Law of Attraction-The Sound of your Words

“But I’m tired of prayers and affirmations!” You protest. “I’m not  manifesting what I want!”

How are you asking?

Words are powerful, and most of us focus on the words being said. But the voice is the vibration that carries the words into the Universe.

When someone says “I love that!” they could be meaning the exact opposite of what their words say. They could be talking ironically. Or they could be expressing sincere love. If you are not looking at their facial expressions, how do you know what they mean? By the inflection of their voice.

Your voice carries your personal truth at a vibrational level. It expresses your innermost emotions. It captures your doubts and ambivalence. It reflects your defensive patterns. It reveals your expectations.

What does the Universe hear when it listens to your prayers and petitions?

When I work with my coaching clients or in ceremonial sessions, I make sure that the voice of the person who is sending out a wish is clear, passionate, sincere and that it holds nothing back. In that voice, the Universe hears 100% commitment. It is then a reality. The Universe responds immediately.

Maria Mar(c)

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