The Body of Miracles

Body of Miracles

I’ve dissaparated. You heard it. Just like Harry Potter and friends, I’ve dissaparated from one place and landed on another in a split second.

game-4ps-energy-image1The body does wonderful feats. It usually happens in moments when we are in physical danger and cannot send our worrisome minds to interfere. The body does amazing things to save us. All we need to do is listen to our body’s wisdom and allow it to spontaneously respond to life. Our logical mind, as useful as it is, has been socially trained in what is possible and “real.” It has been domesticated into old beliefs about what we are able to do and what we cannot do. But our bodies, when we are in tune, have an environmental wisdom that flows from Universal Consciousness.

Okay, enough philosophy! Here’s the story:

As you know, Corazon Tierra is my creative partner. We’ve been performing together now for 20 years. Yesterday, we were coming out of a meeting and stepped into an elevator. The minute we set feet on the darn thing, it bobbed up and down ominously. Corazon and I, in a synchronicity that would have taken more than a year to rehearse, looked at each other, our arms immediately reaching out and locking around each other.

“Let’s get out of here!” Corazon said. But before she had finished the last word, all of this happened:

  1. Both our bodies became light as feathers.
  2. We did a graceful one-step leap, so utterly synchronized that our two bodies became one dancer.
  3. We perched with one graceful foot (make that two, one each) on the hall, outside the elevator.
  4. We looked at each other as the second foot touched down.
  5. We burst into laughter

The movement had been so light and quick that our minds had only registered being on the elevator and landing out on the hall. We had dissaparated!

If we would only listen more to the organic, soul-infussed, cosmically connected wisdom of our body, we would live a life more fully present, happy and fulfilled. How do you feel about this?

I want to celebrate my body and its magical wisdom today. Join me in this celebration.

Share your magical stories. I’m sure you’ve got at least a couple of stories of how your miraculous body got you out of a jam… or two.

Light and Love,

Maria Mar


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