Are you a slave to your limitations?

Are you a Slave
to your Limitations?

By Maria Mar(c)2010

Inside you there is a great leader, a wise expert and gorgeous diva. She is waiting for you to remove the limited beliefs and secret mantras that run through your mind, hiding her from your own view. Your true Act of Power is not to convince others or to show your power to the world. It is to find this power within you and embrace it. Once you do, you become a force of nature. Nothing can stop this force. Not “what they say.” Not any obstacle on your way. Nothing. The only one stopping your power is

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Do you crown your limitations, becoming their loyal

Many of us are enslaved to our opinions, confusing what we think with who we are. This confusion leads us to defend our opinions as if they were the very essence of our identity. In this scenario, anyone who holds a different view
is perceived as a thread to our existence.

If you are crowning your learned beliefs, fear-based emotions or habitual expectations and interpretations, then they become the Queen or King of your psyche, and you assign yourself the role of slave. This may seem unlikely, but it is in fact, fairly common. It is easy to see it in others, but very hard to see it in ourselves, and harder yet to change it.

Here I share some signs that you are crowning your limitations and some practical Shifts of Perceptions that may help you
reclaim your crown and become the true master of your mind.

Sign No. 1: Resistance

When you hear new concepts of explanations that seem impossible or strange to you, your immediate response is to counter them with your beliefs and opinions, using these as a shield to repel the new thoughts.

Shift No. 1: The Art of Receptivity

When you resist, you cannot receive. Whenever you encounter a different perspective of life, make a choice that there may be a hidden gift in this apparent opposition. Listen attentively. Open yourself to RECEIVE this new information. ASK extensively to make sure you understand it. ALLOW it to sink for a while and give yourself time to consider, or even research it further. You have the ultimate power to accept it or not, or to take whatever seems good to you from the presentation and weave it into your life.

Sign No. 2 Attachment

When you share your beliefs or perceptions, do you present them as they way you ARE, or as the way you see things right now?


• This is just the way I am
• In my culture, family or line of work, this is the way we see it.
• I’m a pragmatic and do not believe in that esoteric stuff.

Shift No. 2: Detachment

Attachment binds you to the past. When you identify with explanations, concepts or beliefs, no matter how good you think they are, you are creating attachment. This energy pattern binds you to the past or to the known and familiar, obstructing your growth or freedom. Detach from your thoughts, opinions and beliefs. They are NOT you. They are simply thoughts and interpretations that can change without you being less valuable or wholesome.

Sign No. 3: Feelings of inadequacy

When you have nothing to say or do not know what to say or do not know what others are talking about, you feel stupid; so you begin to talk about what you know and want to channel the conversation that way, to go back to your Comfort Zone.

Shift No. 3: Centering

You are not what you know, do or say. Your value as a human being ~even your value as a professional~ is not determined by what you know, do or say. There are intrinsic values in who you are that are much more essential and powerful than this external parameters. Shift into your intrinsic value, your Basic Goodness and your Unique Essence. From that place, you can enjoy curiosity and wonder for new knowledge without feeling insufficient.

Sign No. 4: Competitiveness

You position yourself from the start in a power place by quoting from great people, showing off your book-knowledge, dropping names or listing your qualifications. You keep the game in your court by making others compete with you. When someone contributes with a new knowledge or thought that you may not understand or know about, you immediately quote a new book or concept and bring the game to your field.

Shift No. 4: Collaboration

Competition creates stress because it triggers the flight or fight response and ignites the chemistry of adrenaline. For many men this may be like a sport, and they may enjoy the sparring because that’s the way the sympathetic systems (the Male Way or your Shiva Power) is wired. But for most women and for creative men, this modality creates stress and lowers their energy level. Yes, you are putting them in the defensive mood and this may give you an illusion of victory. But consider: do you really want people to remember you as a source of stress? Do you think that when your peers see you as a threat, a person who’s always one-upping others and someone who does not share the spotlight, they will be more willing to recommend, hire or include you in their projects? The answer is no. Try instead to shift into a collaborative stance. Share the spotlight. Commend their insights. Receive their wisdom. Become a source of support, inspiration and resources. This is a place of true power, as you are not coming from defensiveness or hunger for attention, but from your core strength and a place of collaboration.

Sign No. 5: Fear-based expectations

When you speak your truth, share your creativity or present your solutions, you feel exposed and vulnerable. To offset this feeling, you wrap your presentation in an envelope of excuses, justifications, quotes from authorities, statistics or pre-emptive attacks for those whom you expect will attack you.

Shift No. 5: The Art of Vulnerability

Any good writer or actor knows this: people don’t like perfect characters. They love characters that are vulnerable and flawed, but who are trying their best. Become a great character in your own life by allowing yourself to be vulnerable. However, do not play victim or offer yourself as bate. Allow your Unique Essence and genuine qualities to shine through that vulnerability without playing stupid. Release your negative expectations and fuel your positive expectations by inspiring others to their best while doing your best.

Sign No. 6: Control Addiction

You need to be in control. If a conversation goes into a direction that is new to you or in which you do not excel, you feel very uncomfortable and immediately act to bring it into a field that you can control. If what you present is not accepted, you feel that you are losing control and you feel compelled to keep trying to convince others or find other means of staying in control. If others gain the spotlight, you feel that they are taking control away from you and you attack them or feel rejected.

Shift No. 6: Surrender

Release the patriarchal definition of power as control. Control creates an exclusionary perception of power that does not allow power to be shared. If you have it, I lost it. Become a Power-sharer. Find ways in which you can tap into each person’s power to enhance them as you spotlight yours. When others are shining, acknowledge their brilliance. It takes one to know another. When you acknowledge others’ powers, you are showcasing yours.

Your interpretation colors your perception. Your perception creates your world by affecting how you respond to any situation, and hence, the results. Free yourself from the limitations in your perception, and the sky is the limit for you!


Break Free from what Holds you Back

This package contains the guided experience and tools you need to break from limiting beliefs. It helps you track down how you inherited false beliefs from your family dynamics. Journal writing, movement meditations and arts & crafts projects in the workbook help you track down and release false beliefs.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet.
She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who
helps you to break through the hidden interference to your success, to
unleash your Greatness and manifest the life of your dreams. She offers
books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well
as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to
help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your
destiny. Find out more at


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Book-Sneak Preview-Awaken your Second Sight

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Life Metaphors are healing metaphors delivered by the poet-healer of your
psyche, by the sacred consciousness of life, directly to you. They guide
you, answer your questions and direct your powers to heal and manifest.
They show up in the form of dreams, in situations that are Sacred Mirrors
and in striking metaphors, like a piece of gum stuck to your sole that reveals an attachment stuck to your soul.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Inspirational Book Excerpt

“At different times in my life, I am a physician, a teacher, a friend and an
author, but being a dreamer is what I value the most.

Whatever I am doing, I always hear my dreams echoing in a distant
underground chamber beneath my thoughts and feelings, attuned to the

rhythms of my body and the very substance of the earth. They are my

compass and my truth; they guide me and link me to the Divine. They call out
to me in an intimate whisper, always knowing how to find me. They

speak my real name.


Judy Orloff

Second Sight

For me, dreaming is a direct line to a place where magic abounds and nothing
is without meaning. It is a pristine state of awareness, unpolluted and
clear. Direct guidance for healing lies in our dreams, the natural territory
of intuition. Here, time and space are non-existent and anything is
possible. Like a blank, white canvas, our dream world is a  spacious
medium where intuition can freely express itself. We have only to listen.

You are in partnership with your dreams. Initiate an ongoing dialogue with
them. It’s like consulting the wisest doctor you can imagine who knows you
inside out. You can ask your dreams anything. No question is trivial if it
is meaningful to you. Expect answers. Some will be direct. Others may
require interpretation.

Your dreams can reveal many truths about your life. They can provide
extraordinary intuitive insights, and give you information that can help
your health, love life and career. You’d be surprised at the straightforward
advice that your dreams give, either spontaneously or on request. “


Second Sight

An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells

Her Extraordinary Story

and Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom

Second Sight is part memoir, part how-to. This book
explores the practical uses of intuition and strategies for everyone to
develop it, drawing on Dr. Orloff’s own experiences and those of her

Book Reviews

“Orloff tried to stave her intuitions off during medical
school until she found herself ‘trapped’ in a profession that was itself
dependent on dispensing drugs to silence the spirit ~To listen only to the
mind and not the soul is, Orloff believes, a form of insanity.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

“An exemplary and eloquently written story that makes it easy for
nonbelievers in intuition to believe. You must read this book.”

—Psychology Today

“Fascinating ~Dr. Orloff writes with wisdom and humility about her emergence
as a physician with extraordinary abilities. Highly recommended.”

—Dean Ornish, M.D.,


Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

“We are far more than we have allowed ourselves to be. Judith Orloff is to
be commended for helping us understand that simple truth.”

—Louise Hay,

Author of You Can Heal Your Life

“Second Sight reads like a thriller. It is a page turner: inspiring,
controversial. This pioneering book shares the struggles and well-won
successes of a courageous physician who fights against a skeptical medical
system to validate the power of intuition. You will find a new friend in
Judith as her writing style is as intimate as if she was talking to you in
her living room.”

—Joan Borysenko Phd


Mending the Mind, Minding the Spirit

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Mark Victor Hansen  *  Bruce Lipton MD

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks  *  Gregg Braden

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Inspirational Journey-Jumping on Water

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Most people still believe that reality is objective. Then they believe that their
interpretation IS reality. Next they believe that their emotional response is caused by this reality. This is a way of giving your power away. Why not instead assume your power as the creator of reality? Why be the spectator when you can be the author, director and protagonist? Get the credits for your life. After all, you have created it!

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Inspirational Book Excerpt

“The way we relate to others and to the world at large has less to do with
outer circumstances and more to do with the stories in our mind. Our
feelings arise in response to our inner interpretation of the world around
us, which in turn drive our actions and behaviors to create our current life

At the end of the day, at the end of your life, your power and freedom lie
in making reality mean what you want it to. Your attitude toward life
determines what life becomes for you.”


Ted Karam
Jumping On Water:
Awaken Your Joy ~

Empower Your Life


Jumping On Water:

Awaken Your Joy ~ Empower Your Life

Explore the mysterious realm of your thoughts and emotions
and empower yourself to act deliberately and avoid reacting to the stresses of life.

Ted teaches you to recognize:

The Three Waves of Awakening

  1. Recognize : Raise Your Awareness

  2. Release : Let Go of Whatever is Holding You Back –
    Clear out the weeds

  3. Reprogram : Focus on what you most Desire –
    Plant new seeds

Do not give your power away to your circumstances. Find out how to change your life from the inside out!

Read more and purchase the book now at:

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highest potential and make 2010 your best year ever!

* Mark Victor Hansen * T Harv Eker  * Maria Mar  *

* Bob Proctor  * John Gray * Leonard Szmyczak  *

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Soul means deep, slow and close to the heart

Soul means deep, slow and close to the heart

Part of the Series Dance with the Music of Life

By Maria Mar©2009


This is Part 1 of the Series Dance with the Music of Life. Click here or at the end to see the other parts.


Listen to The Blues. Sing with a cantaor in a Cante Jondo. Grab your partner and groove to a Bolero.

The rhythm is slow. The words come from the depth of the artist’s soul, resonating with yours. The meaning is not in your head. It’s in your heart.

That’s the first and most basic rhythm of life.

You can’t rush through life, just as you can’t rush through The Blues. What’s the rush about, anyway? Are you here to live or to speed through time?

Time is not an expressway where the vehicle of your ego rushes in its way to some known goal. Time is a river. Enter it gently, least you scare the rich ecosystem harbored in its every fluid fold.

Why do you fall for mirages and lies, like believing that you know what’s going to happen, or taking life for granted?

The River of Time is always moving, flowing, changing. It has direction. It flows towards a purpose. The waters are currents that constantly dance. Vibrations constantly moving towards and away. Yet the river has a bed. This solid bed cradles its infinite flow, holding it still, giving it form. The River of Time dances in stillness.

When you learn to navigate this sacred river, life flows gracefully. Time unfolds in miraculous currents of opportunity that take you effortlessly to your destiny. When you cross this sacred river without knowing its laws, you paddle against the current, drain your energy while staying in place, tip the canoe and perish in the mysterious undertow.

Here’s a primer to help you navigate the River of Time.

The River of Time

Flow as if you were singing The Blues.

Do NOT race against the current. Why are you making time your enemy? When you count each minute, you discount the hours and days giving to you to live. Rush devours the notes and kill the song. Each note takes its time. Each silence is part of the composition. Time is like The Blues. Savor each note.

The only way to navigate this sacred river is to flow in it. To flow with it. Don’t fall for the deception that you are in control. You control nothing. Not even yourself. Flow with the current.

Why do you believe that the River of Time, the River of Life is taking you in the wrong direction? The only reason for this belief is that you feel alone. You believe that you are NOT part of the River of Life, that you stand separate and opposite to the Universe. You alone know your purpose. You alone can make it happen. What a heavy weight to carry in your Psychic Shoulders. No wonder your song cannot take flight!

You are part of The River, like the fish. The River knows where you are going. The River knows your Soul. The River takes the fish there. The River takes the Soul there, too.

Okey, so you are not like a fish. Your Soul is not as free as the branch that floats in the currents. You have built a canoe of plans, goals and designs. That’s fine by The River. As long as your canoe floats, The River will take your Soul’s Canoe to its destiny. Why? Because your Soul’s purpose is part of The River’s purpose. It’s part of the Universal purpose. You are a note in the song of The River and The River hears your harmony.

Flowing in The River is trusting the Universe to be your ally. Is feeling your participation and harmony with the world, so that you can receive the push and pull of the currents as help, guidance and support, without struggling.

Surrender to the waters. Give up resistance, control and defensiveness and allow change to take place. Allow the current to move you. Learn to shapeshift. If you are afraid of the unknown, you hold on to the illusion of control as a security blanket. But when you do that you become “too solid.” For a shaman, this means that you hae become so attached to your plans, your ego identity or your expectations or lifescript, that you cannot be fluid. When you approach life fluidly, playfully, you become a master shapeshifter. This allows you to flow artfully and meet anything that flows towards you. This is the true artistry of Soul. It is freedom.

But in order to enjoy the moment, you must stop time. If you are moving all the time, you go out of control and develop obsessions that confuse your path. You stop time by connecting to the bed that cradles the river. By touching bottom.

The River Bed

Remember that the dance starts in stillness. Allow the river bed to cradle your journey.

When there is no stillness, the river becomes wild, treacherous and overflows the bed, flooding the terrain. When there is no body, the river loses sight of its source. Forgetting where it comes from, it does not know where it’s going. The currents attack each other. There is chaos.

The bed of your time in life is timelessness. Empty mind. Stillness. Silence. Stop time and become the bed of the river. Feel the current moving while you stand still. Become quiet and unmovable, like the Earth. WITH the Earth. This grounds you in the source of your being, in the Universal Source. When you are in touch with the source, you know your destiny with clarity. You do not get lost.

Soul touches bottom. It dives into the feelings and longings in your Soul and shakes them loose, bringing them into your consciousness, into your body and mind. To perform this alchemy, you must slow down. You must be present now. Here.

Touch the bottom of the River of Time. Fell the polished stones that shine at the bottom of your Soul. Feel your body. It’s intuitive wisdom connects you to the source. Understand it’s thoughtless reality. Resonate with the vibration of your cells. Listen to that song. Anchor yourself in the truth of your BodySoul. Listen to your bones. Be present in your physical existence.

Don’t try to command and control the River of Time. it has no master. To harvest the waters, connect to the “Orillas” ―to both banks.

In your connection to the banks, you can find any station you want to tune into. You can magnetize any universe or orbit you desire. You can find every conceivable opportunity. The Orillas allow you to give and receive simultaneously, in an instant exchange. The River flows into the land, nurturing its creatures. The land and its creatures flow into The River, nurting its inhabitants.

This is the secret of Soul, the basis of life. This is the art of navigating The River of Time.

  1. Enter the River of Time slowly, in harmony with all the life around you.
  2. Flow with the currents, allowing your personal purpose to be directed by life’s purpose. Allow time to move you in the direction of your dream.
  3. Allow yourself to shapeshift to inhabit the moment. Be fluid.
  4. Touch bottom. Still yourself in the unmovable river bed, anchor yourself in your Soul and be present to your physical existence.
  5. Harvest the waters of the River of Time by connecting with the Orillas, with both banks, in the simultaneous acts of giving and receiving.

Slow down right now. Take a deep, slow inhalation and then let it come up from the bottom, slowly, in velvety depth: your song, your pain, your truth, your longing, your feeling, your movement, your grace, your unique touch. Caress this instant lovingly and let it touch you all the way down to the bones.

That’s living with Soul. That’s the art of navigating the River of Time.

Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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Maria Mar(c)

You can use this quote in ezines, web pages and other online media as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below, with functional link:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational speaker, ceremonialist poet, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express!


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This is Part 1 of the Series Dance with the Music of Life. Click here to see the other parts as they are added.

Peer pressure and toxic relationships

Peer Pressure

and Toxic Relationships

Excerpt from

The Toxic Relationship Self-help Kit:

Love them, but LEAVE them

By Maria Mar(c)2009

Terrified Tweeter jumped from
branch to branch, tweeting as hard as she could. Her friends, scared of the
terrible danger that the small bird announced, stayed safely at a distance.

They admired Tweeter’s courage. Such a tiny bird, staying on the same tree
as that mean predator, Haughty Hawk. What courage! Small as she was,
Terrified Tweeter was relentless. Her tweets were so loud that her whole
body shook with their resonance.

Meanwhile Hawk sat on a steady
branch at the other side of the Ancient Tree, meditating. But it was hard to
meditate with all the racket that the tiny bird was creating. Haughty Hawk
was annoyed. Why was the bird so scared now, when they had co-existed
peacefully for years?

“I thought she was my friend,”

Haughty Hawk reflected. “Go figure these tiny tweeters. They are always

Haughty Hawk had also been
scared as it grew up in the noisy city, with the Two-legged predators so
nearby. But now that she was meditating and learning the Ways of the
Warrior, she had chosen to live without fear. She had learned to empty her
mind and visualize her desires, and she had grown strong and confident.

But the more confident Haughty
Hawk grew, the louder Terrified Tweetie squeaked each time Hawk came close.
She had managed to scare all the other birds, who disappeared the minute
Haughty Hawk perched in any of the Ancient Trees around.

Haughty Hawk began to feel more
than resentful. She became angry.

“Perhaps I should give her
reason to tweet,” Haughty Hawk considered, her trained eye gauging the
distance between the scared bird and her branch. In a split second, she
could have the naughty bird in her beak, and she could then meditate in

Haughty Hawk caught herself in
her fantasies of revenge and released her toxic feelings with a sigh. She
dived her Inner Eye deep into her heart. There she saw and felt the
pain that her new loneliness inflicted. She was sad that her tiny friends
would distrust her after all this time.

Haughty Hawk remembered when
she had caught them murmuring behind her back.

“She says that she is
harnessing power,” they nervously tweeted.

“What could she possibly want
to do with all that power, except eat us all?” they squeaked.

Haughty Hawk smiled sadly. She
remembered when she, too was scared of the great Eagle, the large Hunter
Hawks and the daring Crows. She had felt so small that she had not
understood her own power. She had, like her tiny friends, thought of power
only as a threat, not something she held inside for her own fulfillment.

“Oh, well, tweets will be
tweets!” Hawk finally said to herself. “And I am a Master Warrior.”

She gracefully flew to a near
lamppost and began her concentration again. She was visualizing one of the
fat rats that were coming out of the ground during the construction that the
Two-Legged were doing in the street below.

But Terrified Tweeter didn’t
get it. She still tweeted as if her feathers had caught fire. Nothing
stirred among the Ancient Trees. Nothing moved in miles around. The scared
tweet was doing a great job of scaring all possible prey.

As I looked at this scene, the
beautiful white spotted hawk flew towards a distant tree. I couldn’t get my
eyes off her majestic, silent flight. Still terrified, the small tweeter
squeaked behind my back.

As you read the fable above, were you immediately sympathetic with the small bird, seeing her as the hero and hawk as the bad guy? That is our collective tendency. We instinctively seek justice. But we cannot make true justice if we confuse power with dominance. For if we do, we will be manipulated by those who play the victim and we will repel and punish those who stand in their power. This confusion is at the heart of toxic relationships.

Power as defined by our patriarchal system, is control and dominance. But that is only an illusion of power. When we believe this illusion, we reject power. When we reject power, we align ourselves with helplessness. We make those with personal power our enemies. We repel mentors, teachers and those friends and peers who assume their power. In other words, we become toxic to those who seek freedom, joy and growth.

When we align ourselves with powerlessness, we are afraid to speak with our voice of authority. We place an interrogation mark at the end of our declarations and beat around the bush to speak our truth. We constrict our bodies and our voices. We dream tiny and stay safely perched in our Comfort Zone.

If you have courageously stepped out of that Comfort Zone, you may
unknowingly be facing peer pressure.

We tell our children not to give in to peer pressure. But many adults are clueless as to the level of peer pressure they carry on their Psychic
. As a result, they give in to peer pressure, betraying their
Personal Dreams and their spiritual growth.

Children and teens are more direct on their peer pressure tactics. They may result to insults or name-calling. Adults are more subtle. Friends will distance themselves. Peers will murmur behind your back. Family members will close ranks and mount a campaign to wear or break you down. Because they know you well, they know your Breaking Points. They will go for these weak areas in your psyche. This emotional and psychic attack that can undermine your motivation and your energy level.

When you feel that the people you love resist your growth or sabotage your dreams you feel sad, betrayed, resentful, revengeful, angry and lonely. If you are afraid of confrontation and used to the lies of the dysfunctional family, you may join their betrayal by excusing their behavior and going back to your learned limits of perception.

Is it a wonder, then, that many of us go back on our personal growth and give up on our dreams?

If you dream big, you are big. Once you acknowledge your personal power and reclaim your personal authority, you soon find yourself among the Majestic Swans, the Great Eagles, the Master Hunter Hawks and Daring Crows.

Those whom you left behind will tweet loudly and persistently.

“Change back! Change back!” they will squeak.

Perhaps they will not be as raucous as Terrified Tweeter. Perhaps they will give you the silent treatment or the cold shoulder.

What will you do then? What have you done?

Have you given up on your new friends? Have you given up on your new dreams? Have you drowned your desires deep inside yourself? Have you gone back to the humdrum of a life without passion?

It is important for you to recognize the peer pressure tactics of the adults around you. Find the best way to address the fears of your family and peers. If it is possible, bring them into the open. If not, give them special love and attention to ensure them that you still love them and they have nothing to fear.

You also need to recognize your sadness and allow yourself to grieve for your past life. These are growing pains. Every woman and man who has achieved something great ―whether a new discovery that changed humanity or a state of personal fulfillment― has gone through these growing pains. Use the Time Traveling Exercise at the end of this chapter to address your growing pains.

Be firm, however, in your new boundaries, dreams and lifestyle. Above all, do not allow the fear of those in your past to bring down your vibration.

Big dreams require a high vibrational level. The changes you are making in your life are changing your vibrational frequency, so that you can tolerate a higher vibration and can manifest and live in your dream.

Those who cannot tolerate the high vibrational frequency of freedom,
courage, confidence, power, joy and passion may squeak warning signals to you. They may project their own fears or limiting beliefs. They will poke your Breaking Points, exacerbating the old limited beliefs that keep you confined in your old lifestyle.

If you recognize what is happening, you can use this situation to examine your Breaking Points. The confrontation you may experience at this time can then help you to weave a strong mesh in the wounded areas of your energy field. By addressing the limited beliefs and releasing learned fears, you will be able to prevent the many energy leakages that have brought your energy frequency down. You will come out of this experience having transformed your Breaking Points into your strongest points.

On the other hand, give in to peer pressure, and you will begin to fade back into the life that you were trying to escape.

At this time it is especially important to maintain your new friends and allies. You need people who can vibrate at the higher frequency because they “lend you energy.” This means that they bring you into musical entrainment with their energy vibration, helping you generate a higher frequency and sustain it for longer periods of time.

This is an excerpt from

The Toxic Relationships Self-help Kit:

Love them, but LEAVE them

Pre-order your copy now.

No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.

Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.


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Maria Mar(c)

You can use this quote in ezines, web pages and other online media as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below, with functional link:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational poet, speaker, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express!

Are you swimming an emotional marathon?

Are you swimming an emotional marathon?

By Maria Mar©

I posted this tip in my Dream Alchemist Daily Tips blog:

Mermaid Power, art by Maria Mar(c)

Mermaid Power, art by Maria Mar(c)

Do you feel exhausted after doing something emotionally challenging, like walking through fear or breaking a habit? The action might have been simple, like making a phone call. You may be thinking that it’s silly to be so tired. Be especially loving with yourself at this time. Rest and reward yourself. Swimming against the Emotional Undertow of old learned emotions uses more energy than swimming in a marathon.

I also posted it in my Facebook Update. Here are some of the answers I’ve gotten so far:

“Thank you so much. I feel like you read my mind, it is very difficult to say no to people who have been using me for years, just the fear of saying no has been very difficult and exhausting, but after the storm I feel much better and respect myself much more.”

“YES. This is so what I needed to read today. It’s hard to move on sometimes, past the bad habits.”

This brings up a couple of questions about emotional breakthrough, and that’s what I want to explore in this post.

  • What is the Emotional Undertow?
  • Why do we experience paralyzing fear or resistance to do certain things that we know rationally are good for us and which we don’t have any skill-impairment to do?(like saying no, making a phone call, selling something or talking about what we do, for example.)
  • Why are bad habits seem like impenetrable barriers?
  • What can I do to diminish the anxiety and fear and take action from a place of peace?

Here are some answers to these questions.

Emotional Undertow

I use the term Emotional Undertow to describe the cumulative emotional charge connected to learned beliefs or habits. An example will help.

Mary has been hiding backstage while others get the credit. She’s done this all her life. Now, at 35, she realizes that this has sabotaged her success, prosperity and self-esteem. Mary has created a new line of products that she is promoting and needs to make herself visible in order to sell them. While Mary has previously helped many people sell and she has all the necessary skills, every time she picks up the phone or sends an email to make herself and her brand visible, she goes through high levels of anxiety, days of procrastination, sweaty hands and mental confusion. What is going on?

Mary learned very early on in her childhood that she could not be visible. If she was visible…(fill in the blanks.) The learned belief may be that

  • she would not be loved,
  • she was bad or
  • something terrible would happen as punishment for her arrogance.

This belief was most often communicated emotionally, without direct words or warning, but with great intensity.

The child learned this emotionally, nor rationally. She felt this belief as a life or death warning. “If I am visible, if I shine, then, something terrible will happen. I will not be loved. I am a bad person and God will punish me.”

The emotions inherited with the learned belief were:

  • Terror of being alone and not being loved if she became visible or took credit for her gifts and work.
  • Extreme shame and feelings of being evil, of being an opportunist of being arrogant if she name her worth or expressed her gifts.
  • Exaggerated feelings of dread and life-threatening fear that something terrible will happen the minute she steps out of her Invisibility Cloak.

The depth, weight and pull of your Emotional Undertow

These learned emotions are so threatening and forbidding to a child, that they create an emotional barrier.

For 35 years, Mary has fed these learned emotions. Every time that Mary wanted to shine, to express herself in public, to take credit for what she created, these same emotions reared their ugly head.

But Mary, not having the awareness of what was behind her fear or lacking the emotional skills to deal with them, repressed them.

At 35, Mary has 35 emotional tons of this threatening, shaming emotions accumulated. That’s her Emotional Undertow.

Emotions are flowing energies that run through our Energy Body, stirring up memories, signaling nerve responses, evoking images, generating physical states and turning on mental pathways. They are very powerful. More powerful than thoughts, because they carry charge that can ignite certain thoughts associated to them, so that your rational thoughts don’s stand a chance.

The good news is that these energies are constantly changing. That’s why they are archetypically associated with water. They can change form, color, temperature, density and electrical charge. They can be transformed. That is why you need to feel them, follow them to their source and then release the parts that are toxic. Imagine that you are combing them. Take out guilt, shame, learned fear, interpretations, etc. What is left is the pure power of emotions to propel you. What is left is your passion.

What you can do

When we take action against these learned limits of behavior or learned beliefs, these Emotional Undertow stirs up and pulls us back from the shore of our goals. We then need to use all we got to release that pull and move forward. Here are several things that help:

  • Feel what you feel. Give yourself time, space and permission to experience your emotion fully. Do not judge yourself. Do not badger yourself. Do not confuse yourself with your emotions. Seat with it, hold it. Feel it. Love yourself with it, through it and beyond it.
  • Do not identify with the emotions. Part of the problem is that as a child, you identify yourself with these overpowering emotions that ran through you. Now you can detach. Before allowing this Emotional Undertow to flow through you and experience these powerful emotions, seat breathing deeply for a few minutes, and feel your Core Self. This is your Soul-self. It holds your inner strength and wisdom. See it as an ancient tree that stands still in the midst of activity. Stand in the infinite power of your Soul and detach from the emotions as you feel them. This means that you allow yourself to feel them, but you don’t drown in them because you can observe them without confusing yourself with these old, learned emotions.
  • Self-parent yourself. One of the reasons this makes no sense to the adult you is because it is NOT the adult you who is carrying the Emotional Undertow. It is one or more of your Inner Children. Talk to them. Hold them in your arms. Listen to them and help them to FEEL loved, protected and ALLOWED to engage in the new behavior. This is a process, not a one shot deal.
  • You need to go within, recognize, clarify and release the learned beliefs and emotions in your unconscious. If you can’t find the hidden beliefs or emotions, or if they create undue anxiety, you can support your clearance process by:
  • Therapy
  • Working with a coach, spiritual teacher, shaman or minister
  • Meditation and reflection
  • Help from your spiritual guides
  • Reflection in nature, where the Sacred World will show you guidance
  • Journal writing
  • Shamanic Psychic Hunting.
  • Take action. Your emotions are learned signals from the past. Every time you take action, they subside a bit more. Eventually, the present results will override the past domestication and the emotions will go.
  • Get help and support. Whether a therapist, coach, support group or online community, you need the support of positive people to nourish the emotions that will build your Emotional Streams of Affluence, the positive emotional build up that carries you to your desired destiny.
  • Use a daily visualization practice or rituals that helps you transform the Emotional Undertow into Emotional Streams of Affluence. Try Shifting the World, a practice I teach in this blog.

Does this help? Let me know!

If you have any other question, feel free to ask it here, and I will gladly answer.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


If you would like personal coaching, shamanic counseling or help in tracking down the source of your emotions, consider my coaching services at:

For help on releasing, visit the Sonoma Method at:

For help transmuting emotions, releasing toxic beliefs and breaking through resistance in a gentle way, learn EFT. Get the free manual that explains the Emotional Freedom Technique here:

Shifting your World for instant manifestation

Shifting the World

Beyond the Law of Attraction spins the Law of Alignment

By Maria Mar(c)

Shifting the World, Guided Audio Meditation by Artist-shaman Maria Mar.

Shifting the World, Guided Audio Meditation by Artist-shaman Maria Mar.

When you have a deep desire for something, but feel an equally strong sense of frustration at not having it, you are at a Dimensional Fork. The shaman sees you between two dimensions that open, like two roads, in front of you. This post gives you clear instructions on how to use this magical place of the Dimensional Fork to instantly manifest what you desire. It teaches you the practice of Shifting your World. For direct guidance and in-depth knowledge, pre-order the audio and ebook Shifting the Worlds or the Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction Audio Meditation Series.

Pre-order now. No pre-payment or obligation to purchase.

Pre-order now. No pre-payment or obligation to purchase.

As you stand in the Dimensional Fork, you see that in one dimension, the one that feels more real and solid right now, you lack what you desire (otherwise you would be enjoying it, not craving for it). Let’s call this the Dimension of Lack. In the other dimension, however, it already exists. You can’t see or experience this dimension yet because there is something stopping you. Perhaps fear, disbelief or old beliefs do not allow you to experience the Dimension of your Desire. But it’s there. You know this is true because of your feelings. Your Emotional Intelligence knows that this dimension is your true belonging. It pushes you, through your desire and longing, to seek it. That is why you find yourself in the Dimensional Fork.

The feelings in the Dimensional Fork are similar to catching a glimpse of your desire just ahead, but you seem to make the wrong turn and end up in a place of lack. Or you feel as if what you seek is right at the reach of your fingertips, but it slips away. These feelings indicate that you already attracted what you wanted. It is trying to get to you, but an energy misalignment prevents it from reaching you. If this is true for you now, you must step beyond the Law of Attraction into the Law of Alignment. You must align yourself with your dream.

The ebook that accompanies the Guided Audio Meditation includes a real life story of how I used this practice to instantly manifest a simple desire. If you practice Shifting the World in simple things, you will master the technique for more ambitious desires.



You need to move into the Dimensional Fork. As you can tell from the story, this happens when your desire stands up to your frustration, so that you are emotionally charged by BOTH. If you are not right now at a powerful charged situation, then evoke these emotions.

STEP 1: Evoke the emotions of the Dimension of Lack.

Situate the Dimension of Lack that you have experienced in the past, up ‘till now, to your left. It is your left road. (The left hand records the past.) Extend your left hand, closed in a fist, palm down. See and visualize the old reality as a road opening to your left.

A. EVOKE the experience of lack. See how you are living now without the object of your desire. Evoke the feelings of lack, including frustration, hunger, sadness, abandonment and any other feelings. See the Dimension of Lack playing in front of you, to your left. How does it feel and look?

B. ACCEPT your feelings of lack.

C. DETACH from these feelings.

D. SPIN THE ORBIT by concentrating on the energy frequency created by this old reality. Turn your fist 90 degrees and open it slightly, so that you form an O with your fingers, the tip of the thumb slight touching the tip of the index finger. Concentrate your attention on the energy spinning in this circle in your hand, until you can hear and feel it clearly.

E. RESONATE out loud by giving this frequency sound. Try to generate a sound that is as close to the spinning energy in your hand as it feels right. Listen to this resonance.

STEP 2:  Evoke the emotions of the Dimension of Desire.

Turn your attention to your right. Curl your right hand into a fist, palm down, and extend the arm. See the future you want as a road opening right now in front of you, to your right. This is the Dimension of Desire. (The right hand records the future.)

A. EVOKE the experience of what you want. Imagine it vividly. Touch it. See it. Smell it. Feel the feelings of fullness, satisfaction, joy, lovability, belonging, buoyancy, peace, harmony, wellbeing and other feelings that arise from this experience.

B. ACCEPT these as you watch the movie run in front of you, vividly depicting the reality in your Dimension of Desire.

C. DETACH from any feeling of longing or any other feeling that comes from NOT having this.

D. SPIN THE ORBIT by concentrating on the energy frequency created by this desired reality. Turn your fist 90 degrees and open it slightly, so that you form an O with your fingers, the tip of the thumb slight touching the tip of the index finger. Concentrate your attention on the energy spinning in this circle in your hand, until you can hear and feel it clearly.

E. RESONATE out loud by giving this frequency sound. Try to generate a sound that is as close to the spinning energy in your hand as it feels right. Listen to this resonance.


The Dimensional Fork is a Place of Paradox because two seemingly opposite universes or forces are happening simultaneously.

Step 1: Consider the left road

See yourself standing at the Dimensional Fork. Spend a few minutes witnessing (in detachment) the Dimension of Lack. Concentrate on the frequency spinning in your left hand. Witness what this dimension is about, what it consists of.  Witness how you feel inside it. This witnessing may yield instant revelations as to what is creating the misalignment that keeps you trapped in the Dimension of Lack. You may feel or see some emotional attachment or habits that keep you there. Don’t expect anything, however. Trust the experience as it is.

Step 2: Consider the right road

Concentrate now on your extended right arm and the frequency spinning in your right hand. Spend a few minutes witnessing the Dimension of Desire.  Concentrate on the frequency spinning on your right hand. Immerse yourself in the feelings of this dimension as it is happening right now.

Do NOT allow yourself to fall into a hunger for this reality. If it is happening, there is no need to hunger for it. 

See what the Dimension of Desire is about, what it consists of. What makes it essential or desirable for you? What feelings and emotions does it create in you?

This witnessing may yield instant revelations as to what is creating the misalignment that does not allow the Dimension of Desire to get to you. You may see that there are certain fears or doubts holding you back. Sometimes we fear what we want as badly as we fear what we don’t want.  Simply witness whatever comes up. Don’t expect anything, however. Trust the experience as it is.


Now that you stand in the Dimensional Fork, in a Place of Paradox, you can grasp all the dimensions of your present reality. Now you are the master, not the slave. You can choose freely.

Step 1: Leave the left road

Inhale deeply. As you open your left fist, exhale and release the Dimension of Lack. Withdraw all your emotions and attentions from it. Release all doubt and hunger. If you saw any attachment or habits, release them in exhalation. Turn your entire body to your right. Don’t look back.

Step 2: Take the right road

Inhale deeply. As you open the right fist, embrace the Dimension of Desire. Give all your attention and emotions to this reality. Release all doubt and fear and enjoy living in that dimension.

Concentrate on the frequency spinning on your right hand until you can feel it spinning up your arm and all around you. Knit the fingers of both hand together across your solar plexus, and enjoy the vibration of the Dimension of Desire. Immerse yourself in that vibrational frequency. Enjoy the feelings, vision and frequency in this dimension.

Feed this frequency with an Inner Smile. Allow this smile to emerge from deep within your heart up to your lips and shine through your eyes.

Feed this new frequency with feelings of gratitude, acceptance, trust and receptivity. Open your heart to the new allies and opportunities that will be magnetize by the resonance of this new frequency.

For a more detailed description, including how to sustain the new frequencey and use this as a ceremony, with the guided audio meditation, pre-order the upcoming product. No pre-payment or obligation.

Shifting the World, Guided Audio Meditation by Artist-shaman Maria Mar.

Shifting the World, Guided Audio Meditation by Artist-shaman Maria Mar.

I love when you take one minute to comment on the posts. It lets me know that someone is benefiting from the tools I share.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Maria Mar(c)

You can use this quote as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below, with functional link:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational poet, speaker, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express!

Is your soul screaming through your body?

Is your soul screaming through your body?

By Maria Mar ©


If you are in this page, chances are that you were searching for an answer to some physical condition that is aching or disturbing you. You may have a strong intuition that this condition has a strong relation with emotions or stress you have been experiencing.

We are used to seeing the body as something other than the Self. Perhaps as a rental car that drives us back and forth or a cabin we inhabit. But the body is the Self. As my creative partner, Corazon Tierra, teaches, the BodySoul is the Self. The connection between body and soul runs deeper than our conscious mind can understand. Sometimes it bypasses our logical mind altogether.

While you may be exasperated by a physical manifestation that is painful or cumbersome, and you desperately want it to go away, it may actually be your ally. Here I share what I know about the wisdom and healing that may come from the experience of somatization.

As I am a shaman or soul healer, I am not talking from a medical perspective. I am sharing what I know from personal and professional experience in working with energy and emotions.

Somatization, as I define it, is the physical manifestation of emotional, spiritual and mental stress and imbalance that expresses itself in the body as disease or as a physical condition, including accidents, allergies and other conditions.

Here are a few conditions that I’ve seen or suffered. I connect each condition to the emotional, energy or spiritual source of the condition, and the lessons you may learn from it.

Though most conditions are expressions of energy and emotional patterns, once they are manifested physically, you need to treat them at a medical level. The table below is not a diagnosis tool. Seek expert medical diagnosis and follow your doctor’s advice. The information below may help you address the deeper causes to speed up recovery.

Condition Sources Lesson
Spasm Fear of moving beyond deeply rooted unconscious limits. Brings limiting beliefs embedded in the cells into the surface, to be melted away.
Twisted ankles Ambivalence, moving towards a direction that betrays your true needs and desires Makes you stay still and consider the direction your Soul wants you to take.
Fibroids, excessive bleeding Caretaking, stagnation of passion, pouring your energy into empty vessels Teaches you to save your energy and use it wisely and moves you to dance your passion for your own joy
Lumps in the throat Not speaking your truth, fear of assuming your authority, betrayal of your creative expression, refusal to sing your song. Shows you how you are betraying your personal truth, power or creativity and pushes you to express yourself, so that your beauty can shine into the world. May be guiding you to assume your power as a singer or a healer using sound.
Loss of voice, laryngitis Self-alienation, self-neglect, not knowing or telling your own story, using your voice as a mask or overworking your voice to silence your truth Teaches you to save your voice, go within, touch your truth and speak on your own behalf. May be guiding you into assuming your power as a storyteller.
Stomach aches Anxiety, ambivalence, resistance to change your lifestyle, something you can’t stomach in your life, refusal to feel and transform your emotions, fear connected to deep mental beliefs learned in childhood Moves you to deal with the emotional issues you are avoiding, to go within and get to know the stranger you call “I.” Makes you face the relationships or situations that you can’t stomach. Brings unconscious limiting beliefs to the surface to dissolve the limits that are keeping you away from your dream.
Migraines Anxiety, closing the heart chakra for fear of your heart breaking, self-abandonment that leaves no time for your soul in your life, refusal to take action on behalf of your heart or soul. Absorbing toxic emotions or refusing to release them. Teaches you to release toxic emotions and people, to achieve balance between self-love and love of others, to practice self-love, peace and relaxation every day for your own self-healing, and to take action in order to honor your soul and your feelings.

I hope that some of this helps you to understand the deeper issues involve in the conditions you are facing. For more information, I recommend Louis Hay’s books, as she is a master teacher of somatization and I have found many of her findings to be true. You will find a link to her website below.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


Here’s Louise Hay’s video on her Movie: You can heal your life:

Official website of You can heal your life:

The Real Tragedy of Drama Queens

The real tragedy of Drama Queens

By Maria Mar(c)

When you are trapped in your habitual Soap Opera Dramas, you are self-involved to the point that you miss sight of three vital things: your surroundings, other people and your goals. Here is the real tragedy of the Drama Queen.

1. She wastes precious emotional fuel going around in circles.

2. She wastes time and resources going around in circles.

3. She alienates allies, healthy peers and healthy partners with her self-involved, ineffective and habitual dysfunctional scripts.

4. She leaks prosperity, loses clients and wastes money.

5. She adopts the pose of an ineffective, disorganized and unprofessional woman.

6. She fails to see how she is creating stress in those around her.

7. She misrepresents her business or capacity and creates situations where she will not be promoted or hired.

8. She dumps her toxic drama on her loved ones and creates terrible stress on her family, especially her partner and children.

9. She repels her children and partner, who need to move away from her in order to grow and function healthily.

10. She uses her drama to manipulate others, as an ineffective attempt to control the situation and to beg for attention.

11. She uses her power to sabotage her dream as she runs hysterically on the same spot, until she digs her own grave.

12. Because she creates high levels of stress that lead to hypertension, heart attack, muscle spasms, anxiety attacks, stomach trouble, ulcers, brain tumors, cancer, strokes and more. Make your choice.

Would you rather be a Drama Queen or act as the genuine, powerful Queen of your own life and Dream?


If you choose to be the real queen, here is one quick, easy way to stop your Drama before it catches momentum.

The minute you see yourself spinning into your Drama, say out loud to yourself: “STOP!”

Then breathe deeply and slowly. As you exhale, say firmly and clearly, without drama: “There is no drama. I am clear and there is no problem.”

As soon as you regain your center, become aware of how you have lost your compass.

  1. See how you are affecting those around you,
  2. See how you have deviated from your goal, and
  3. See how you are creating chaos or anxiety in your situation.

Now proceed to calmly re-focus on your goal or the solution of the problem, sustaining a centered, calming mood and consciously spreading it around.

Let’s say that your usual drama is losing the car keys before going out.You enter a frenzy and send everyone spinning for the keys, just to find them 20 minutes later where you have left them misplaced the night before.

The minute you see yourself spinning that drama, say “STOP” to yourself, energetically and firmly (without involving others in the drama).

Then breathe deeply and slowly. As you exhale, say to yourself: “There is no drama. I am clear and there is no problem.”

Observe how you have lost your compass: Perhaps your family is already tense at the prospect of yet another crazy moment before going out and the anticipation of being late to their appointments. Perhaps by getting into this anxiety rollercoaster, you are neglecting to check that you have what you need for today’s presentation, so that you will sabotage yourself getting there late and unprepared. Perhaps you are creating chaos and stress in your daily life by all these little dramas. RELEASE that choice and embrace Inner Peace.

Now proceed to calmly retrace your steps the last time you place your keys when you got home.

I hope this helps you!

Stop by and leave your comments as things begin to change and you occupy the throne of your true queendom!

Maria Mar(c) You can use this quote as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational poet, speaker, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express at!

Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction-Help your Dream to Walk

Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction

No. 4: Teaching your Toddler Dream to Walk!

By Maria Mar©

Author of the

Dream Kit

Article Series:

If you are a woman, you are an expert in making dreams come true. If you don’t believe it, ask your children, whom you have helped from birth on to flourish. Ask your life partner, whom you support in his or her dreams. Ask your students, nieces and nephews, your clients, patients and neighbors. You can even ask the plants in your garden! In fact, ask anyone around you and chances are, you have helped and support each and every one of them to grow.

Why should you have any difficulty in manifesting YOUR dream? Use the same organic gifts you use for supporting others! Here is a Female Secret in the Law of Attraction that will help you get that dream on the road.

This article is part of a series that shares 4 Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction. The previous articles help you gestate, birth and breastfeed your dream.

If you want all the articles together, with recommended resources to make them work for you, join the FREE level of the Dream Express membership for women who want to manifest their dreams, and you will get the free ebook, Sneak Preview to the Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction.

If you’ve done your gestating, birthing and breastfeeding work, your dream has grown from the times you were daydreaming. Now it is part of your life. You feed it every day and it grows. Your next challenge is to help it walk. It needs to go with you wherever you go. But more to the point, it needs to take you where you want to go!

How does a dream walk? When you are teaching your beautiful child or baby niece to walk, don’t you often stand on one place and have another adult; the father or aunt, for example, stand on the other end? Then the other person invites the child to move forward while you safely coach and sustain the little one, in case it wavers.

That’s exactly what you will do now. Use the Female Secret of Cooperation. The Universe flows this way, through cooperation. As a woman, you master cooperation in sisterhood, family and community. The Male Way is competition. It is a legitimate way, and there is competition in the universe. But the principle that quickens your manifestation is cooperation. It is also an organic way for you as a woman. So how does it work?

Who are your allies? Who stands at a distance of five miles, file degrees of separation or five calls away that could invite and entice your dream forward?

Let’s list some examples.
• You want to promote your new book or product. Five degrees of separation away there is a woman with a radio show with just the right audience.

• You want to meet your soulmate. Five calls away, through friends or a matchmaking service, you can find him or her.

• You want to find just the right home. Five emails away, through your list and their list, you can get the right offer.

This is something you recognize immediately because women are great networkers. But have you used this gift to help your dream walk?

Then here’s a thought. You may be seeing your dream as a selfish act, separated and even in opposition to the dreams and benefits of others.

You need a shift of perception. See your dream as a child that you’ve brought into the world. It came into this world through you, but it has a purpose that goes back to the mysterious universal consciousness. In other words, this child is needed in the world. By helping it to grow and walk into the world, you are fulfilling your life purpose and bringing the dream to those who need it.

Something happens to you as a woman when you see your dream as a child. Now you feel permission to help it grow, to give it your energy, to help it fly free.

That’s because you have been split into an artificial competition between self and others. The universe does not work like that because we are all one. You are an atom in the universal being. Other atoms cooperate with your purpose because it benefits the entire organism, of which all are a part. If you study the new cell biology, you will see that this is true. Cooperation is the rule.

As a woman you are a great networker, a part of a strong sisterhood that may include the women in your family, your peers, friends, classmates, club and community organizations.

You’ve volunteered. You’ve sold tickets. You’ve helped the children and youth. You’ve taken your children to the events. There is a genuine bond between you and your sisters and community.

Do not feel guilty to present your dream to these allies. Find the ways in which your dream benefits them, and launch a campaign to help them while they help your dream walk, and even fly!

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