Book Review: The Leader who had no title

Dream Alchemist’s Book Review

By Maria Mar

Author: Robin Sharma

Book: The Leader Who had No Title
A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in  Life

“No one’s unimportant. There are ono extra people alive today. Every person and every job matters, and all work can be made meaningful with the Lead Without the Title philosophy.”

Robin Sharma
The Leader Who
had No Title

A Modern Fable on Real Success

in Business and in  Life

I’ve been as charged up lately as if I’d been plugged into a giant Eveready

My secret?

I read a tiny book with a huge power to move the human spirit.

The book?

The Leader Who had no Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and
in Life.

The author?

Robin Sharma, a leader who has been voted the Number Two top leader in the
world and whose legendary book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari sold
millions of copies in more than fifty-five countries.

The message in this tiny book has been igniting a quiet revolution as it travels among innovative leaders and creators. It has ignited the leadership
of Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, IBM, GE, FedEx and of organizations such as Yale University and the Young Presidents Organization. I am blessed to have it right now in my hands, even before it is launched into the world to reach yours.

Here’s my vision for this book.

Get ready. A revolution is coming. It is a revolution that humanity needs right now for our evolution. It is a revolution in leadership. The message is simple, but its repercussions are world-changing. Here it is in a nutshell:

You have the power to be a leader who transforms the world, one person at a time, no matter what you do and what title you have. Whether it is in your personal life, in your family or at work, you can become a leader who inspires and makes the world a little better every day. And you don’t need a title to do that!

This leadership revolution is truly democratic. It is based in the tenet that organizations, corporations, families and communities of the 21st century must train each member to be a leader.

“Please, no!” You may be thinking. “What’s going to happen with so many people trying to control, compete and get to the top?!”

This type of leadership attitude is out of the game in the coming leadership revolution. Robin Sharma proposes a redefinition of leadership. The new leader is a person who strives for excellence in all s/he does and who seeks to leave this world a better place. S/he defines success by what she gives, not by what s/he gets.

The I-Ching and almost every wise tradition agrees. In ancestral spiritual traditions, the leader is the servant of the people. Now Robin Sharma is saying that even servants and low-ranking workers, no matter how low in the command chain they find themselves, are also leaders.

Robin Sharma has three gifts. He is a visionary leader. He is an excellent teacher. And he is a great motivator. He conveys his message through storytelling, which is my favorite medium, one proven to drive the message deep into the psyche.

The parable he created is the quest of a young veteran, Blake Davis. As a matter of fact, Blake’s first teacher is a housekeeper in a high-end hotel. Yet Anna understands the importance of her job.  She knows that she is not an insignificant domestic, as others may see her. She really is “the good will ambassador for the hotel and someone who manages its brand by the way I behave.”

Think about this. You may believe that Anna is delusional. Yet she is right on the dot. When you enter a restaurant or hotel, who is the first line of
representatives you meet? Who establishes the level of elegance, efficiency and warmth of the establishment? Waiters, receptionists and housekeepers. Yet our society sees them as less because of the type of service they render
and the amount of money they earn.

What would happen if organizations and communities would begin to treat each working person with the honor her or his service deserves? What would happen if each person knew the importance of her/his work for the company and the people s/he touches?

That is the revolution that Robin Sharma proposes. And I say. It’s about time!

Who can find help and fuel in
this book?

If you are feeling de-motivated or down due to the economy, your role at work or your feeling of powerlessness to change your life, get this book

If you are an entrepreneur, leader, free-lancer, manager or organizer, this book will put fire in your belly and is a great tool for your crew.

Here are a few more ideas:

This book can give you a blueprint to empower the members in your family. Educate children and youth who assume their personal power and responsibility in the world.

The leadership revolution Robin Sharma proposes demands a new way of teaching. Gone is the culture of obedience that makes education so boring in many schools. This book will challenge and illuminate you on how to empower
each student to become a leader.

Bring your corporation and leadership style into the 21st century and help your company survive this hard times by transforming each employee into a leader who does his/her best for the corporation.

Understand how your current job, no matter what your position is in the company, is the vehicle for your personal growth and spiritual evolution. You can become a Leader without a Title!

Here are some of my favorite
bites of wisdom:

  • Potential unrealized turns to pain.

  • Sustained change only happens when we shift at an emotional rather than at a logical level.

  • There’s no dead-end job in this whole wide and unpredictable world of ours-only dead-end thinking.

  • It is impossible to build a tribute to success on a foundation of excuses.

  • Great people construct monuments with the stones their critics throw at them.

  • Daily ripples of superior performance add up over time to a tidal wave of success.

  • Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts we’ve repeated over and over until we’ve made them into personal truths. Every belief inevitably becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When each of us realizes that we have the power to make an awesome difference in the world by unleashing our genius and assuming our greatness, humanity will evolve into a higher level of consciousness.

Get this book and read it every time you need to raise power!

Dream Alchemist’s Book Review

5 stars. Excellent read. Excellent transformation tool. Excellent motivating experience.

This book ignited my fire so strongly that I donated a bonus to the book launching campaign. If you get the book today (April 6), you will benefit from a complimentary package of bonuses worth thousands of dollars, including bonuses from:

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Maria Mar
The Dream Alchemist

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.

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The Real Tragedy of Drama Queens

The real tragedy of Drama Queens

By Maria Mar(c)

When you are trapped in your habitual Soap Opera Dramas, you are self-involved to the point that you miss sight of three vital things: your surroundings, other people and your goals. Here is the real tragedy of the Drama Queen.

1. She wastes precious emotional fuel going around in circles.

2. She wastes time and resources going around in circles.

3. She alienates allies, healthy peers and healthy partners with her self-involved, ineffective and habitual dysfunctional scripts.

4. She leaks prosperity, loses clients and wastes money.

5. She adopts the pose of an ineffective, disorganized and unprofessional woman.

6. She fails to see how she is creating stress in those around her.

7. She misrepresents her business or capacity and creates situations where she will not be promoted or hired.

8. She dumps her toxic drama on her loved ones and creates terrible stress on her family, especially her partner and children.

9. She repels her children and partner, who need to move away from her in order to grow and function healthily.

10. She uses her drama to manipulate others, as an ineffective attempt to control the situation and to beg for attention.

11. She uses her power to sabotage her dream as she runs hysterically on the same spot, until she digs her own grave.

12. Because she creates high levels of stress that lead to hypertension, heart attack, muscle spasms, anxiety attacks, stomach trouble, ulcers, brain tumors, cancer, strokes and more. Make your choice.

Would you rather be a Drama Queen or act as the genuine, powerful Queen of your own life and Dream?


If you choose to be the real queen, here is one quick, easy way to stop your Drama before it catches momentum.

The minute you see yourself spinning into your Drama, say out loud to yourself: “STOP!”

Then breathe deeply and slowly. As you exhale, say firmly and clearly, without drama: “There is no drama. I am clear and there is no problem.”

As soon as you regain your center, become aware of how you have lost your compass.

  1. See how you are affecting those around you,
  2. See how you have deviated from your goal, and
  3. See how you are creating chaos or anxiety in your situation.

Now proceed to calmly re-focus on your goal or the solution of the problem, sustaining a centered, calming mood and consciously spreading it around.

Let’s say that your usual drama is losing the car keys before going out.You enter a frenzy and send everyone spinning for the keys, just to find them 20 minutes later where you have left them misplaced the night before.

The minute you see yourself spinning that drama, say “STOP” to yourself, energetically and firmly (without involving others in the drama).

Then breathe deeply and slowly. As you exhale, say to yourself: “There is no drama. I am clear and there is no problem.”

Observe how you have lost your compass: Perhaps your family is already tense at the prospect of yet another crazy moment before going out and the anticipation of being late to their appointments. Perhaps by getting into this anxiety rollercoaster, you are neglecting to check that you have what you need for today’s presentation, so that you will sabotage yourself getting there late and unprepared. Perhaps you are creating chaos and stress in your daily life by all these little dramas. RELEASE that choice and embrace Inner Peace.

Now proceed to calmly retrace your steps the last time you place your keys when you got home.

I hope this helps you!

Stop by and leave your comments as things begin to change and you occupy the throne of your true queendom!

Maria Mar(c) You can use this quote as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below:

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational poet, speaker, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express at!

Fear, Recession and the Law of Attraction

If you are hearing the debates about our economy, you are probably stressed, confused, angry and afraid. This emotional toxic marsh is the perfect psychic ground for your fears to flourish. Your emotions play a key role in your capacity to activate or block the flow of the Law of Attraction. Fear blocks the flow. Faith, as a connection to The Source, activates the flow.
You have the power to bring your vision, as well as your needs, to the collective table. You can have a positive impact both, in your individual life and in the social solutions that are created at this time. In order to be effective, however, you need to stay open to the Universal Field of Infinite Possibilities. You must be able to access your intuitive wisdom. Fear and stress block these abilities.
Fear, Recession and the Law of Attraction is a series of four articles. This is Article 1. It lets you know how fear blocks your power to create change and to find solutions. It offers simple practices to release fear. See the menu for the other articles and resources at the bottom.
Symptoms of Fear-related Stress
At a time of financial crisis, it is normal to be afraid, specially when we are dealing with our survival and our family’s survival. This leads to us act from fear. As a result, we may suffer from:
· High levels of stress, hypertension, heart attacks, anxiety attacks.
· Insomnia.
· De-motivation, inability to concentrate, resistance to do our work.
· High levels of fear and toxic anger, frustration, shame, resentment and other pent-up emotional toxins.
· Revival of our Inner Enemies, crowding our psyche fear-based thought and feelings.
· Resurrection of old, inherited scripts about money, deprivation and poverty.
· Feelings of powerlessness that lead to depression.
· Clouded vision that does not allow us to see the big picture.
· Decisions or reactions that betray our values.
· Decisions or reactions that are not beneficial to us.
· Rushed decisions to cut our creative, spiritual and quality of life features to stick to the bare-basics, impoverishing our life even more and cutting down the sources of peace, support and self-empowerment.
· Isolation.
· Plugging ourselves obsessively to the “Bad News Media” until we are over-saturated with bad news, creating more stress and fear.
There is an automatic physical mechanism of fight or flee that I cal the Fear Reflex. It happens so fast that you may be unaware of it.
Becoming aware of the Fear Reflex and releasing it will free you from a big chunk of stress and from the mistakes that result from fear-based reactions.
These are the symptoms that you are in the grip of the Fear Reflex:
1. Your breath stops.
2. Your shoulders tense up. They move upwards and may hunch to protect your vulnerable heart area.
3. Your neck gets puffed up (inflamed). There are meridians there having to do with fear and anger.
4. You pelvis locks backwards (women) or forward (men).
5. Your head/thoughts disconnect from your body.
6. Your stomach churns and there is a dizzying spiral in your Solar Plexus.
7. Your thought processes accelerate and you dash out to take immediate action.
8. In the grip of fear, it feels that you cannot stop to think, that the world will come to an end if you do not react immediately.
Here are four simple things that can stop the Fear Reflex.
1. Deep breathing. Hold yourself still and allow your body to breath deeply. Do not push. Simply open yourself to the Breath of Life. Inhale deeply, allowing air to feel your entire torso, down to the crutch. Exhale slowly and gently. Exhalation should be at least twice as long as inhalation. Do at least 3 breathing cycles.
2. Release tension from your shoulders. Rotate them gently as you exhale and shake off tension from your arms. You can also rotate your neck slowly and gently.
3. Acknowledge the fear symptoms in your body and release them. Detach from your fear, recognizing it as a normal reaction, but not giving it power over you. Imagine that you are holding a scared child in your arms. Bring that child into your personal protection and centerness.

4. Use Peace Mantras. When you are in the grip of the Fear Reflex, you can hear the thread of fear-based thoughts, some of them very old and primal. Counteract these thoughts with Peace Mantras. Say affirmations that return you to your center. Here are a few.
a. “I release fear and embrace Peace.”
b. “There is no reason to fear. I am safe and protected under Divine Design.”
c. I return to center and act only from my highest wisdom.

5. Refuse to act from fear. The fourth article helps you take centered actions.
By releasing fear and stress and aligning yourself with positive vibrations, you will enjoy a feeling of well-being and peace. You will be able to sustain the free flow of the Law of Attraction as you walk through chaos. This connection to Spirit allows you to make intuitive, wise decisions for yourself, your family and humanity.

Light and Love,
Maria Mar
The Dream Alchemist