My Shaman’s Twin Birth

Join my celebration
My Shaman’s Twin Birth

April 30, 2010

The Shamans Twin Birth by Maria Mar(c)2010

The Shamans Twin Birth by Maria Mar(c)2010

Join me in this great celebration of my new life.

As a shaman releases old baggage from the past, s/he can be re-born in this life, instead of dying to get a new life! I want to share the good news with you that I just experienced my second Shaman’s Birth.

My first Shaman’s Birth took place in the same day, April 30th, but in the year 1999. It was my birth into my Sacred Feminine Powers. I also released my negative habits of thought and my stance as a victim, becoming the conscious creator of my life. It took place
six years after I began my shamanic training and it was also my graduation! I was born from the Moon, holder of the Sacred Feminine elemental forces.

Now I have experienced my second Shamanic Birth. This birth is a great occasion, as I experienced two awesome miracles.

First, this was my Twin Birth. This means that I performed my Marriage of Power, completing the marriage of my Shakti and
aspects, my male and female powers.

That by itself is awesome, as this means that you’ve become whole and able to manifest powerfully. But something even greater has taken place. I broke through the carcass that separated my conscious mind from my Divine I Am! This means that I am now consciously, directly and freely connected to my Universal True Self.

This time I was born from the River and the Trees, with Sun and Moon presiding (because of the Twin Birth.) The Rose was also presiding, as it embodies my Unique Essence and it is the alchemy of the Great Goddess Mother Creatress! Corazon Tierra, my apprentice (and creative/business partner) was my Comadrona. Also I was held by a bed of stones and crystals as I did this amazing transmutation.

I tell you sisters and brothers, this feels exhilarating and at the same time peaceful. It’s like dancing in the cosmos while you are resting in a hammock!

So please, feel free to drop me a line, send me an egreeting, give me some feedback. I welcome your voice and presence in this celebration! Why don’t you simply email me now?!

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist