Success is an inside job

Success is an inside job

Introduction to the Hidden Interference

that Sabotages your Success

By Maria Mar©2010

Art by Maria Mar(c)2010.

Are you a success? How do you measure this? We often measure success by external results. This is a mistake because if you have yet to see those results, you will feel a failure! Success is built from the inside out, so that it is always there, no matter what is happening around you, because YOU are the success!

How can you be a success if your dream or goal is yet to manifest? If you want a soulmate, but are single; if you want prosperity, but are broke; if you want visibility, but few people know you, how can you see yourself as a success?

The answer to that question is simple, but if I answer it right now, you won’t believe the reply. If you are feeling frustrated or lacking, this powerful, yet simple truth will sound hollow. You will simply let it slide because it will be difficult to grasp its power from your current state of mind. There is a journey you need to take in order to understand the nature of success. It is a quest. As all quests, it is fundamentally an Inward Journey.

In this post I am going to open the door to that Inward Journey. If you like what you see and feel as you read, you are welcome to walk through that open door. There is a link at the end of this article that leads you to that threshold.

The Power of Perception

Shamans have known for millennia that perception creates the world. Today, quantum scientists are finally catching up with this universal Law of Manifestation. But most people, trained at home and school, are still being taught the following:

  • Reality is an objective, unchanging phenomena.
  • You cannot change the situations you find yourself in because they are objective phenomena that have already been created and cannot be changed.
  • What happens externally (objective) has no relation to what happens internally (subjective).
  • You are born into a set of unchanging circumstances and you meet more circumstances in your life, all of them created by others, sometimes long ago, and you have no power to change these circumstances because you have no inherence in how they were created.
  • The only way to change your circumstance is through hard work over a long period of time, using will power and external actions in the world.
  • Your thoughts have nothing to do with what happens to you.
  • Your emotions are irrelevant. The best thing to do is repress them, as they can get you into trouble because they are irrational and often bad for you.
  • Desire, ambition, wanting and longing are bad for the spirit because they belong to the ego, to the material world.
  • BUT socially speaking, it is good to be ambitious and want a better life.
  • If you want change, you have to “make it happen” by taking actions that change your reality. (But wait! Wasn’t reality an objective, unchanging phenomena?)

When you look at these series of beliefs, you may immediately see that some are false, others outdated, some conflicting and all of them are disempowering. You may consciously disagree with them.

The question is what does your subconscious belief?

For many of us most of the time, our subconscious is carrying this false idea of reality in our programmed automatic reactions, fear-based emotions, negative expectations and learned false beliefs. These beliefs are instantly transmitted to our autonomic nervous system and comprised more than 95% of our responses to the world.

What does that mean to you?

It means that when you see an obstacle in your path to your dreams or goals, you will perceive it as an external, objective obstacle standing on your way; an obstacle that was placed by known or unknown forces outside of your own intention and therefore cannot be changed with your intent, thought, emotions or any other power within you. (Remember that in our old learned belief systems, there is no relation between the inner or subjective and the outer or objective reality.)

If you’ve learned to see the world as something external that “happens” to you, then it is likely that your autonomic reaction may be a flight or fight response from your sympathetic nervous system. You’ll push, huff and puff until you are exhausted. If the obstacle does not budge, you give up in defeat. Does that sound familiar?

Consider a third option. What would happen if you release this learned belief for a moment? I am referring to the learned, outdated belief that your external reality is an objective phenomena outside your inner realm of possibilities.

Consider, just as an experiment, that the obstacle in your path is BOTH:

  • An external, objective obstacle created by external forces


  • A reflection of a hidden inner obstacle in your inner life that attracts or projects itself as an external barrier, with the conscious intent by Universal Divine Intelligence to bring it into your conscious view, to assist you in transforming it.

Does that change your attitude and feelings about the obstacles you are facing in your path to success? Good!

With that Window of Perception opened, let me share with you what I have found about the hidden interferences that sabotage our success.

How I discovered hidden interferences

Would you believe that the woman who created the branding, design and product covers in our websites and blogs, who has created many of the art work for our visual meditations and greetings, including the art work in this post, spent more than 20 years of her life telling herself that she was no good at visual art? I know this to be a fact. You see, I am that woman.

If in one year I began to draw, design, illustrate and create 3-D art, and within five years I became a professional visual artist, what stopped me from doing this before, in the more than 20 years I ran after artists to create my designs and stage sets because I was convinced I could not do them?

What I believed to be an “objective” limitation, a circumstance that defined my life, was nothing but an internal limitation, a learned belief that I carried in my subconscious mind. This is how hidden interference limits our talents, steal our dreams and lead us into a life and work design that betrays our true nature.

The root of all obstacles is within you, as is the power to create your world

I did not know then what I know now: your desires are the expression of your buried talents. When you long with all your Soul to do something, it is because it is IN you, no matter what others say. It is a power and talent pulsating inside you, something that you MUST do because your Soul needs to fulfill this path. This longing is your Soul’s purpose stirring inside you. Nothing can stop this force. Not “what they say.” Not lack of skills or resources. Not any obstacle on your way. Nothing. The only one stopping your power is YOU!

Inside you there is a great leader, a wise expert and gorgeous diva. She is waiting for you to remove the limited beliefs and secret mantras that run through your mind, hiding her from your own view. You can feel her pulsating in your heart. That’s why you feel a spiritual restlessness that pushes you to change.

You try to free this awesome force within you, but the hidden interference you subconsciously carry shuts down the pathways of your mind. When this happens…

  • You hold back.
  • You conform, betraying your Unique Essence or cutting-off some part of yourself to fit others’ formulas or expectations.
  • Doubt makes you stumble instead of leap.
  • Instead of moving forward, you dive back in, trying to “fix” it, to “improve” yourself, succumbing to your perfectionist and missing the opportunity.
  • You sacrifice your dream, stealing from yourself to give to others, whether it is time, attention, energy or your personal truth that you steal.
  • Your fear-based emotions escalate and you fall back into your Comfort Zone.
  • You hit a wall and go around in circles.

I can help you break free

from the pull that holds you back.

Click here to go to the


Are you ready for my personal mentorship to design the life/work of your dreams? Click to read more.

I can help you break freefrom the limitations you suffer.

They are illusions projected by your ego mind.

Burst those bubbles and see your life change!

Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who helps you to break through the hidden interference to your success, to unleash your Greatness and manifest the life of your dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express. Read more about mentoring personally with Maria Mar at


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Book Review: When God Spoke with Me

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Enlightenment is being showered in the healing light of divine love and experiencing that you and all that is are one light in the presence of God. Scroll to meet some ordinary people who were enlightened.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Book Review

Where is God?

When is God?

How does God speak to us?

When God Spoke to Me answers these questions in the only language possible ~the experience of God.

The subtitle of this book is “The inspiring stories of ordinary people who have received divine guidance and wisdom.” The author is DavidPaul Doyle, author and spiritual teacher.

Here are a few of the more than seventy stories in this book:

DavidPaul Doyle
When God Spoke to Me

Meet Rita as she drives to the pharmacy, trying to beat death~ her little girl already unresponsive from a 104 degree fever~ to find the only pharmacy in the area closed. How did Rita meet God at that moment? How
did God opened the doors for Rita and her dying child?

Just as death can become an initiation into life when God whispers in your ear, so can life become death when God picks up your broken

Meet Leonard, a young man raging against a world that mocks him, suffering from epileptic attacks that land him on the tracks of an incoming train that rushes towards him as furiously as he has lived. How does life and death become the intersection for transformation when God

Told in the genuine voices of ordinary people, from mothers to prisoners, these stories are like angels’ wings cleansing and healing your heart. As you read, your breath deepens.  Your jaw softens. The weight drops off your shoulders and the light bathes your being.

Whether God speaks to you in dreams, like it did to Janice; or through a crying teenager, as it did to Debbie, the message rings loud and clear.

It is the voice of love. Unconditional love.

“Real love is unshakable, all-prevailing, all powerful and forever devoted.  It is the sort of compassion that a Father has for His Child,” Joseph realized in his own encounter with God.

How do you escape a death sentence from a gang leader who rules the prison? How do you beat that fate when you are confined to a cell and have no power or escape?

Joseph, who had no religious background or inclination dropped to his knees and prayed. And God opened a path through the prison bars and delivered him from danger.

Walk with these ordinary folks through their moments of grief and crisis, which ultimately revealed themselves to be their moments of epiphany.

Listen to God whisper, holler, shine and sing into the human soul. This book is more than words. It holds much more than stories. It is the experience of God showering you in healing light, bathing you in soothing presence and connecting you to the sacredness of life.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Dream Alchemist’s Book Review

5 stars: Extraordinary reading and soul healing experience. Highly

Read more or purchasethis book here:

When God Spoke to Me

This book is food for your soul and a companion for life


P.S. Be sure to forward this e-mail to your family and friends. Free Brand New Apple iPads and many other valuable gifts are being given away as part of the book’s initial worldwide release.

If you place your order on March 17 (TODAY!) you
will get a fabulous package of support tools when you purchase just ONE book. You will also have a chance to win the lottery that DavidPaul has put together for the launch. I loved this book so much that I also donated a bonus gift for the book launch.

When God Spoke to Me

NOTE: I have partnered with DavidPaul to bring this book to you. This means that I will benefit from any sales by obtaining a commission. That said, if you know me, you know that no money will make me recommend something to you that does not meet the highest standards of love and wellbeing.

– Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet.

She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman

who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. She offers

books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms

as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and

online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and

the creator of your destiny. Find out more at

Catch the Dream Express.


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The key to get what you want

The Key to get what you Want

By Maria Mar(c)2009

The Dream Alchemist

  • So you want a new job.
  • You long to live from what you love to do.
  • You want to be invited to a more visible, respected or rewarded professional circle.
  • You want more media attention.
  • You want more money or recognition.
  • You want love.
  • You want health.

Good! It’s great to know what you want.

It’s even better to do something about it. So if you are working hard to make this happen, you should be doubly congratulated. Right?

Not so fast.

I don’t care if you are moving the Appalachian Mountains in order to get what you want. External actions alone will NOT make it happen.

But you may know this already. You’ve worked 12 hour days for months, maybe years, and it does not get any closer. What is missing?

What is missing is internal action.

More specifically, an apparently simple, but essential internal action that most of us ignore, but that is keyl in the alchemy of living well and manifesting our dreams. Few people are aware of it or speak about it.

What is this mysterious internal alchemy that is missing in your tireless efforts?

The internal action of RECEIVING.

As a shaman, author and life coach, I inspire and guide women to create the life of their dreams. In my more than 20 years of working with women and families, I have observed this law:

Look at what you do not have
and you will find what you are not willing to receive.

”Give me a break!” you say. “I’d do anything to get this opportunity. I’ve knocked on so many doors! I’ve sent my resume. I’ve called. It’s just not happening. How can you tell me that I am not receiving it? I am practically begging for it!”

You can work for it. You can request it. You can pray for it. You can network and even hustle for it. But if you are not able and willing to do the internal action of receiving that for which you are praying, it will not happen.

We often mistake our longing and desire, our struggling and efforts with the elements of the Law of Attraction. We believe that by talking about it, working for it and preparing for it we are magnetizing it.

What we do when we neglect this internal action is tantamount to a hostess that invites a guest to her house. For weeks she cleans and decorates the house, shops for food and tells everyone that the guest is coming. But she does not create a space for the guest to stay, and when the guest arrives, she is busy fixing the backyard fence and does not hear the door.

The act of RECEIVING is a six-part internal action.

  1. It is the internal action of making space for what you desire inside you.
  2. It is the receptive act of allowing it to happen.
  3. It is the emotional act of giving yourself permission to have it.
  4. It is the subtle, yet powerful internal act of loving yourself enough to know you deserve it and to enjoy it.
  5. It is also the alchemical act of opening your heart to the world as an ally, recognizing and accepting the allies and opportunities that show up.
  6. Finally, it entails the internal acts of humility and detachment that allow you to hear the Universe’s instructions about the changes you need to undergo in order to be ready for your dream.

All of these actions seem “abstract” only because our society has devalued the Sacred Feminine, the aspect within you that generates internal actions and yields your Receptive Power.

These actions seem unimportant because you believe that you are alone in the world, and that in order for you to have something, you need to manifest it with hard work and lots of effort, AGAINST the current of the universe.

You don’t SEE how the world is already bringing you what you want. You don’t SEE how you are repelling it because you believe that it must be harder or because you don’t trust the way it shows up.

You do not understand the importance of receiving because you are caught up in an illusion of CONTROL. You believe that you are in control of anything that is manifested in your life. You control it by working hard to make it happen. If you are not in control, if it simply shows up easily, gracefully, effortlessly, you do not trust it. You will probably let it go by.

This is a great mistake. It is ignoring the nature of the Universe and the rhythm of the flow of the Law of Attraction. Once you are clear about what you want and begin to take action to manifest it, the Universe immediately begins to work with you. But the Universe, whose consciousness is far vaster than you, feels your areas of resistance, fear and doubt. To address these areas, the Universe may send allies, events or opportunities that are like a laboratory. They may not be exactly what you wanted, but they are a stepping stone for it.

What happens if you are afraid of rejection? What happens if you are defending yourself against what you perceive as criticism? What happens if you secretly feel like the Ugly Duckling and are afraid of flying among the Majestic Swans? What happens if, because of all these issues, you close off to these allies and opportunities, interpreting them as a threat?

You miss the boat. Not because you did not work enough. Not because it didn’t show up on the shores of your desire. But because you REPELLED it.

Here’s a real life story to help you track down how this may be happening in your life.


The Absent Expert
For years, I heard a woman speaker in my network complaining that she was not invited to speak at certain type of events. She was a friend of a friend, and a very good expert. She seemed extremely competent and professional, though a bit attached to her habit of complaining. I liked what she had to say about the topic and she was indeed better prepared than others who routinely talked on the topic. I wondered why she was not invited to so many events. I observed that she only presented at solo events that she herself organized. She also complained about the hard labor that went into organizing those events.

I had heard her complains for a couple of years, when I was asked to organize one such event for an institution. The topic in which this peer was very competent was key in the event and I felt happy that I finally had the opportunity to invite her. She accepted. Three days before the event, when the publicity had already been sent and the program printed, she called to say that she could not go. On the phone, she gave a flimsy excuse that no one believed. During the conversation, however, she hinted at this and that element of the organization as not to her liking.

This woman had worked hard to become an expert. She had been asking for and complaining about not being invited to such events. But when the opportunity came, her need to control took over and she REPELLED it.

She could only participate in the events she controlled. That is why she was not participating in any other. She could not let go of the mental formula in her head about how her dream should look like enough to receive the actual shape it came in.

By standing us up, she closed the door with me and the other event organizers. She closed the door with the presenting institution, whose members were appalled at her unprofessional behavior. The event was so great that the institution considered doing it annually and the possibility branched out of doing it internationally. She closed those doors too.

She will never know how many doors she closed that day. She will not see the consequences of what she did NOT do except for the continuous absence of those events in her life.

This woman was not able to RECEIVE what she was asking for.


It is a challenge to develop the radar that allows you to recognize when you are not RECEIVING and when you are REPELLING opportunities. The best policy is to practice the six internal actions of receiving as a life discipline.

Here it is again: The act of RECEIVING is the a six-part internal action.

  1. It is the internal action of making space for what you desire inside you.
  2. It is the receptive act of allowing it to happen.
  3. It is the emotional act of giving yourself permission to have it.
  4. It is the subtle, yet powerful internal act of loving yourself enough to know you deserve it and to enjoy it.
  5. It is also the alchemical act of opening your heart to the world as an ally, recognizing and accepting the allies and opportunities that show up.
  6. Finally, it entails the internal acts of humility and detachment that allow you to hear the Universe’s instructions about the changes you need to undergo in order to be ready for your dream.

The best life policy to get what you want is to let go of your delusion of control and to cultivate unconditional trust in the Universe as your ally. Let go and let God…. and practice RECEIVING.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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Maria Mar(c)

You can use this quote in ezines, web pages and other online media as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below, with functional link:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational speaker, ceremonialist poet, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express!


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Find out how to cultivate internal actions through the

Women and the Law of Attraction (Dream Kit) at:

More prosperity resources at:

To succeed you must hire yourself

Last week a visitor asked the following question:

“I just found your site and appreciate what you have on here. I a network marketer, but haven’t yet experienced the success I want in it. Your obsession vs focus interview is great for me and something I will keep mulling over. I am looking for direction in building belief in myself and my business. I hesitate to talk to others about it because I think, they have a good job, or good business, why would they want this or listen to me. I do think I have a unique (better) business plan, and products. So I think it must rest in my belief in me. Suggestions?”


Starting today and for a year, consider yourself on a Journey of Success. This quest is not a race. Observe that I did not call it a Journey TO Success, but a Journey OF Success. It is not even a project. It is an adventure, an expedition. In this exciting journey, you want to enjoy the landscape. You want to visit its inhabitants and admire its beauty. You want to learn the language and understand the culture of the people.

The landscape you will meet in this journey is really an inscape. It is the Inscape of your Affluence. You will travel inside your underground relationship to affluence. I like this word for three reasons.

1. It looks beyond money. I believe that focusing on money when we want prosperity is like focusing on easting pasta when we really want to visit Italy. Money is great, but it is a tiny detail in the big picture of affluence.

2. It comprehends the many aspects of abundance and prosperity, including our attitude.

3. It comes from the Latin root “Fluere”, to flow. It includes the flow of the Law of Attraction and the flow of abundance in the universe.

I am going to give you 4 start-up gifts for your journey.

The first one is this post.

The second one is a post called “Prosperity or Poverty: Choose your Mirror.”

The third one is a post called “Raising your Prosperity Ceiling.”

The fourth one is a shamanic journey meditation called “Shifting the World for instant manifestation.

Put these traveling tools in your suitcase as you begin your Journey of Success. During this entire year you will be on a ceremony that connects you with your Higher Powers. This is what I recommend you do:

  1. Begin every morning with Gratitude.
    When you place your feet on the floor, say your version of the following:
    “Thank you for this new day of affluence in all aspects of my life.”
  2. Show appreciation in every meal by blessing it and naming its healing power. For example: “Thank you for this oatmeal that makes my heart strong.”
  3. Every night, light a candle and ask for help and guidance in your dreams. At that time, you can be guided with the least resistance and can receive enlightenment, powerful images to decode your unconscious, shifts of consciousness and much more. Go to bed in a receptive, listening mode with a peaceful expectation that you will be helped and guided. Keep a dream journal.

In between these tasks, during the day, I want you to track down the following elements, and write everything in a journal that you examine one day a week, on the same day and hour, as part of the year-long quest.


Ascertain your Soul’s Purpose

Track down the level of enthusiasm and passion you feel for what you do as a network marketer and for your website. Compare it to the things that make you the happiest and bring you the greatest satisfaction.

Let’s say that caring for your dog is something that fills you with love and satisfaction. It’s one of the things that you most love to do. Then that’s a 10. Compared to that, how much enthusiasm and passion does your website and marketing job elicits?

Keep an eye for situations that let you know about what elicits your enthusiasm, how you feel and what you attract.

This is a key research that precedes any other. You need to know if you are fulfilling your Soul’s purpose doing this. Your joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction and passion are your thermometer for this.

I suspect that you have been focusing on success by looking outward: where the money is, where your market may be, what you may or may not be doing. While these things are great, they are not the source. Your new approach is a great intuition. Focus inward.

To succeed, you must hire yourself. To hire yourself, you must believe in yourself.

But you cannot “make” yourself believe in yourself if what you are doing is not what you came here to do and is not something you LOVE to do and something that makes you feel GOOD about your contribution to the world. You can’t fake belief. It comes from your Soul and it is the state of your Essence.


Track down unconscious programming

Understand this: your conscious desires cannot be manifested at their maximum potential if there is an unconscious programming to the contrary.

Our conscious mind runs from1% to 5% of our lives. Our subconscious runs the rest. There are deep-seated programs there with  beliefs and perceptions learned very early on. There are layers of personas, called Shadow Selves and Wounded Selves carrying these learned beliefs. There is an Emotional Undertow of muddy, toxic emotions connected to these beliefs. If you stay in the surface, life may seem easier. But you will not be able to track down the formidable forces that are pulling you down and under, away from your goals and dreams.

For more information on this, visit Dr. Bruce Lipton’s office. I recommend his book, The Biology of Belief. Here’s the website:

The conduit to the subconscious is the BodySoul Compass. Use breath, visualization and shamanic journey or meditation to get in touch with your underworld. Once you find out the hidden  layers of beliefs that sabotage you, you can then use Energy Healing and visualization to remove those programs and implant your own desires in your subconscious. This is an ongoing process for your year-long adventure.

To access any issues that may be sabotaging your prosperity, visit this page:


Release the Dam within

The source of prosperity is your connection to the River of Affluence, the abundant flow of abundance in the universe.These river is ongoing. The Universe is a dynamic self-healing, self-nurturing, self-expanding ocean of energy.

But sometimes, for the reasons explained above, we have unconscious blocks that create a dam. That’s when the river cannot reach us, showering us with the abundance of the universe.

My first instinct with you is that it is blocked at the level of passion and uniqueness. Uniqueness does not mean better. It means that what you offer is blessed with YOUR presence, gifts and talents. Whether this uniqueness block is due to the fact that you are in the wrong track or to unconscious programming, or both –the effect is going to be easily seen in your life and your business offers.

Look at your website and other marketing tools. Is this a pleasurable, exciting, welcoming, delicious, “oh-so-you” invitation to your potential clients? Or is this more of the same marketing language and colors find anywhere? Why should anyone come here to shop?

Would you? Why?

For help with freeing your uniqueness, accessing the sources of self-sabotage and expressing your uniqueness in your business and website, consider coaching with me at:


Expression Make-over

In our result-driven society we often think that “believing in the self” is simply about the right angle, the right “rap.” We see words and actions as things to be manipulated for an end.

Your words and actions are an expression of who you are. They are your unique creation. This creation has the power to create your world, a world unlike any other. This is what genius and originality is all about.

  • Know yourself.
  • Love who you are.
  • Express who you are with joy and passion.
  • Express your love and passion in what you do.
  • Connect with like-hearted people to grow this love collectively.

Your words are the expression of your inner world, which in turn creates your outer world. How are the words you use to market expressing your inner world? Your values? Your personality? Your causes? Your passion? What world are they creating?

Observe how you write and talk about your service to others; not only clients, but friends. What words you use? What expressions you use? How do you feel about them? Ask your friends if they feel curious or motivated to check out your products after you talk to them like that. Ask them if they are clear on this:

Why do YOU provide this service? Notice the emphasis on YOU. Your friends know who you are and what you care about. Does this service and the way you present it match who you are?

If they feel that it doesn’t, ask them to help you brainstorm some new phrases that are more like you. Perhaps you are sassy. Then your approach should reflect that in snappy, funny comments. Perhaps you are elegant. Then that should come across.

Of course, if you have realized that the reason you are not successful is because this is not really what you want to do, the journey here goes into finding what you LOVE to do and how to generate affluence from it.

Meditate deeply on your purpose. What do you want to bring into your clients’ life? What are your gifts? Don’t just talk marketing rap. Be REAL!


Design for success

Now that you know if you are doing what you are supposed to do and you’ve hired yourself to do it by bringing your true self to shine in your words and marketing text, it’s time to bring this passion into the visual aspects of it.

It is time to look at your website, blog or anything else that is the container of your offer.

Does it have your branding? There’s a lot of talk about branding. But this is the way I see it from my shamanic perspective. Is your presence here? Can I connect to you and trust you? Does it sing your Power Song, your unique, beautiful, joyful passionate song expressing who you are and offering your unique gifts?

I see a LOT of ugly websites out there. I know that they are following marketing “rules” –but they are UGLY! They turn me off. I want to run out of there. They are impersonal, cold, pushy, difficult to read and scream “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY and get out of here!”

As a designer, I am always curious. Why are so many webmasters using black backgrounds when they have zero degree of readibility? Why do they make everything so square? Especially if the owner is a woman or is marketing to women. We love curves!

Why are they stuck on black, white, red or some beige tones? Did someone die in this cyberspace? Color is passion. Look at nature. Get inspired. Express your passion and uniqueness through color.

What do you want your visitors to feel when they reach your website? Enthusiasm? Clarity? Peace? Renewal and energy? Then seek the colors and lines that will make this happen. Think outside the box.

Take time to strategize on how you can bring your presence to your marketing containers. As I am a designer also, here are several clues.

  • Colors
  • Lines and curves
  • Your photo, looking at the visitor, smiling or laughing or in any other appropriate attitude that says YOU! People don’t buy from websites. They buy from people. Put your face up there, so I can see you.
  • Your voice up front, telling me in your own sassy, elegant or sweet voice why I am special to you and how you take care of me in this shopping experience, etc. Audio is nice, but it can be your written words carrying your voice and speaking directly and lovingly to me.

Five months have gone by. The entire course of your life may have changed. If not, now you are clear on your life’s purpose and how to convey it uniquely. You are working with any hidden programming that sabotages you, opening the flow of abundance from within. Your website and marketing language now express your personal power and uniqueness, connecting to others. What’s next?

Now begins your easiest and hardest task.


Open yourself to receive.

You may laugh. But I assure you that in my work as a spiritual teacher, shaman and life coach I have found that MOST people have problems receiving. I see people working very hard, almost to exhaustion, for blessings that they cannot receive. They will repel the very thing they prayed for. They will work hard, but let it pass them by.

We desperately need to learn how to receive.

Allow the River of Affluence that constantly runs through all of life to run through you, to bathe you in prosperity and to run through you into the world, bringing beautiful gifts to others.

Let go of pushing, effort, hardship and struggle.

Allow. Receive. Release. Enjoy.

Repeat these mantra like a chant all day long.

“I receive the affluence that is already streaming througth me. I receive, allow and enjoy it.”

In the process of practicing these powers, which –by the way– are gifts from your Shakti Power, the Goddess and Female Force in you, you will attract streams of afluence. Be awake. Recognize opportunities. Be open.

Allow. Receive. Enjoy.

After these first six months, you will see an increase in affluence and you will know what to do next.

Here is my blessing:

May your heart open like a sunflower to receive the light and passionate life force of the Source of affluence in your life, as it shines now and always.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

If you need more help, consider benefiting from my personal coaching services. Find out more at:


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The Body of Miracles

Body of Miracles

I’ve dissaparated. You heard it. Just like Harry Potter and friends, I’ve dissaparated from one place and landed on another in a split second.

game-4ps-energy-image1The body does wonderful feats. It usually happens in moments when we are in physical danger and cannot send our worrisome minds to interfere. The body does amazing things to save us. All we need to do is listen to our body’s wisdom and allow it to spontaneously respond to life. Our logical mind, as useful as it is, has been socially trained in what is possible and “real.” It has been domesticated into old beliefs about what we are able to do and what we cannot do. But our bodies, when we are in tune, have an environmental wisdom that flows from Universal Consciousness.

Okay, enough philosophy! Here’s the story:

As you know, Corazon Tierra is my creative partner. We’ve been performing together now for 20 years. Yesterday, we were coming out of a meeting and stepped into an elevator. The minute we set feet on the darn thing, it bobbed up and down ominously. Corazon and I, in a synchronicity that would have taken more than a year to rehearse, looked at each other, our arms immediately reaching out and locking around each other.

“Let’s get out of here!” Corazon said. But before she had finished the last word, all of this happened:

  1. Both our bodies became light as feathers.
  2. We did a graceful one-step leap, so utterly synchronized that our two bodies became one dancer.
  3. We perched with one graceful foot (make that two, one each) on the hall, outside the elevator.
  4. We looked at each other as the second foot touched down.
  5. We burst into laughter

The movement had been so light and quick that our minds had only registered being on the elevator and landing out on the hall. We had dissaparated!

If we would only listen more to the organic, soul-infussed, cosmically connected wisdom of our body, we would live a life more fully present, happy and fulfilled. How do you feel about this?

I want to celebrate my body and its magical wisdom today. Join me in this celebration.

Share your magical stories. I’m sure you’ve got at least a couple of stories of how your miraculous body got you out of a jam… or two.

Light and Love,

Maria Mar


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Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational speaker, poet, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express!


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Living your Purpose

Living in Purpose

By Maria Mar(c)

Some time ago, in the middle of a ceremonial poem, the audience singing and dancing around me as we shifted from fear to harmony; I had a flash of recognition.

“I am living my dream!”

I realized that I was living the vision I had as a little girl. I had become my dream!

Maria Mar in a ceremonial poem during a Poetry Botanica's performance.

Maria Mar (center) with Corazon Tierra and Tanya Torres in a Ceremonial Poem.

There are few blessings in life as great as living your purpose. When all your talents, personality, life experience and values come together in a service that helps others AND makes you feel fully alive, then you have achieved great success.

Would you like to live your dream? To find and realize your soul’s purpose? Read on.

Offering to All our Ancestors, ceremonial art installation by Maria Mar

Ceremonial art installation by Maria Mar honoring diversity and All Our Ancestors.

At the beginning of my adult life, as a college student, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. Was I in for a surprise!

It was clear that I was an actress and poet. It was also clear that I had a passion to help people.

“Easy,” I thought. “I’ll study drama and psychology.”

But no matter how many psychology courses I took, I was not satisfied with that approach to human suffering. You too, may have taken courses, classes and training in fields that you loved, only to find yourself disappointed.

That dissatisfaction is your ally. Focusing on what’s missing as a loss is your mistake. Focus on what’s missing as an opportunity. This is the uniqueness you can bring into your field.

No matter how many dramas I starred in as a shining talent in the drama department, and later on in the many companies I worked with, I felt a deep dissatisfaction with the distance between life and art, audience and actors.

If you passionately feel that the field or area of expertise you are pursuing does not serve the people well or lacks some essential dimension, then that is precisely what you are here for: to add this dimension. Step up to it.

The mistake that many passionate women do is that they focus their passion on rebelling and complaining about what is wrong. Their anger becomes an Inner Enemy of their Success(tm). If they would focus instead on creating a service or experience that would satisfy that lack, they would become leaders in their field.

Back to my story. There was absolutely no way that I could have known then what I was meant to be: an artist-shaman who creates healing and celebratory art ceremonies. I had not even heard the word shaman back then, and at the time I had no spiritual inkling. I was rebelling against a Catholic upbringing that had failed to answer the fundamental questions of my soul.

At that time, in my hometown, we were not taught that spirituality and religion are not necessarily the same thing. I was missing knowledge that would take a long time to get to me. There were trends in psychology that had not yet started. There were theatre movements just beginning. I joined many of them and eventually created my own methodology.

It takes a while to know what your talents are and how they fit together. Firstly, many of us have been cut off from the vast dimension of our talent and genius. Secondly, many of us have suffered disappointing experiences when we searched for answers and values. The process of finding your purpose needs to address these emotional and spiritual wounds, so that you emerge with those broken places as your stronger places.

There comes a time, however, when you’ve lived enough or seen it all clearly. At that time, your Soul will pull your spiritual skirts, urging you to stop seeking and start gathering.

If you are at that moment in your life, here are three questions I often help my clients answer:

Maria Mar on a ceremonial poem celebrating diversity and ancestors.

PBS-featured artist-shaman Maria Mar in a ceremonial poem on honoring diversity. Artist-shaman Corazon Tierra besides her.

1. What is it that I love to do, that I do with such delight that time stops while I am at it, and that I would do without any pay, just for the pleasure of it?

The answer to this question will probably be a mixture of things, such as: writing, helping people solve their problems, dancing and enjoying the ocean. Look at these things as one. What is the picture that comes up? In the case above, it could be creating a summer camp at the beach where people come together to deal with their problems through writing and dancing. There you are!

Audience dancing and placing offerings in the altar during the collective celebration.

Audience members in a ceremonial poem participate dancing and placing offers.

2. What uniqueness do I bring to this service?

In my case, I bring this uniqueness to the art field: I return art to its original function as a healing ceremony for the community. I also bring a uniqueness into the human service world: I bring shamanic female-wisdom based tools and insights to help people transform their lives, and I help them do it through their creativity. Even as a poet and fiction writer I bridge the distance between art and daily life by providing inspiration, guidance and support for real life through a combination of non-fiction and fiction writing.

What is your uniqueness? (Remember those areas of dissatisfaction.)

Maria, drummers and audience member in a poetry ceremony.

Audience members enjoy the poetry, dance and drumming in the Three Muses with Music performance produced by the Poetry Botanica in Camaradas Restaurant, East Harlem.

3. How can I offer this to my people while I make money from it, so that I renew my energy and keep on giving?

This question often brings you face to face with your issues about money. If you have an Inner War going on between polarized aspects of your life, such as:

  • Money vs. Spirituality

  • Creativity vs. Prosperity

  • Charging people vs. True service or goodness

  • Making money vs. being good

  • Power vs. goodness

  • Authority vs. democracy

They are all going to come out. Seek help. You need to put an end to your Inner War or you will sabotage yourself and your mission.

Know this. The Universe is right now giving you the experiences, questions, emotional wounds, dissatisfactions, problems, ideas and talents that you will need to fulfill your purpose. Life Mother does not waste anything. She does not create anything that does not have a purpose. that includes you. Enjoy each experience in your life and embrace is as part of your training.

At the end of each stage or experience –be it a trip, a relationship, a class or training, a job or a project or process– take time to reflect, write down in your journal what you have learned. What made you full? What kept you dissatisfied? Why? What have you learned? How have you grown? Who are you now?

You will begin to see how each twist and turn of your life is weaving the Sacred Design of your soul’s purpose and life mission.

Once you know it, go do it.

Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Maria Mar(c)

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Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational poet, speaker, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at

I am living my Dream. Come sing with me!

Dear beautiful sisters and brothers,

I remember Angie, the beautiful, magical child I was once. She would create poems and dances and organize participatory, creative events for the family reunions. I invite you to join my “I am my Dream Celebration” today by leaving your comments and sharing your stories. Here’s mine.

Through my inherited wounds and blows in life, Angie lost some of her creativity and luster, and she became a caretaker, someone who carried a lot of psychic weight as an atonement for being so happy and creative. She lost her singing voice. She lost her visual art skills. She came to believe that she only had a right to do art if she was NOT enjoying it and if she focused on the problems. After all, that is what she saw everyone around her small world focusing on!

Though I never betrayed my creativity or my life’s purpose, I paid a heavy price for this. I became a workaholic “activist” and carried a lot of social weight, struggle, anger and caretaking into my theater experience, until in 1993 I burned out (literally embodied in the fire that consumed our venue!!) My Ancestors told me then: Healer, heal thyself. My shamanic initiation began.

My shamanic path and my healing journey have been about releasing the psychic weight and reclaiming all of my talents and gifts. I reclaimed my visual art and began doing beautiful participatory art installations, illustrations, book covers, website designs and graphics, sets and costumes. Wow! For a woman who said for years: “The only thing I can do with my hands is write, because I have no talent for visual arts” this was a big growth.

I healed my learned dysfunctions and beliefs, so that I began to create a theater that focused on beauty, on the solutions, on the experience of love and power, instead of drilling the audiences about the social problems. As I let go of focusing on the negative, while sustaining faith in our ability to heal, I also began attracting wonderful people to work with me creatively.

And now, the last of the blockages has been removed. For years I could not sing due to what I call a “Family Curse” –wounds that are passed on for generations. Think about this: for more than 40 years I could not sing. I could not fly in melody. I could not repeat the same note patterns. I could not carry a tune. This was not due to being tune-deaf, because I wen to a specialist. It was emotional trauma and deep-seated beliefs. Nonetheless, I simply could not do it.

In the last years I have been releasing the obstacles to this last remnant of my inherited limitations. Finally, I am happy to say that in my last presentation, in the Poetry Botanica, I sang in public for the first time in my life!!!

I heard the music for Tanya Torres’ beautiful poem “El Rio” (The River) inside me, and I allowed myself to sing it. Imagine what it has meant for me that many people in the audience came to me to thank me for the healing power of my voice!

Please join me today to celebrate that I have become whole, that I have released all my powers and talents, and that I am now living my dream, doing the art that I was meant to do. This was the vision Angie had long ago, the memory of her purpose. Now I am doing it: creating a community circle where people find magic, inspiration and healing through art and love. This is the Poetry Botanica.

Celebrate with me here today by leaving your comments about my story and sharing what you have accomplished, the talents and skills you have reclaimed and the dreams you are now living.

Let”s inspire each other this holidays through the gift of storytelling and the miracle we all are.

Light and Love,
Maria Mar
The Dream Alchemist
Poetry Botanica

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