Why can’t I get motivated?

Why can’t I get motivated?

By Maria Mar(c)2010

Why can't you get motivated? Find out!

“Why can’t I get motivated?” Elizabeth asked me.

There are two different scenarios for depleted motivation: temporary and chronic.

I’ll cover the first one in this blog and the second one in a second blog, so stay tune. (Subscribe to this blog to get my weekly articles. Click the button to the upper right corner.)

Here’s the list of probable issues that are causing your de-motivation. To see the solutions, see the second section, below.

Temporary lack of motivation

If you are suffering from a temporary lack of motivation, then you are usually motivated, but find yourself in a motivational slump. Here are the causes that may be causing this slump.

1. Overwork. If you are burn-out, your body is depleted of energy. Your momentum slows down and your motivation suffers.

2. Taking too many ineffective actions. When your actions do not bring results, there is no renewal to the emotional energy you are using to generate them. Lack of results is like lack of food.

3. Plans and goals are not in harmony with your Purpose. Your path is not clear. The goals, plans or strategies you’ve laid out are not truly satisfying you. They may not be what your Soul desires or they may not be in harmony with your Life Purpose.

4. Doing too many difficult things for too long. Change is hard work. When you are changing the way you think, act and live, you are creating new pathways in your brain. This takes energy and it can take a toll in your passion.

5. Working hard without giving yourself rewards. If all you do is work, and you give yourself nothing to recognize the value of your work, then you are an oppressive boss to yourself. Your own “employees” are going to slow down and sabotage the enterprise.

6. Doing too many things you don’t like. Every project, whether it is personal or professional, has exciting, fun, creative things that you like to do and things that don’t like that much. If you are doing too many of the later and not enough of the things you like, you are killing your motivation.

7. Not receiving the results. Sometimes you expect certain results, but you get others instead. If you do not receive the results you get, because they are not the ones you expected, then you are repelling success. You are trying to control the flow of life, and rejecting the blessings life brings. You are depleting your own life force by placing a dike of limited expectations.

8. Feeling alone and abandoned. Have you asked for help? Have you engaged other experts to collaborate, guide or support you in your work? Have you shared your achievements, no matter how small, with your friends? If not, then you are trapped in the trance of Orphanhood. How can you be motivated?

9. Toxic environment. Are you surrounded by people who diminish your value, pressure you into betraying your dreams or constantly criticize or disbelief your goals? An environment that does not nurture your self-esteem and your dreams is toxic to your motivation.


1. Overwork. Take a week or at least 4 days off. Get up late, go to bed early and take a nap. You should sleep at least 10 hours and rest at least 2 more. Spend at least one hour a day in nature. For women, being close to running water and walking barefoot on the earth renew our energy. Trees are powerful healers. Walk among them. Do things you like; alone and with your friends. Ask your Inner Child what she wants to do and then go have fun. When you regain energy and reconnect to the reason why you are doing what you are doing, the motivation will come back.

2. Taking too many ineffective actions. Your External Actions in the world are not working because there are hidden interferences “unweaving” what you weave, like the Myth of Penelope. You need to take Internal Actions to release the hidden interferences. Join my “I Want to Flourish” Fiesta to find free knowledge and resources.

3. Plans and goals are not in harmony with your Purpose. You need to stop your hectic doing and go within to listen to your Soul. You may be following Borrowed Dreams or Distorted Dreams. You need to go back to center in order to find your true path. Pre-order (or order) my novel. It will take you on a journey to heal this.

4. Doing too many difficult things for too long. You need to live in balance. Schedule fun, rest and pampering into your calendar. Balance difficult tasks with easy tasks. Give yourself time in the movies, a walk in the park and extra sleep during difficult jobs.

5. Working hard without giving yourself rewards. Reduce the number of tasks in your daily to-do list. Make sure you do the recommendations in the previous point. Buy some bright stars stickers and stick one at the end of each done task. At the end of each day, give yourself a round of applause and declare your accomplishments proudly. When you finish a project or achieve a goal, give yourself a great reward. Stop trying to do everything better. Value yourself and every little thing you do.

6. Doing too many things you don’t like. Balance your daily work by doing one thing you don’t like early in the morning followed by two things you love to do. Get or hire help to do the things you hate and the things that you are not good at.

7. Not receiving the results. When you send things into the world, open your mind and release the outcome. Receive every positive result that comes back. Open your heart and receive it in the knowledge that Life Mother knows better, and that Divine Design is at work. You will see how this seemingly insipid result multiplies its blessings in the future, better and farther than you could ever imagine.

8. Feeling alone and abandoned. Find your place of belonging with like-hearted people who support you. Ask your supportive friends for help. If you are unused to asking for help, you probably do not even see how others can help you. That’s your Orphanhood leading your life. You are not alone. Make an effort to find ways in which your friends can help you. Share your dreams with positive friends. Celebrate your goals with a party, dinner out or picnic.

9. Toxic environment. Examine how you invite, allow or are hooked with toxic people. Find memberships or communities of like-minded people who are seeking similar things. Get a mentor or coach. Avoid people who drain you or diminish your trust in your capacity or your dream, even if they are family. See them less, do not talk about your dreams or goals with them and place strong limits that disallow any negative comments. It may be tough at first, but they’ll eventually know not to step past your limits.

If you need more help, consider working under my mentorship and guidance.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who helps you to achieve personal freedom, unlock your creative potential and live a life of magic and delight. She offers books, digital products and guidance, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express. If you want to flourish under Maria’s mentorship and guidance, visit http://www.dreamalchemist.com.

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Art, Poem and invitation to Celebrate Women’s History Month 2010

Cannot see the graphics? See web version
A poem, art and invitation to celebrate the closure of

Women’s History Month

Click to read about the event.

Art by Maria Mar(c)2010

Discover your Untapped Possibilities

Break the Fences in your Mind

No. 1 of the Break Free from What Holds you Back

Online Event Series

with Maria Mar


Endless Possibilities

They rush by at the speed of light.
Invisible. Inaudible. A flash. Almost a memory.

And they are gone.

I could not see them before.

They were like crazy cars bumping against my choices.
Derailing my desires.

But I neither heard nor saw them,

though they were jamming the pathways of my mind.

There were other forces

in that secluded mindscape.

They sat there, like fences.

Doing nothing but blocking the view.

I did not see those either.

They showed up, however.

When I tried to see the beauty just beyond my reach.

The colors of a landscape

for which my Soul longed so much it hurt.

The crazy cars and the fences

kept my mind racing inside stagnation,

while I drove my will like a madwoman,

trying to get somewhere in a hurry.

My eyes were fixed on the horizon.

But the forces inside pulled me back.

Back to 0. Back to the same old place.

Until I turned my eyes inwards.

Until I Remembered.

I saw the speeding thoughts

racing through my mind,

flashes, remnants of childhood notions.

“So these are the crazy cars!”

So silly.
Full of long-ago thoughts

and buried fears.

I could have laughed, but didn’t.

How could this speeding garbage keep me in a frenzy?

“It has nothing to do with me,” I said.

Then I saw the fences.
They turned my mind into a labyrinth.

So much of what I wanted, what I was,

fenced out by habits.

Old routes I walked with raggedy shoes,

my big toe showing.

Tiny shoes no longer fitting my stature.

Narrow routes

where my habitual discomfort kept me walking.

Once you see them, they can no longer hide.
Once you touch them,

you can let them go.

Once the Inscape is reachable

the landscape can transform.

Walk with me into endless possibilities.

By Maria Mar(c)2010

I invite you to enter the mysterious regions of your mind to uncover the “Mind Fences” that may be blocking your sight to the great possibilities life offers you every day. I will be offering a multi-media event with art, audio-visual tools and dialogue. As an artist-shaman, I live my life in a laboratory of transformation to discover the powers, tools and insights that can help you manifest the life your soul desires. Join me in this online event where I will share what I have discovered about the “Fences in Your Mind” and how you can break them down to tap into endless possibilities.

Maria Mar

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Reserve your seat here


Event information

  • Why am I not manifesting that job?
  • Why can’t I get rid of this condition?
  • What else do I have to do?
  • How long will it take?
  • Nothing I do works!
  • Why am I procrastinating?
  • I keep affirming and shifting, but I keep bumping into
    the same problems.

If you’ve heard yourself saying this more than once, join us in an in-depth exploration to discover the “Fences in your Mind.”

You will find out:

  • What old thoughts, beliefs and emotions are “fenced in”–embedded in your subconscious, working underground to create the same old results or sabotage the results you want.

  • How do your new desires and goals are “fenced out”–blocked from your subconscious, so that you are creating stress in your attempts to manifest while wasting precious energy in an Inner War.

  • What simple things you can do to see and break the
    “Fences in your Mind.”

  • How life gives you all the help you need to break free,
    if you only know how and where to look.

Event information

Online multi-media teleseminar and

When: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where: Online at Maria Mar’s Cyber
Studio (Access information will be sent when you subscribe.)

Time: 9PM EST/ 6PM Pacific/8PM Central

How: We will talk through teleconference
while sharing an audio-visual presentation. You can also chat.

A Question and Answer Section will be included.

If you are in USA or PR, you can call from your cell phone or land phone.

If you are out of the USA, you can try Skype-to-land-line calling, though sometimes it messes up. You can also chat through the visual component.

You need to be close to a computer with internet access to see the visual component.

Why? Conclude this year’s Women’s History Month by accessing the hidden Personal History that is keeping you trapped in an unwanted past. Break free from what holds you back!

Women. Bring up to 5 girlfriends!

Sorry, Guys. This particular event is for women only.

(Pass it on as a gift to your female friends.)

Reserve your seat here

If you register and  miss the event, you will be sent a Link to hear
the recording.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.

Book Review: Master your Workday now

Dream Alchemist’s Book Review

By Maria Mar

Author: Michael Linenberger

Book: Master
your Workday Now

If you are experiencing stress and worry or feel overwhelmed by all your work (and life) load, or if you are frustrated by goals that keep being postponed beyond an ever receding horizon due to daily urgency, this book is
your lifesaver. Or should I say timesaver?

The tools that Michael Linenberger teaches in
Master your Workday
truly work! I cleared the clutter on my desk and released the clutter in my mind by the second day of reading, while still in Part 1 of the book.

Befriending Time

One of the constant patterns I see in my clients and peers these days is that
they have made time their enemy. Time is life. The day you don’t have time
is the day you die. Yet, people are constantly saying “I don’t have time to
do this”.

Guess what is dumped in the “no time for it” zone? Dreams. Desires. Vision. Goals. The stuff that gives life meaning, direction and flavor. The stuff that brings quality into our life. The stuff that feeds our Soul.

No wonder we fall asleep and live an uninspired life! In our modern culture, we have managed to blame time for our constant frustrations, procrastinations and inability to manifest our dreams. I work with my readers and clients to restore their quality of life, to awaken to their Soul’s purpose and delight. Therefore, I am curious about any tool that can help my clients, readers and me to restore our harmony with Father Time,
so that we can flow effectively through our day, living graciously and manifesting our goals and dreams. This book is such a tool and I highly recommend it.

the Traditional To-do List

By the end of Part 1, I already experienced a clearance in my mind and an emotional relief and release. I realized that I was carrying an overload of to-dos that I had not committed to paper because all of my previous attempts at effective to-do lists had failed. Michael helped me realized WHY they had failed.

Michael throws out all the “shoulds” that keep us trying to do things in inorganic ways. Instead he works with what works. He works with how our psyche works, instead of how we are supposed to prioritize. He works with how the workplace really works, instead of having us trying to fit into some theoretical management structures. As a result, his Master your Workday Now system is easy, organic and effective. I have already created my “Now Task List” and I feel less mental clutter and stress. This system is so simple that at the beginning it seems silly. But it works like magic!

Email Addiction and Crutches

The Email section gave me some excellent tips that I can implement quickly and helped me examine how ~and most importantly, why~ I waste time in email handling every day. Recognizing how I use email as an emotional crutch was truly liberating.

Debunking the not-so SMART goals

In my business training I had learned a definition of goals that did not sit well with me. They were the popular SMART goals (S = Specific, M =Measurable, A = Attainable, R = Realistic, T = Timely). This goal definition was upheld as the only and undeniable nature of goals. Though specificity and measurability are helpful, I found that this rigid definition of goals created a gap between my vision and mission and the execution of my goals. As a result, I had basically given up on writing down goals. I have a clear vision and mission, and SMART goals were somehow not working to manifest
them as a daily action plan. Thanks to Michael I now validated my intuitive knowledge that what was drilled into me as goals where not really goals, but what Michael calls Target Goals, which is only one aspect of goals.

Reclaiming creative leadership

Goals were vindicated to their higher order as a “self envisioned aspiration to excel.” The Master your Workday Now system returns creativity and vision to the work place and with that, allows you to reclaim purpose and leadership in your life and your career.

When creativity and vision are restored to our goal-setting, it re-connects to our Soul and our inner life. Dead, gutless, on-paper only goals come back to life as passionate affirmations of our desires and purpose. Our workday gains a sense of purpose and magic, and we come to life as a full-fledge creator, a transformer of life. Michael helps restores this magic in simple, clear, common sense knowledge. I love it!

Restoring the Sacred Feminine to goal setting

As always, what was missing or had been devalued in traditional goal setting was the Shakti element, the creative, soulful element. With this missing, we had been left only with the measurement tools, the how-to, which is the Shiva element, the action-oriented element in goal setting.

This devaluing of the Sacred Feminine shows up in every aspect of life that is deficient. Here it shows as the creation of goals degutted of their essential, passionate purpose, the Vision Goals. Michael brings back this vision element and then calls the action-oriented measurable goals Target Goals, marrying the Shakti and Shiva elements in goal setting. With this refinement, Michael restores wholesomeness to the workflow.

I believe that his vision can be applied at a larger scale to our lives, to the obsessive action that is killing us with stress, to the loss of vision, passion and purpose we as a society suffer, to the obsession with quantity over quality, to the divorce between our Shakti and our Shiva Powers.

Demystifying money

Another element I like in Michael’s approach is that it addresses a terrible misdirection that is generating stress and confusing many a life mission: the obsessive pursue of money as an end result, as a goal. Michael prompts us to consider money a way to enhance your description of a vision, and not as the vision itself.

I think you will find a feeling of peace once you realize the things you think you want money for may be achievable in simpler ways, and that you can pursue those simpler ways with less effort. If you are using money unnecessarily as a How for your goal, you may be making the goal harder.

Michael Linenberger

Master your
Workday Now

Organic task management

One of the key elements that make the
Master your Workday Now
system so organic is that it is based on our mental plans, the way our mind actually works, the way we see and experience time, priorities and urgency. The other element that rocks in this system is the recognition
that most workplaces prioritize by urgency, not importance.

Tension is created when we try to prioritize items by their importance and bump against a workflow that keeps putting urgency ahead, so that our “important” priorities keep being pushed back in time, until we give up on them and simply live managing emergencies. By recognizing urgency and teaching us how
to manage it effectively every day, Michael frees our time and attention, so that we can then address our vision and the goals that inspire us to grow and transform our lives and our world.

Transforming Organizational Goal Setting

There is an aspect of the Master your Workday Now system that has the potential to vastly improve the way we are funding and measuring goals in our organizations and in the
workplace. Michael emphasizes the need to hold the vision at a higher esteem than any human-made numeric measure, for sometimes you can achieve the vision while not achieving the target numbers.

This is true of corporations as well as organizations. But as a corporate
CEO who was a non-profit director in another life, I feel that this system
can prevent a pitfall that I consider tragic in traditional non-profit
funding and its requirements. Sometimes, funders’ obsession with measurable quantities, while intended to ensure effectiveness, may inadvertently thwart the true vision and even the mission of the organizations they are intending to support.

Our rigid focus on quantifiable goals, a remnant of the limited application of the SMART goals, can be expanded with
Master your Workday Now
system. The vision-rich, still measurable and daily workable goals that can come of this shift of perception make the Master your Workday Now system a truly world-transforming tool.

Activating the Law of Attraction in your work day

Though Michael prefers to play this down in favor of focusing on attention~ he has created a system that perfectly aligns with the principles of the Law of Attraction. No wonder it works like magic!

I like Michael’s system so much, that I donated a live coaching session for the lottery he’s offering to those who purchase the book during his book launch.

Read more or purchase this book at:


Dream Alchemist’s Book Review

4 stars. Excellent read. Excellent transformation tool.

This is a great gift for your friends and peers

Do you have friends, co-workers or loved ones who are overwhelmed at work or are having trouble manifesting their
resolutions because they can’t find time?

If you place your order onMarch 9 (TODAY!) you will
get a fabulous package of support tools when you purchase just ONE book. You will also have a chance to win a lottery that includes thousands of dollars in products, including a Sony Vaio Netbook.


Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment.

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Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.

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