Live Joyfully in your body

Either you live in your body, or you don’t live at all. There is no other way, my sister.  So today, take a deep breath. Connect to the Ancient Trees firmly through your roots, and feel the light on your skin, in your eyes. Claim life by claiming the joy and the power, the nowness and the presence of living in your body.

In this page we will help you live joyfully in your body through the bilingual collaboration of two blogs written by woman. I will be writing in English in this blog. Corazon Tierra will be writing in Spanish at her blog, CuerpoAdentro Blog. Click on the links to visit her weekly articles on Spanish.

Dance the Dance of Life, my beautiful sister. Move and let yourself be moved by this beautiful world. Touch life and let life touch you. Be present in your body. Be present to yourself.

The meaning of life is the experience of life.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

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