Healing the Land of Haiti

Healing Haiti’s Land

A Call for Energy Workers, Healers and Shamans,

Artists and People who Pray

5-minutes to heal the land in Haiti

Our sisters and brothers in Haiti need all our help, and the world is mobilizing to help them. But few of us realize that the cries we hear are not only human. Perhaps as a result of our own careless living, Gaea is crying for help. Earth Mother is hurting in that organ of her body called Haiti. She keeps trembling and shaking. She needs healing energy. We need to calm and mend the land of Haiti. This will also result in curtailing aftershocks, in easier rescue, faster recovery and may also prevent the fissure in the land from breaking out somewhere else.

I am calling all those who work with energy, who love Earth Mother, who are creators and whose powerful prayers move the universe, to join the Global Energy Matrix created by all our prayers and send into that matrix an energy pattern of Healing Hands of Light Matrix with the specific intent to heal the land in Haiti.

If you are an energy worker, healer, alchemist or shaman, you may have your own method of sending energy to the Healing Hands of Light Matrix. If you want, feel free to use the Healing Hands Matrix Creation meditation included here.

If you are an artist, please learn and practice the simple 5-minute Healing Hands Matrix Creation. Then continue with the Art for the Haiti Land.

If you run a venue or organization, you have the power to transform the art generated in this meditation into material aid to the people of Haiti by housing the art created as a fundraiser.

If you are a person who prays, feel free to adapt the Healing Hands Matrix Creation to your beliefs. You can call on any sacred force, whether it is Christ, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Allah, Sophia or the Holy Spirit. Names and beliefs are not as important as love, light and gratitude, which is the Divine Essence.

Finally, you can invite others to do any of this as a group, either online or at a locality. The button at the bottom of this post allows you to print this and to share in many ways, via email or social media.

Healing Hands Matrix Creation

It is important that you do steps 1-3 before creating the Healing Hands of Light Matrix. You do not want to use your own energy, or you may get sick or depleted, as the crisis is so big.

Step 1: Open your Energy Body to the Divine Light of Love and the Light of all your Spiritual Guides, Protectors or forces, whatever these may be. See and feel your Crown Chakra receiving and channeling a shower of Divine healing light of love.

Step 2: Receive this river of healing light and allow it to flood your being. Allow it to go to any organ or place in your body that needs healing, balancing or strength. Smile from the heart and let your gratitude shine in your eyes and in your smile.

Step 3: Visualize your loved ones and allow your love to nurture this shower of Divine Light of Love, as you remember your children, parents, friends and other loved ones and feel love and gratitude.

Do these three steps until you feel that the shower of light has totally bathed and inundated you and is overflowing. This may take three minutes.

Step 4: See your Universal True Self or Higher Self or your Energy Body picking up the overflowing light and sculpt it into a pair of healing hands of light.

Step 5: Connect your feet and heart to the network of trees in the world and flood your heart with love for our Great Mother Earth. Imbue the healing hands of light with this love and gratitude for Earth Mother.

Step 6: As you sculpt and caress this Healing Hands of Light with your energy or spirit body, see and feel them caressing, healing, mending and balancing the land of Haiti. Imbued these hands with your love and gratitude for Earth Mother. Talk to her. Sing to her. Let her feel your healing love.

Step 7: Send the healing lights flying across time and space, to join the Global Energy Matrix created by all our prayers. See it penetrating the matrix and joining the other energy patterns of Healing Hands of Light, forming a great hand-shaped energy matrix within the Global Energy Matrix.

Art for the Land of Haiti

As an artist, you have an awesome power to create and transmute any reality. In this creative meditation, you will focus on healing, mending, loving and balancing Earth Mother in that organ or point called Haiti.


  1. Please practice the 5-minute meditation above before beginning your art session.
  2. you can use any or all art forms. Dance, paint, sing, play or write your healing to the land of Haiti and to Earth Mother. You can do it alone or in a group.
  3. When you get to Step 7 in the Healing Hands Matrix Creation meditation, begin your creative process as Step 8. Here are some helpful guidelines:
  • Sustain the healing energy vibration during the process.
  • Do NOT give way to experiencing the pain or chaos of the Earth. Stay within your role as a healer.
  • Sustain the feelings of love and gratitude during the process.
  • Your creation should embody the Earth as healed, balanced and in harmony.
  • When you finish, if you have documented the process or have any product, even if it is in-progress, share it. Put in online. Share the process and intention.
  • Place a link somewhere in your art page to this page, so that others can join.
  • If you have contact with a venue and other artists who may want to share their work-in-progress or art-healing-meditations, consider creating a fundraiser for the people in Haiti.

Act now. The Earth needs us now!

Thank you and let me hear from you.

Contact me and let me know what you are doing.

Click to contact me.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, poet, speaker and ceremonialist. She is also a visual artist, spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. Find out more at http://www.catchthedreamexpress.com

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Express your Gratitude- Thanksgiving Gifts and Board

Happy Thanksgiving!

Express your Gratitude

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I believe that this is true, but thinking is only half of the equation.

Logical, conscious thinking is highly overrated in this society. What people forget is that there are thoughts, beliefs and emotional programs embedded in our DNA and in our Energy Field, as well as in our unconscious mind.

What you consciously think as an adult may be your free, independent thought and will. But if your learned emotional and belief program contradicts your conscious desire, then what you think consciously cannot take shape because what you feel and believe unconsciously overrides it.

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