Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction-Birth Your Dream

Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction

NO 2: Birth your Dream

By Maria Mar©

Author of the

Dream Kit

About Maria Mar

Women have used their creativity as alchemy of manifestation for centuries. This article shows you how to awaken this ancient female art to quicken the Law of Attraction.

Read more about this book.You have received the beautiful seed of your dream into your womb and your heart. There it lies, pulsating, like a baby, inside you. How do you bring it into term? You feed and protect it, as you would a baby, of course. But how do you bring it from your inner world of thoughts, desires and imagination into physical reality?

You birth your dream into life through the alchemical use of arts and crafts. This involves three elements:

· Arts and crafts

· Ceremony

· Alchemy

Let’s look at each of these elements and at how they combine to bring your dream into the world.

Arts and Crafts

When you take your desire or idea and create a work of art or craft that embodies this dream, you use your five senses to transform

  • a non-solid, non-located and non-temporal energy pattern, into

  • a solid energy pattern that is located in time and space.

This is the remarkable power of art to help you birth your dream.

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Let’s say that your dream is to find your soulmate. You like to do collages, so you use the craft of collage-making to create a vision board of your life with your soulmate.

You search for photos of men that look like the man you envision and paste them on the board. You search for photos of couples doing things you want to do with your soulmate. Let’s say that you want to be able to walk among the trees with your beloved. You paste images of trees and a couple walking beneath them. Perhaps you want to share good food, cooking or eating out. You place photos of colorful, tasty recipes and a couple happily eating together. You may place photos of the house you want to inhabit with your soulmate on the vision board. As the vision board takes form, you are using all your senses to bring your dream to life.

Before you started your vision board, your dream was ethereal. It could not be sensed physically. Thus, it stayed in your inner world. Now, however, it can be comprehended by your physical senses.

  • You can see, taste, smell and touch it.

  • It has colors, textures, taste, fragrance and shapes.

  • It connects to things you know: a house, walking among trees, laughing together, sharing food and friends.

  • It elicits strong emotions: joy, empathy, positive expectations.

  • It creates a unique energy imprint. This generates physical experiences, such as warmth, familiarity and gratitude.

As a result, your dream has become physical, even before it becomes an actual event!


To create a work of art is a powerful way of attracting what you want. Women, however, have for centuries used art within a matrix that enhances its power. This matrix is ceremony.

A ceremony is a specific creative process that provides structure, rituals and tools to harness your energy and focus your intent for the gestation of a new reality.

When you structure the creation of your vision board within a ceremonial matrix, you build a structure, like a womb, that brings it to term.

Time is a key element in creating this matrix. You set aside a time-frame for shifting your situation; seven days or nine weeks, for example. This establishes a gestation period for your dream.

Rituals are also an essential ingredient in ceremonies. Rituals are metaphorical acts that change the texture of your reality and hash the process of change.

In your vision board ceremony, you can create certain rituals, such as start-up, gathering, development and closure.

you may start every day with meditation to set up the correct mood. You may follow by gathering pictures, textures or making drawings as you intuitively pick up the images that express your desired life with your soulmate.

Once you are ready, you may paste one section per day. Each section of the vision board may refer to a specific area of the life you desire ~like intimacy, activities, sex, social sharing, food, emotional support, home, sharing a purpose.

You may then end each session by contemplating your vision board while you hear or play music.

These starting, gathering, developing and closing rituals are the patterns your psychic needles follow to weave your dream into your consciousness and into the physical world.

Ceremonial Tools

Music, images, meditation and collage-making are powerful tools for ceremony. Other tools may include herbs, massage, acupuncture, cleansing smudges, aromatherapy, candles, mantras and affirmations.

Less known tools are Healing Metaphors, such as dreams, signs and visions. Alchemical Mediums are also powerful tools. Organic energy from water, herbs, soil, fire, eggs, potatoes, feathers and potions have a direct impact in your Energy Field, psyche and cellular patterns. For centuries, women have used these tools. They have passed on these tools from one generation to the other.

You may remember that your grandma used potatoes on injured body parts to absorb the black and blues and lesions. You may use herbal scrubs, smudging or water to cleanse yourself and your home. When I was beginning my training as a shaman, I intuitively took an egg and passed it over a part of my body. When I cracked it, the yolk had turned into blood. This alchemical knowledge is in your unconscious, ready to be of service if you open your mind.


At this point, there is just one ingredient missing in your birthing ritual: alchemy. Consider this the midwife to your DreamBirth.

Alchemy is the catalytic process that allows you to transmute one state or substance into another. Like the ancient alchemists who work to transmute lead into gold, you will transmute absence and aloneness into the physical presence of your soulmate in your life.

Just as you are in the universe, the universe is in you. By holding this conscious knowledge and focused intention during the creation of your vision board, you fuse the universe in you with the universe around you, bringing your inner vision into the outer world.

If this still sounds strange to you, think about the ceremonies you now use for transformation. One common ceremony in women is clearance. You want to leave a relationship or job. You go home, and begin to throw away everything connected to that person or situation. You throw out piles of paper, sweep like a maniac and use water by the buckets. When you are finished, you feel that you are in a different place, and you have cut-off the attachments to that old reality.

As a direct result of your Alchemical Art creation, you may begin to see new life options that were invisible to you before. You may notice or feel attracted to a new type of man. You may also attract new men into your life. Before you know it, you will be in the arms of your beloved.

Alchemical Art, like cooking, is familiar to you. You may have learned to distrust it through the fear-mongering tales of witchcraft that socialized women out of spiritual power.

Perhaps you are scared of that power because you still hold the memory of the witch hunts through which wise women and healers were disposed of property and means.

Today, modern science and alternative spirituality have opened the path for you to reclaim the power of art, ceremony and alchemy. Bring it back into your life. It is organic to you as a woman and it works!

Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

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Maria Mar is a writer, inspirational poet and speaker, a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman. Maria helps women manifest their dreams. In the Dream Kit, she helps women with the Law of Attraction. Click to obtain your free Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction Introductory Ebook.

Romantic Love- Meet its Seven Faces

The Dream Alchemist about:

The 7 Faces of Romantic Love

Do you know the faces of love?

Sunday, February 15, 2009.

Free Admission

Brunch starts at 1PM Conversation starts at 3PM

This roses are for you. Happy Valentine Day!

These roses are for you. Happy Valentine!

I invite all New Yorkers to meet me for a live talk on Sunday, February 15 (NY), we will talk in-depth about this topic, 7 Faces of Romantic Love.

I’ll mention the 7 Faces of Romantic Love here, so that you get a taste of what we will talk about.

During the conversation, I will talk about what I am seeing in couples today for each face, and the light and shadow aspects of each face. I will answer questions. You will be able to share your experiences and observations in a warm, friendly, respectful and relaxed atmosphere. Come at 1PM if you want brunch.

For those out of New York, I will answer the first 7 questions sent to me this week, FREE. Read link at the bottom of the message.

Let’s take a look at the 7 aspects of love that must be in balance if we want to keep, nurture or attract our Soulmate. Even before that. To cultivate this 7 aspects in our own life and self-love, creates happiness and fulfillment.

Face No. 1: Intimacy

Intimacy is the meeting of two souls that bare themselves to each other in deep, intimate communication. It is the process and act of connecting at a profound level, taking the social mask off and sharing your Essence. It includes honest communication at a verbal level. Beyond the verbal, it includes loving, tender communication at the physical level in what we call Cariño in Spanish, the tender touch. At a deeper level, it includes soulful communication in the silent presence, the eyes that journey into each other, the embrace of the souls. I will share an exercise to deepen intimacy.

Face No 2: Friendship

A love relationship is different from a friendship. That much is obvious. But a love relationship that does not include friendship is not love. Why? Because friendship includes several essential things to love: support, trust and commitment. These three elements are essential to be able to share intimacy, passion, romance and sex. Especially for women, who do not separate the physical and the emotional as easy as men (thank Goddess!) friendship is essential in romance. But for men, too, it is healthy. If your lover is not your friend, the “love” can turn to hate quite easily. We will talk about the obstacles to friendship in modern relationships.

Face No. 3: Honoring

There is no stronger aphrodisiac than naming what you like, love, respect and admire in your lover. Honoring your beloved’s qualities, naming her or his Essence and communicating your appreciation for those tiny things that are not so tiny because they make all the difference; this is central to cultivating love, and one of the faces of romantic love that is most neglected. I will talk about why this face is neglected and how to do this.

Face No. 4: Passion

Ah, so you are rubbing your hands. Finally we are getting to sex! No. Sorry to slow you down, but not yet. Passion is only indirectly connected to sex. You need to know what passion is because it is the source of magic in a relationship. Passion is your life force as it celebrates and responds vibrantly to life and love. Passion is your love for life, your capacity to be fully present, awaken and active in your dance with life and love. Passion is the colors of love. Passion makes you the creator. It motivates you. It gives you the desire to cultivate your love each day. It magnetizes your beloved. It makes you sexy and enhances your charisma. When you free your passion, you become a party! We will talk about what enhances and what kills passion in a relationship and we will share ideas on how to express our passion.

Face No. 5: Romance

Oh, I LOOOOVE romance. I am a romantic at heart. True, honest romance is the dance of two souls embodied in a sensual body. It is the courtship ceremony of two wild creatures. It is the dance of the Peacocks showing off their beautiful feathers. When you romance your beloved, you take off the social dress that covers your Essence and show your true, best self. You listen deeply to and receive the Essence of the beloved. Romance is a celebration of love. It is the act of opening a space and time in your life for the other, and a commitment to make your life together one full of magic, meaning, sensuality and love. We will share ways to romance life, which is the only way to be a true romantic.

Face No. 6: Sensuality

In our modern society we get to the Face No. 7 too quickly, jumping all the Faces. We want the dessert before we have the appetizer. The result is indigestion. We are so oriented towards results that we miss the experience. As a result, the quality of sex often diminishes. Cultivate sensuality as a language that emerges during the faces of passion and romance, leading to sex, and then becomes the texture of sex. Sensuality is the wild, organic language of the body married to the artful language of poetry. It uses words as the color to paint a landscape that invites and delights the senses. It uses touch as the brush. It uses sound as the stroke that paints that landscape. We will play a game to explore our sensual, poetic nature.

Face No. 7: Sex

Okay, so we are finally here. Romantic love sets us on fire, and the blaze where we burn is the sexual encounter. Sex is never just sex. Hear this, especially you guys!! Sex is a human emotion, need and expression. It goes deeper than skin. If it stays on the surface, it is not satisfying and leaves you more hungry than when you started. If you’ve cultivated the other faces of romantic love, then sex can be ecstatic. It is the  Sacred Union of the God and Goddess within the couple. It merges all of who you are: mind, body, emotions, soul, spirit, in an ecstatic union that is the earthy experience of the ecstasy of spiritual Oneness. In its ultimate expression, sex is a path to enlightenment. While we get there, it’s lots of fun and warms our heart and thighs. That’s a lot of miracle wrapped into one encounter. No wonder it rocks! I will bring a basket with sexual secrets from the Goddess to give you a headstart!

So, join us on Sunday, February 15 to learn more and share more about the 7 Faces of Romantic Love.

For those out of NY, I will answer the first 7 questions sent to me this week, FREE!

Post question here. Let me know it's for the 7 Faces of Romantic Love.

Post question here.

Let me know that your question is for the 7 Faces of Romantic Love.

The 7 Faces of Romantic Love is a Medicine Talk, conversation and brunch in New York with shaman Maria Mar. Bring your date or your beloved. Bring single friends to meet other singles. It will be at the French-type cafe Samba Bakery Cafe, where delicious croissants and crepes are healthy, too. For more information, visit:


DATE: Sunday, February 15, the day after St. Valentine.

TIME: Brunch begins at 1PM. Talk begins at 3PM. Free admission.

OPEN TO: All adults who believe in romantic love!

PLACE: Samba Bakery-Cafe in East Harlem, NY

Get directions.

Samba is my hang-out place and the hang-out of many poets, artists and musicians. Why? Youssef Samba, the award-winning best French pastry chef in New York, is committed to health and at the same time creates true works of tasty art. His desserts and pastries have no preservatives, no chemicals and no additives. Did I forget to mention that he has the best prices in town?

Take a look at the tasty delights at Samba.

What else could you possible want? Oh, yes. Great music and warm environment.

Youssef just told me that he’ll have delicious crepes, muffins, croissants and waffles for breakfast. Add great cappuccino and teas. At great prices!

That’s it. Join me for a great time and a romantic journey that will enhance your love life.

Light and love,
Maria Mar
The Dream Alchemist

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Want a romantic story?

Set Yourself on Fire!

A true story of my journey through love.

Read it here.

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About Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist
Maria Mar is a a new renaissance woman who has freed her vast creative power through her training as a Woman of Power. She is a published author, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach. She is also an internationally known shaman and spiritual teacher. As a dance-theatre performer, Maria has been featured in PBS, Channel 13 for her innovative work. She has also been featured in BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190, among others.Maria has taught creative writing for more than 15 years. She has brandished creativity and the arts as tools for life transformation and specializes in personal growth through the arts and freeing the creative process.

She has published half a dozen books, among them the Dream Kit (inspirational novel and workbook) and is the CEO of ShamansDance Publishing and Productions. Maria is available for engaging speaking presentations in which she uses dance-theatre and poetry as ceremonies of empowerment and to communicate the principles of female leadership. Read full biography.


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