begin in the imagination.”

Grizzuti Harrison
Author and Publicist

Well-intentioned relatives and cynical peers may call you a dreamer and ask you to wake-up. After a while, you start asking yourself if they are right and you are wrong.

Take this self-assessment tool. Add and subtract the points to find out.

1A. They are right if you dream of having lots of things, living like
the rich and famous, getting the latest sports car… and you do nothing to make it happen. (Minus 5pts)

1B. You are right if you dream of having a better quality of life,
not only better or more things, but a life with meaning, joy, comfort and prosperity, and you keep searching a way to do it that makes you happy and adds value to the world. (Plus 5pts)

2A. They are right if you keep trying the latest get-rich-quick
scheme, losing money in Pyramids and falling prey to con artists. (Minus 5pts.)

2B. You are right if you are researching, studying or strategizing to create a solid prosperity foundation in innovative ways, you seek the masters who have done it successfully and then spend time making it unique to who you are and what you have to offer. (Plus 5pts.)

3A. They are right if you dream of being an artist, writing a book or living from your passion, and spend your time talking about it… but doing nothing to make it come true. (Minus 3pts.)

3B. You are right if you dream of being an artist, writing a book or living from your passion, and you spend time talking about it in a positive manner, sharing your small successes and steps, and taking forwards steps ―even if they seem baby steps― to make it happen. (Plus 5pts.)

4A. They are right if you keep messing up because you have no
grounding, no plan, no strategy and no discipline to make your dream come true. (Minus 3pts.)

4B. You are right if you make mistakes, learn from them and keep creating new strategies and implementing them with discipline… even if you have not make it yet! (Plus 5pts.)

5A. They are right if you are going for a field, career or business
you hate and are becoming hard and closed-minded because you think only of making money, and not living life. (Minus 5pts.)

5B. You are right if you are declining the fields, careers or businesses that they believe make money, and ignoring the commonplace paths to prosperity in search for a unique path that is true to your values, talents and personality. (Plus 5pts.)

6A. They are right if you think they are right, no matter how wrong they are. (Minus 3pts.)

6B. You are right if you consult your heart, know your Soul’s
Purpose, are loyal to yourself, seek mentors and teachers who know what they are doing, and move towards your dream with 100% commitment, no matter how long it takes or how hard it seems to be. (Plus 5pts.)

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That’s all, beautiful sisters. Let me know what you discovered. I’d like to hear your story!

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what happened to you when you read this!


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30-27 Points

27 to 24 points

24-21 Points

20-18 Points

18-15 Points

15 or less points

30-27 Points

Congratulations! You are definitely an Active Dreamer. Success is around the corner. Live your dream! It is important that you nurture your faith and commitment through consistent inspiration. You are a unique woman with strong faith and
determination. There are a lot of people who do not live their dream because of fear or lack of faith. You need to stay strong and not allow them to erode your faith.

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27 to 24 points

You are Active Dreamer, but you may be struggling alone, without adequate support around you. You need a community of dreamers who supports you. You also need to move in orbits of people who can enrich your perspective. You may
also need specific coaching with skills, success, visibility or business.

Recommended resources:
Join the
Dream Express Membership.
You will be in constant contact with Maria Mar and a community of dreamers who are working
towards their dream. You will receive the Dream Kit in installments, to keep you inspired and working towards your dream every week, plus live monthly meetings with Maria Mar and seasonal products. That will keep you strong.

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24-21 Points

You are a dreamer who needs to seek help assessing her dream, developing a strategy and implementing it. You may also need to develop a new lifestyle. You may be taking actions towards your dream, but they are inconsistent. To shift your life, you need consistent action that is built on a plan and moves you steadily to your dream. This means two things: 100% commitment and Dream Discipline.

Commitment needs faith and self-love. Dream Discipline comes from a new set of mind habits and from healing your relationship with time. Hidden beliefs about freedom may also be causing resistance. If you are doing everything
alone, you may also need new skills.

Recommended resources:

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20-18 Points

You are a dreamer who is using fantasy to escape a life that you don’t like. There is nothing wrong with fantasy. It is the source of human innovation. But you need help in translating your imagination into action. You also need immediate guidance in tracking down the Inner Enemies of your Success(tm). If you are feeling like Penelope, who wove a beautiful fresco during the day, only to destroy it at night, you may be sabotaging yourself. The source of your self-sabotage is hidden in the folds of your Psyche. You need in-depth help to get it out into your conscious awareness, so that you stop being your own worse enemy.

Recommended resources:

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If you feel that you need someone who guides you step-by-step and helps you clean out the garbage from the past, while giving you strength. Consider two resources:

Hunt Down the Inner Enemies of your Success(tm) Private Email Consultations with Maria Mar
Exchange emails with Maria Mar to engage her in helping you track down what is going on in your life and how you are sabotaging yourself. Use this tool when you are ready to take an honest look at YOUR steps in the dance of life.

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18-15 Points

You are definitely a daydreamer. You are a creative, passionate woman who values freedom and has her own mind. But hidden in your psyche lurk old emotions gathered around toxic, negative thoughts that are eroding your self-value. You may also feel that you are alone, and therefore you do not ask for help. You resistance may be blocking the flow of the Law of Attraction!

In a way, you fear what you want. You may secretly feel that you do not deserve it, even though you keep trying to convince yourself of the contrary. No amount of talking and thinking will help, because the logical mind is sabotaging you, and you cannot bring your executive power to sustain your imagination. You will need to open a space and time for yourself and your dream if you want to get out of that rut. If you don’t want to waste anymore time and you are not willing to give up on your dream, here are two resources for you:

Recommended resources:

Take a Private Coaching Session with Maria Mar to discover what is at the bottom of your resistance to take action on behalf of your dream. This is a small investment that can pay back big time in clarity about what you want and what’s stopping you, increase in your faith and the discovery or hidden forces that may be holding you back without your knowledge.

You may also enjoy the
Hunt Down the Inner Enemies of Success
Home Study

15 or less points.

You are a daydreamer and you are weakening your capacity to manifest your dreams by using your imagination idly. After a while, your psyche does not believe you, and you waste your life in meaningless fantasies. But do not confuse what you are doing wrong with the legitimacy of your power as a dreamer. In short, the Active dreamer in you is trying to wake you up.

You are intuitively resisting the domestication of your imagination and defending your freedom and uniqueness. That means that inside you there is an Active Dreamer trying to get out and lead your way.

The problem is that you are being held back by:

  • learned beliefs that may be working in your subconscious, like feeling that success will make people dislike you or that having money will corrupt you.

  • Stagnated habits that keep you in a rut.

  • Disbelief and fear to dream, or

  • Embedded feelings carried over from childhood or trauma.

  • You seriously need to re-evaluate your beliefs and lifestyle and to release what’s keeping you from taking action.

Fantasy without strategy or action is an escape and a sign of despair. You need to build your faith and trust that your dreams can become a reality. You may also need to develop new habits of mind and to learn new skills that allow you to create a structure and strategy to manifest your dreams.

Recommended Resources:

Here’s a gradual approach to moving out of fantasy into Active Dreaming.

Step one:

Ask me a FREE question. I will answer.

Step Two:
Visit my blog every week
to get fuel for your faith. It’s a great, free way to stay in touch with me!

Step Three: When you are ready to begin shifting from Daydreamer to Active
Dreamer, get an introductory
Private Coaching Session
with Maria Mar to see what you need and make a
plan of action. This is a small investment that can pay back big time in clarity about what you want and what’s stopping you, increase in your faith and the discovery or hidden forces that may be holding you back without your knowledge.

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is a new renaissance woman who has freed her creative potential. She is a writer, spiritual teacher, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach and an internationally known shaman, as well as a dance-theatre performer.

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Maria has been featured in PBS and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190. Maria
has brandished creative writing, arts & crafts and conscious living as a tool for life transformation and specializes in personal growth through the arts and freeing the creative process. She is known as the Dream Alchemist, revealing the Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction to help women manifest their dreams. She is the CEO of ShamansDance Publishing and Productions and the author of the Dream Kit.Visit her website at:

Living your Purpose

Living in Purpose

By Maria Mar(c)

Some time ago, in the middle of a ceremonial poem, the audience singing and dancing around me as we shifted from fear to harmony; I had a flash of recognition.

“I am living my dream!”

I realized that I was living the vision I had as a little girl. I had become my dream!

Maria Mar in a ceremonial poem during a Poetry Botanica's performance.

Maria Mar (center) with Corazon Tierra and Tanya Torres in a Ceremonial Poem.

There are few blessings in life as great as living your purpose. When all your talents, personality, life experience and values come together in a service that helps others AND makes you feel fully alive, then you have achieved great success.

Would you like to live your dream? To find and realize your soul’s purpose? Read on.

Offering to All our Ancestors, ceremonial art installation by Maria Mar

Ceremonial art installation by Maria Mar honoring diversity and All Our Ancestors.

At the beginning of my adult life, as a college student, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. Was I in for a surprise!

It was clear that I was an actress and poet. It was also clear that I had a passion to help people.

“Easy,” I thought. “I’ll study drama and psychology.”

But no matter how many psychology courses I took, I was not satisfied with that approach to human suffering. You too, may have taken courses, classes and training in fields that you loved, only to find yourself disappointed.

That dissatisfaction is your ally. Focusing on what’s missing as a loss is your mistake. Focus on what’s missing as an opportunity. This is the uniqueness you can bring into your field.

No matter how many dramas I starred in as a shining talent in the drama department, and later on in the many companies I worked with, I felt a deep dissatisfaction with the distance between life and art, audience and actors.

If you passionately feel that the field or area of expertise you are pursuing does not serve the people well or lacks some essential dimension, then that is precisely what you are here for: to add this dimension. Step up to it.

The mistake that many passionate women do is that they focus their passion on rebelling and complaining about what is wrong. Their anger becomes an Inner Enemy of their Success(tm). If they would focus instead on creating a service or experience that would satisfy that lack, they would become leaders in their field.

Back to my story. There was absolutely no way that I could have known then what I was meant to be: an artist-shaman who creates healing and celebratory art ceremonies. I had not even heard the word shaman back then, and at the time I had no spiritual inkling. I was rebelling against a Catholic upbringing that had failed to answer the fundamental questions of my soul.

At that time, in my hometown, we were not taught that spirituality and religion are not necessarily the same thing. I was missing knowledge that would take a long time to get to me. There were trends in psychology that had not yet started. There were theatre movements just beginning. I joined many of them and eventually created my own methodology.

It takes a while to know what your talents are and how they fit together. Firstly, many of us have been cut off from the vast dimension of our talent and genius. Secondly, many of us have suffered disappointing experiences when we searched for answers and values. The process of finding your purpose needs to address these emotional and spiritual wounds, so that you emerge with those broken places as your stronger places.

There comes a time, however, when you’ve lived enough or seen it all clearly. At that time, your Soul will pull your spiritual skirts, urging you to stop seeking and start gathering.

If you are at that moment in your life, here are three questions I often help my clients answer:

Maria Mar on a ceremonial poem celebrating diversity and ancestors.

PBS-featured artist-shaman Maria Mar in a ceremonial poem on honoring diversity. Artist-shaman Corazon Tierra besides her.

1. What is it that I love to do, that I do with such delight that time stops while I am at it, and that I would do without any pay, just for the pleasure of it?

The answer to this question will probably be a mixture of things, such as: writing, helping people solve their problems, dancing and enjoying the ocean. Look at these things as one. What is the picture that comes up? In the case above, it could be creating a summer camp at the beach where people come together to deal with their problems through writing and dancing. There you are!

Audience dancing and placing offerings in the altar during the collective celebration.

Audience members in a ceremonial poem participate dancing and placing offers.

2. What uniqueness do I bring to this service?

In my case, I bring this uniqueness to the art field: I return art to its original function as a healing ceremony for the community. I also bring a uniqueness into the human service world: I bring shamanic female-wisdom based tools and insights to help people transform their lives, and I help them do it through their creativity. Even as a poet and fiction writer I bridge the distance between art and daily life by providing inspiration, guidance and support for real life through a combination of non-fiction and fiction writing.

What is your uniqueness? (Remember those areas of dissatisfaction.)

Maria, drummers and audience member in a poetry ceremony.

Audience members enjoy the poetry, dance and drumming in the Three Muses with Music performance produced by the Poetry Botanica in Camaradas Restaurant, East Harlem.

3. How can I offer this to my people while I make money from it, so that I renew my energy and keep on giving?

This question often brings you face to face with your issues about money. If you have an Inner War going on between polarized aspects of your life, such as:

  • Money vs. Spirituality

  • Creativity vs. Prosperity

  • Charging people vs. True service or goodness

  • Making money vs. being good

  • Power vs. goodness

  • Authority vs. democracy

They are all going to come out. Seek help. You need to put an end to your Inner War or you will sabotage yourself and your mission.

Know this. The Universe is right now giving you the experiences, questions, emotional wounds, dissatisfactions, problems, ideas and talents that you will need to fulfill your purpose. Life Mother does not waste anything. She does not create anything that does not have a purpose. that includes you. Enjoy each experience in your life and embrace is as part of your training.

At the end of each stage or experience –be it a trip, a relationship, a class or training, a job or a project or process– take time to reflect, write down in your journal what you have learned. What made you full? What kept you dissatisfied? Why? What have you learned? How have you grown? Who are you now?

You will begin to see how each twist and turn of your life is weaving the Sacred Design of your soul’s purpose and life mission.

Once you know it, go do it.

Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Maria Mar(c)

You can use this article in ezines, blogs or article banks as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below, and send me notice:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational poet, speaker, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at http://www.catchthedreamexpress.com