Celebrate the Love your Body Week with art and free resources

Hi, Beautiful sister,

Here are some gifts and resources to celebratr

Love your Body Day

End Fat Talk Week

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Art by Maria Mar(c)2010.*


Love your Female Curves


I created this art to help you enjoy and celebrate the curves of your body. Do
you know that wide hips allow for better birthing process? Do you know that
men are hired wired to instinctively respond to those wide hips? ):


Don’t let anybody shame you for your curves, beautiful sister. You are a woman. You are curvy, ample, sensuous and voluptuous. Bravo for you! Know that this is sexy! Not so long ago women were adored for those curves. (Think Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren.) But as women became freer in our society, there was a backlash. Now that we had more freedom, the focus became in cutting off our curves. This is an inorganic, distorted, borrowed dream that turns your life into a nightmare. Wake up!


I see hatred towards the Sacred Feminine in a society that shames women’s
natural curves and promotes an obsession with being thin. There’s nothing
wrong with being thin if that’s natural to you. But to reject your women’s
curves and pursue an “ideal” body without curves is not healthy or happy for
you. This trend devalues our female essence and alienates us from the curvy,
sensual ecology of the Earth.


Please heal this obsession that is destroying women’s health and happiness.
Reclaim your sensuality and your curves. Below there are gifts and resources
to help you love your body and discover its power and delight.


I love you.

Thanks for being in my Circle of Service.


Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Resources to Love your Body

Courtesy of the Dream Alchemist

Free Resources

Your Secret Healing Place

How your body heals itself

Free Podcast Interviews

Fetch the free interviews.
Art by Maria Mar(c)2010.*


I’m happy to announce that the interview series I did with the internationally
acclaimed healer Misa Hopkins, best-selling author of “The Root of All
–is now available, for free! Join a series of deep conversations about the mysteries, wonders and power of your body to heal itself, to communicate your deepest truths and to guide you in your spiritual, personal and professional development.


This is not one of those get-a-tiny-sample-and-then-buy teleseminar. If you like insightful conversations, you will love this series. Misa and I delved deeply into our knowledge as healers. You get knowledge from not one, but two systems of self-healing! We share tools, experiences, humor and wisdom. A must hear if you or someone you love needs to learn how to activate the power of self-healing. And who doesn’t? ):


Clicking will take you to the iTunes page.

To download, you need iTunes.

You can download it in a couple of minutes.


To find more about Misa, visit this page



More Resources in English


Low Cost

Click graphic to read more.


Available as a gift certificate


Meet Swan Woman

Swan Woman
is the Power Self within you that intimately knows her
uniqueness, her beauty and her grace. She opens her wings and flies freely,
gracefully, in the moment, here now. These are the Five Agreements of
Swan Woman


  1. I love myself.

  2. I free my Grace.

  3. I enjoy my Beauty.

  4. I assume my power.

  5. I fully occupy my space.


I designed an easily downloadable bundle of products to help you as a woman to free the Swan Woman within yourself. It helps you:


  • Love your Body

  • Love your life and live it to the fullest

  • Take care of your wellbeing through relaxation and self-healing

  • Appreciate and irradiate your beauty.

  • Improve your posture to unleash your grace, beauty and power

  • Find inspiration to be all that you are

  • Grow your Self-love and practice self-acceptance.

Buy Express now!

Click button to buy express.

Only $20 USD

Immediate download of all parts



Includes: Swan Woman digital poster with the Five Agreements, Swan Woman
illustrated Posture Guide, Swan Woman: Love your Body, Love Yourself
Anthology with articles and daily practices, 30-day Love your Body
Meditations and Affirmations Ecourse, BONUS: Blessings for your body ebook,
from Corazon Tierra.

EN ESPAÑOL, for our Latina Sister

Ama tus Curvas 2010

Evento Virtual Gratis


Pulsa para unirte a la celebracion ama tus curvas 2010.


La experta en autoestima corporal Corazón Tierra celebra el día de “Love your Body” y “End Fat Talk Week” con su evento virtual “Ama tus Curvas 2010”, donde encontrarás una serie de regalos, artículos, poemas y arte que te inspira y motiva a amar tus curvas.






* All art in this communication is copyright of Maria
Mar(c)2010. No downloading, reproduction or distribution



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The Root of All Healing

The Root of All Healing:

7 Steps to Healing Anything

Book and Product Review

By the Dream Alchemist

Book:  The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything

Product: 7 Steps to Healing Anything Home Study Course

Author/Creator: Reverend Misa Hopkins


***** 5 stars: Excellent read, excellent transformational tool, excellent spiritual and healing journey

I am a seasoned healer and a self-transformational expert, so I thought that Reverend Misa Hopkins’ “7 Steps to Healing Anything Home Study Course” would be a refresher course. Was I in for a surprise! I have experienced a profound breakthrough in my self-healing process from just working the first lesson!

Reading Reverend Misa’s book some months ago was a beautiful healing
meditation. Her writing voice slows you down and brings you to the place of healing. This place is effortless because you let go of the complications you create to distract yourself from your body’s Authentic Presence. This place is peaceful because there is no pressure, no judgment.

As Reverend Misa takes you into this healing place, she says things that
your “Small Mind” sees as so simple as to be obvious. But when you really listen, when you post those “Socratic” questions to yourself, you realize that Reverend Misa is awakening your Inner Healer and your own inner wisdom.

She is helping you to listen to your body because this knowledge exists
already in your body. That’s why it sounds so familiar!

When you see this, you also understand that if it were that easy and simple, you’d have the answers already, but you don’t, because you’ve been rushing past your body’s wisdom. Reverend Misa opens a space for you to listen to your Inner Voice and to be in the presence of your body’s wisdom, so that you can retrieve your own healing compass.

Reverend Misa’s book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything,” holds a profound knowledge of our essential power to heal. It reminds us that we can restore ourselves to balance and harmony and that it
is precisely our departure from our BodySoul’s balance and harmony that creates disease.

Reverend Misa’s home study course takes you beyond this realization into a gentle, yet powerful healing experience.

Here’s what happened to me as I took my first lesson.

The workbook takes each chapter of the book and transforms it into a
learning experience where you get to engage in your own healing journey.

Reverend Misa’s questions, like her insights in the book, are deceptively
simple. When I wrote them down in my journal and looked at them, they became Psychic Keys that opened new perceptions about my healing process.

Then I heard Reverend Misa’s audio, where she shares not only insights,
stories and lessons, but her Q&A session with other people. Reverend Misa’s voice is positively the voice of a healer. It takes you deeper into the insights triggered by the book and workbook. You feel that she is listening deeply, not only to the words of those who ask her questions, but to their energies. Her voice and her lessons are full of love, compassion, playfulness and authenticity.  Her answers frequently touch a nerve, opening new routes that deepen your healing experience and understanding.

As I heard the audio, I went back to the answers I had written in the
workbook, and a stream of deeper insights came swelling up, surprising me, and I’ve done this work for years!

This is what happened then.

I had been tracking down a deep-seated, old pattern of beliefs related to my prosperity. Simultaneously, I had noticed that I had a resistance to doing my Yoga and my nature walks, two practices that keep me in health. I had been wondering what this resistance was about. One question from Misa’s First Lesson brought everything together. I had a breakthrough vision of how these two aspects of my life, seemingly separate, were connected, and I was able to touch the core source of ALL the problems I’ve been working on!

If you already bought the book, don’t miss the opportunity to put its
knowledge into practice. Remember that knowledge does not become wisdom until you live it.  If you don’t have the book yet, the home study course includes the digital version.

Misa has been offering free resources at this page, including a free report
entitled “Beating the Odds: How to Identify 10 Beliefs that can Short-circuit your Healing.” Today is the last day to sign-in, so if you
catch this blog, click before you miss it.


If you are committed to your self-healing process, this is a powerful path
to become whole again.

This is an affiliate link. As you know, I will always bring you resources I believe in. At times, those resources will provide me an opportunity to receive a commission, to share in the abundance of the universe with you. As you receive a gift to your spirit, I receive a gift to enable me to continue leading in the spirit. It is the true circle of abundance, and I thank you for standing in that space and decreeing that all we who are spiritual deserve to share in God’s
rewards, at every level. And as I often am a customer as well as an
affiliate, I will continue to share with you new lessons that I’ve learned from these resources as well, and look forward to hearing your lessons. Let us continue to grow together and support each other’s abundance. Most importantly, honor yourself. If this action isn’t right, don’t do it. But if it is, then don’t hesitate. Honor your intuition and your possibility. Act now.



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who helps you to break through the hidden interference to your success, to unleash your Greatness and manifest the life of your dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.


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Your Secret Place of Healing

Inspirational Journeys

Your Secret Place of Healing

Art by Maria Mar(c)2010

Dedicated to the great healer, Reverend
Misa Hopkins

Beautiful sister,

Here is an art, poem and a gift for your self-healing.

Your Secret Place of Healing

In that place you stand

connected to earth, like Tree.

In that place you fly,

connected to sky, like Bird.

In that place your shine

absorbing the radiant Sun,

a child of the light.

In that place you flourish,

free from learned limitations
that steal your harmony.

In that place you give birth

to yourself, renewing your creative force

with the power of your Divine I am.

Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

This beautiful art is dedicated to my friend and great healer, Revered Misa Hopkins. She takes you to the secret place of healing. I am grateful to her, for she has inspired me and has helped me make a major breakthrough in my own healing.

This is how Misa describes the healing journey:

The healing journey is a spiritual journey of transformation that launches us deeper into our relationship to the divine.

Reverend Misa Hopkins
Self Empowered Health Seminar

Your Gift!

Revered Misa has a free gift for your own healing, and I thought I would add a link to her free ebook in this Inspirational Journey. I know it will benefit you tremendously. Those of you who got her book last year know that she is for real and that she can take you to your secret healing place.

Click here to go there.

NOTE: I am partnering with a variety of experts to help you manifest your different dreams, from health to love to prosperity. I have partnered with Reverend Misa to bring you closer to your dreams and goals for health. When you click on my affiliate link, I also benefit by receiving a commission that
increases my prosperity.

Click here to go there

If my affiliate link elicits doubts about the authenticity of the value of Misa’s offer,
simply click the link below, which is not an affiliate link and will alsoget you there. My mission is to serve you.


Inspirational Journeys are a courtesy of

Catch the Dream Express

A program of

Publishing and Productions, Inc.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who helps you to break through the hidden interference to your success, to unleash your Greatness and manifest the life of your dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.


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Book-Sneak Preview-Awaken your Second Sight

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Life Metaphors are healing metaphors delivered by the poet-healer of your
psyche, by the sacred consciousness of life, directly to you. They guide
you, answer your questions and direct your powers to heal and manifest.
They show up in the form of dreams, in situations that are Sacred Mirrors
and in striking metaphors, like a piece of gum stuck to your sole that reveals an attachment stuck to your soul.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Inspirational Book Excerpt

“At different times in my life, I am a physician, a teacher, a friend and an
author, but being a dreamer is what I value the most.

Whatever I am doing, I always hear my dreams echoing in a distant
underground chamber beneath my thoughts and feelings, attuned to the

rhythms of my body and the very substance of the earth. They are my

compass and my truth; they guide me and link me to the Divine. They call out
to me in an intimate whisper, always knowing how to find me. They

speak my real name.


Judy Orloff

Second Sight

For me, dreaming is a direct line to a place where magic abounds and nothing
is without meaning. It is a pristine state of awareness, unpolluted and
clear. Direct guidance for healing lies in our dreams, the natural territory
of intuition. Here, time and space are non-existent and anything is
possible. Like a blank, white canvas, our dream world is a  spacious
medium where intuition can freely express itself. We have only to listen.

You are in partnership with your dreams. Initiate an ongoing dialogue with
them. It’s like consulting the wisest doctor you can imagine who knows you
inside out. You can ask your dreams anything. No question is trivial if it
is meaningful to you. Expect answers. Some will be direct. Others may
require interpretation.

Your dreams can reveal many truths about your life. They can provide
extraordinary intuitive insights, and give you information that can help
your health, love life and career. You’d be surprised at the straightforward
advice that your dreams give, either spontaneously or on request. “


Second Sight

An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells

Her Extraordinary Story

and Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom

Second Sight is part memoir, part how-to. This book
explores the practical uses of intuition and strategies for everyone to
develop it, drawing on Dr. Orloff’s own experiences and those of her

Book Reviews

“Orloff tried to stave her intuitions off during medical
school until she found herself ‘trapped’ in a profession that was itself
dependent on dispensing drugs to silence the spirit ~To listen only to the
mind and not the soul is, Orloff believes, a form of insanity.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

“An exemplary and eloquently written story that makes it easy for
nonbelievers in intuition to believe. You must read this book.”

—Psychology Today

“Fascinating ~Dr. Orloff writes with wisdom and humility about her emergence
as a physician with extraordinary abilities. Highly recommended.”

—Dean Ornish, M.D.,


Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

“We are far more than we have allowed ourselves to be. Judith Orloff is to
be commended for helping us understand that simple truth.”

—Louise Hay,

Author of You Can Heal Your Life

“Second Sight reads like a thriller. It is a page turner: inspiring,
controversial. This pioneering book shares the struggles and well-won
successes of a courageous physician who fights against a skeptical medical
system to validate the power of intuition. You will find a new friend in
Judith as her writing style is as intimate as if she was talking to you in
her living room.”

—Joan Borysenko Phd


Mending the Mind, Minding the Spirit

Read more and purchase the book now at:


Take advantage of this amazing
offer – Today only
, (March
1, 2010) you will receive thousands of
from literally HUNDREDS of World Renowned Teachers, Experts, and Authors when you order a single
copy of Second Sight. Here are some
of the amazing individuals offering their support to help you reach your
highest potential and make 2010 your best year ever!

Deepak Chopra * Shirley McLaine * Maria Mar  *

Mark Victor Hansen  *  Bruce Lipton MD

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks  *  Gregg Braden

Read more:


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Healing the Land of Haiti

Healing Haiti’s Land

A Call for Energy Workers, Healers and Shamans,

Artists and People who Pray

5-minutes to heal the land in Haiti

Our sisters and brothers in Haiti need all our help, and the world is mobilizing to help them. But few of us realize that the cries we hear are not only human. Perhaps as a result of our own careless living, Gaea is crying for help. Earth Mother is hurting in that organ of her body called Haiti. She keeps trembling and shaking. She needs healing energy. We need to calm and mend the land of Haiti. This will also result in curtailing aftershocks, in easier rescue, faster recovery and may also prevent the fissure in the land from breaking out somewhere else.

I am calling all those who work with energy, who love Earth Mother, who are creators and whose powerful prayers move the universe, to join the Global Energy Matrix created by all our prayers and send into that matrix an energy pattern of Healing Hands of Light Matrix with the specific intent to heal the land in Haiti.

If you are an energy worker, healer, alchemist or shaman, you may have your own method of sending energy to the Healing Hands of Light Matrix. If you want, feel free to use the Healing Hands Matrix Creation meditation included here.

If you are an artist, please learn and practice the simple 5-minute Healing Hands Matrix Creation. Then continue with the Art for the Haiti Land.

If you run a venue or organization, you have the power to transform the art generated in this meditation into material aid to the people of Haiti by housing the art created as a fundraiser.

If you are a person who prays, feel free to adapt the Healing Hands Matrix Creation to your beliefs. You can call on any sacred force, whether it is Christ, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Allah, Sophia or the Holy Spirit. Names and beliefs are not as important as love, light and gratitude, which is the Divine Essence.

Finally, you can invite others to do any of this as a group, either online or at a locality. The button at the bottom of this post allows you to print this and to share in many ways, via email or social media.

Healing Hands Matrix Creation

It is important that you do steps 1-3 before creating the Healing Hands of Light Matrix. You do not want to use your own energy, or you may get sick or depleted, as the crisis is so big.

Step 1: Open your Energy Body to the Divine Light of Love and the Light of all your Spiritual Guides, Protectors or forces, whatever these may be. See and feel your Crown Chakra receiving and channeling a shower of Divine healing light of love.

Step 2: Receive this river of healing light and allow it to flood your being. Allow it to go to any organ or place in your body that needs healing, balancing or strength. Smile from the heart and let your gratitude shine in your eyes and in your smile.

Step 3: Visualize your loved ones and allow your love to nurture this shower of Divine Light of Love, as you remember your children, parents, friends and other loved ones and feel love and gratitude.

Do these three steps until you feel that the shower of light has totally bathed and inundated you and is overflowing. This may take three minutes.

Step 4: See your Universal True Self or Higher Self or your Energy Body picking up the overflowing light and sculpt it into a pair of healing hands of light.

Step 5: Connect your feet and heart to the network of trees in the world and flood your heart with love for our Great Mother Earth. Imbue the healing hands of light with this love and gratitude for Earth Mother.

Step 6: As you sculpt and caress this Healing Hands of Light with your energy or spirit body, see and feel them caressing, healing, mending and balancing the land of Haiti. Imbued these hands with your love and gratitude for Earth Mother. Talk to her. Sing to her. Let her feel your healing love.

Step 7: Send the healing lights flying across time and space, to join the Global Energy Matrix created by all our prayers. See it penetrating the matrix and joining the other energy patterns of Healing Hands of Light, forming a great hand-shaped energy matrix within the Global Energy Matrix.

Art for the Land of Haiti

As an artist, you have an awesome power to create and transmute any reality. In this creative meditation, you will focus on healing, mending, loving and balancing Earth Mother in that organ or point called Haiti.


  1. Please practice the 5-minute meditation above before beginning your art session.
  2. you can use any or all art forms. Dance, paint, sing, play or write your healing to the land of Haiti and to Earth Mother. You can do it alone or in a group.
  3. When you get to Step 7 in the Healing Hands Matrix Creation meditation, begin your creative process as Step 8. Here are some helpful guidelines:
  • Sustain the healing energy vibration during the process.
  • Do NOT give way to experiencing the pain or chaos of the Earth. Stay within your role as a healer.
  • Sustain the feelings of love and gratitude during the process.
  • Your creation should embody the Earth as healed, balanced and in harmony.
  • When you finish, if you have documented the process or have any product, even if it is in-progress, share it. Put in online. Share the process and intention.
  • Place a link somewhere in your art page to this page, so that others can join.
  • If you have contact with a venue and other artists who may want to share their work-in-progress or art-healing-meditations, consider creating a fundraiser for the people in Haiti.

Act now. The Earth needs us now!

Thank you and let me hear from you.

Contact me and let me know what you are doing.

Click to contact me.

Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, poet, speaker and ceremonialist. She is also a visual artist, spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. Find out more at http://www.catchthedreamexpress.com

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A GPS to Inner Peace

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Your BodySoul is the compass that keeps you in the right direction to fulfill your purpose in life. When you awake to that place in your physical existence where you can hear the song of your Soul, you will see the bright North Star that guided the Magi, and it will guide you too.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Inspirational Book Excerpt

“Though we may journey through the shadow of death or climb majestic mountains, we are never orphaned as long as we remain connected to the  Guiding Power of Spirit (GPS). That connection endows us with wonderful gifts –to delight in the senses, to experience emotions and feel joy, to exercise our free will, to love and be loved, to express ourselves, to see our true potential and to satisfy our dreams. We are never alone but rather interconnected with others in the Oneness of Being.

I offer myself as a guide to your self-discovery and invite you as the
hero/heroine of your unfolding story to step through a threshold and embrace the quest for your True Self. My heartfelt wish is that you open your mind and heart, connect with your GPS, and return Home to inner peace.”

Leonard Szymczak

The Roadmap Home:

Your GPS to Inner Peace

Book Review:

The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace


Leonard Szymczak

Our life has become very stressful. I’ve made it my mission
to release as much stress as possible and to share ways of doing it with
you. This book is one way.

Take a look at some of the ways in which people constantly
lose perspective, forget what really matters in life and miss their
spiritual direction. Which of these detours have you suffered this year?

  • A job that runs against our life purpose or values.

  • Hectic day after hectic day with no time for reflection, fun
    or spirit.

  • Alienation from our body that disconnects us from our
    personal truth.

  • Falling asleep in the social scripts and others’ expectations
    of us until we lose track of who we are and what makes us happy.

  • Habits of relationship that erode love, passion and magic.

  • Hiding away in our Comfort Zone.

Leonard offers himself as a guide and gives us an infallible
GPS to find our way back any time. And you know what? I’ll take him on his offer!

You know that I walk my talk. I teach what I know –not
intellectually, but experientially. Leonard’s been there. He has been
trapped in the dark night of the soul, in that despair brought about by the Orphanhood of the Soul, by an impoverished childhood and a sense of isolation. His wisdom and the tools he offers tell me without a shadow of a doubt that he found his way back home. He is therefore authorized to guide you and others who are seeking their path.

If you are looking for a book to read during the holidays, you found it. I am having a peaceful, rich and healing inner journey each time I pick up Leonard’s book to read a chapter. It’s a delight after a hectic day. Leonard has a talent for making the most complex process crystal
clear and simple. He has a way of using simple words packed with insights that stir your course powerfully and quickly. Here’s but a few:

  • The mind is a collection of interacting thoughts that create

  • Crisis generates heat for transformation. Our Inner GPS
    employs a principle of thermodynamics~ Internal conflict creates dynamic heat. The energy cracks the window of an unconscious mind.

  • Money often symbolizes energy.

  • “How do you distinguish the voice of ego from the voice of
    Spirit?” Ego operates from scarcity and speaks out of fear. Its messages are frantic, desperate, critical, controlling, seductive and manipulative. In contrast, the Guiding Power of Spirit beckons us with love and encouragement. It constantly and calmly conveys messages with an accepting, supportive and loving voice.

At the end of each chapter, Leonard addresses both, your right and left brain. He offers lists and maps for that logical part of your mind, but also a guided visualization for your creative mind.

Make this your holiday reading!

Read more and purchase the book now at:


Dream Alchemist Book Rating:

***** 5 stars= Excellent read, excellent
transformational tool, excellent spiritual journey.

This is the perfect gift for the holidays.

If you place your order on December 9 (TODAY!) you will
receive an amazing collection of Bonus Holiday Gifts that Leonard and his team have put together. Get Leonard’s interactive teleseminar plus videos, e-books, audios and courses by other authors and experts to enhance your life and spread the holiday spirit. (I’ve contributed a bonus there, folks!)  For purchasing just one copy of The Roadmap Home, all of these gifts are yours free.

Read more:


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Maria Mar(c)

You can use this quote in ezines, web pages and other online media as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below, with functional link:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational speaker, ceremonialist poet, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express!

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Inspirational Quotes- The Root of All Healing

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You body is YOU. It is not something that you manipulate with diets or take to a “mechanic” –in this case a doctor– to get fixed. Your body is the physical expression of your consciousness. This simple truth is the foundation for self-healing. Healing is a dialogue with and a journey in your body that can lead to deep self-knowledge and miraculous transformation.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Inspirational Book Excerpt

“The human being’s ability to heal is extraordinary. The power of love and
intention a person can generate for healing is remarkable. Using the power
of your mind and heart is in complete alignment with the law of nature.
Bodies regenerate themselves naturally. Sometimes we need to help our bodies
remember how to do that healthily and if we choose to do this consciously,
we embark on a healing journey.

I have discovered that when I invite healing in absolute clarity and love,
my cells respond to their master –me. In that moment I am giving voice to
the will of the Divine as it flows through me, and I have witnessed others
discover this source of the Divine with themselves. The healing journey
gives us the opportunity to discover this essence in profound and mysterious ways, with each experience being as unique as the individual who embarks on the journey. Exactly how you or I believe or experience the Divine is not important. However, in order to heal at your core it is important to know there is a power, energy, or source flowing through all of life including you, and you have the ability to access that source whenever you wish. You may give this source whatever name speaks to your soul. I call it the Divine.”*

Misa Hopkins

The Root of all Healing

7 Steps to Healing Anything


*Excerpted with permission from the author.


The Root of all Healing

7 Steps to Healing Anything

Misa is an old friend, a non-denominational reverend and a wounded healer who, in courageously journeying through her disease, has
discovered the root of the healing process. Misa has healed herself numerous times and has helped heal many others. Here’s just a sample:

  • Cuts typically requiring stitches completely gone in less than 24 hours
  • Stopped the onset of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis within 6 months
  • Healed a collapsed ovary and fallopian tube within 4 weeks
  • Regularly eliminate colds and flu the moment symptoms start to show up.
  • Regenerate body parts, including a new heart valve!

Misa Hopkin

Click to read more.


Here’s another reason to get this book

“Misa is launching the book now and has gathered a group of experts,
artists and healers who have created a powerful package of free products,
from ebooks and meditations to alternative healing juices! I have included a bonus, too, in this package. Click now and get the book PLUS about 29 FREE bonuses!”
Maria Mar

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