How are you stuck?

Hello beautiful sisters and brothers,

If your Fairy Godmother showed up right now at your door and said:

“Ring!” (That’s the doorbell, not the Fairy Godmother. You open the door and THEN she says:

“They sent me here because you’ve been complaining that you are stuck. So here I am, at your service. What do you want in order to get unstuck?”

Smart Alec that you are, you are ready to reply “Solve all my problems,” but she stops you before you open your mouth.

“Don’t get too smart. You should know better than trying to circumvent the inter-dimensional rules of the Convention on Fairy Non-intervention on Free Will for Humans!”

At this point, your head starts spinning. What is she talking about?

“That old genie stuff of granting three wishes is illegal right now, as it disempowers you and cuts off the flow of the Law of Attraction by interfering with your internal process. But you can engage my help for vision, insights, knowledge, detachment, release and anything else in which I can help you to fulfill your free will. Basically, you can ask me a question.”

You get a hold of yourself and think hard.

“By my magic wand!” the Fairy Godmother exclaims. “I can hear the wheels of your mind from where I stand. Let me help you.  I am going to ask you seven questions. Ah! Seven! My favorite number. It’s so magical! What was I saying? Oh, yes! I will ask you seven questions. If you answer them truthfully, by the end of my questions, you will know exactly what you need to ask to get unstuck. How about that?

Still unable to speak, you nod.

“I take that as a yes,” your Fairy Godmother comments, with a twist of her wand.

And she produces a magic link (below). Go ahead. Click it. You will see your Fairy Godmother’s questions. At the end you will be able (and ready) to ask the magical question that will help you get unstuck. Then your Fairy Godmother, who has hired me for the job, will answer your question and send the answer directly into your email box. Now, that’s magic!

Click the magic wand now!

Click this wand to Ask your Fairy Godmother.

Click the wand to Ask your Fairy Godmother.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

NOTE: I hope that you understand this as a humorous call to complete the survey and understand that the answers will come from me. Of course, that is just the Mogul version of reality. If you are magical, you know that your Fairy Godmother has truly hired me for this job! ):


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who helps you to achieve personal freedom, unlock your creative potential and live a life of magic and delight. She offers books, digital products and guidance, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at Catch the Dream Express.

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